How to Create Appealing Instagram Stories

How to Create Appealing Instagram Stories

Colorful, unique, dynamic, catchy, impressive, and memorable – this is how people describe Instagram Stories. It’s also a great tool to increase the engagement rate on Instagram.

Instagram Stories are highly effective in lead generation and conversion. They last only for 24 hours, but their impact does for much longer. Besides, these days you also have the chance to boost your Instagram Stories, and keep it active as long as your ad runs. 

Whether your stories are promoted or not, they will stay on your profile, once you collect them in your Instagram Story Highlights, another tool Instagram added not long ago. 

So, yes, Instagram Stories is helpful for your business in many ways, and it’s a good enough reason to constantly share them with your followers. 

Another good news is that you have the chance to customize your Stories the way you want to catch the attention of your audience. And, Renderforest is here to help you get inspired and create your daily Instagram Stories. They will give you a great opportunity to interact with your niche in a new and exciting way. 

We’ve created several stories to inspire you and show you how easy it is to create them with our editor. For this, we’ve picked scenes for sales, promotions, and quotes, complemented with different styles, to show the many options you have.  

Here’s what we’ve got:

Now, that you’ve seen the stories you can make with Renderforest, let’s get into action!

To create an Instagram Story, you need to Sign up or, if you already have an account, Sign in to the platform. Then, go to the “Create video” section and choose the “Product or service promotion” video template category in the “Animation video” sub-section. 

Instagram stories - templates

Here, select the “Instagram Stories Pack” and click the “Create Now” button.  

Instagram stories - pack

There are two ways for you to create your Instagram Story. You can either pick a ready preset, full of thematic stories, or you can create a Story by choosing the scenes yourself. 

Instagram stories - create

If you decide to create a Story with the “Load a preset” option, you will see a list of presets you can choose from. There are presets for sales, promotions, teasers, announcements, ads, birthdays, quotes, and more. Pick one and click “Use ready story”, to start. 

Instagram stories - preset

If you select the “Add scene” option, Renderforest will give you a wide range of scenes within different categories including Sales, Promotion, Fashion, Quotes, Polls, Logo Animations, and IGTV. If you are looking for stories with aesthetic, minimalist, glitch, etc. style, you will find that kind of scenes here as well. Select your favorite scenes from the list, depending on what kind of Story you want to create, and click “Insert” to start editing them.

Instagram stories - scenes

The scenes will then appear on your dashboard in the order you’ve selected them. You are free to rearrange them the way you like most, remove or add new scenes.

If you want to announce a special sale or share your bonus coupons, you can pick one of our “Sales” scenes.

Instagram stories - edit scenes

Add your video and image files to the media holders, to create your personalized Story. There are 4 ways to add a media file: via URL, from the “Media Library”, “Upload” from your device, or from our “Stock image” or “Stock footage”.

From the Fashion category, we’ve picked a product promotion scene that will help you share your new arrivals or the existing products.

Instagram stories - add media

Crop and rotate the images with the help of our editor, to adjust the media files according to your liking. The recommended size of the image files is 1080x1920px. 

Instagram stories - crop photo

When it comes to video files, we have a big “Stock Footage” library with over 195.000 videos. You can find a relevant video and use it in your Story. Select one and click “Insert” to edit the video.

Instagram stories - stock

Trim and mute the added video files, or remove the parts you don’t like.

Instagram stories - trim video

You can also find scenes for sharing quotes. With these scenes, your quotes will look more professional and attractive. To add your text to the text holders, click on them and paste or type in the text you need. The text fields have their character limits, so pay attention to that, and keep your texts short. To edit the size of your text up to the maximum or minimum allowed size, click on the percentage next to the “Size” and see what suits your Story. 

Instagram stories - edit text

When you finish customizing your media, go to the “Style” section to edit your font. Select a font for both the primary and the secondary text of your video, and click “Generate” to apply the changes.

Instagram stories - font style

When your Story is visually ready, go to the “Music” to add a track to your Story. Choose one from our “Music Library” or upload your own tracks or voiceovers. If you don’t want your Story to have a sound, there’s an option for you to mute the project.

Instagram stories - add music

Once your Instagram Story is ready, go to the “Preview”, where you will be able to preview the result before downloading it. 

There are two options for you to download your video. The first one is the free option, which will help you download your video in SD360 quality and with the Renderforest watermark. Edit, download and publish your videos whenever you want. 

With the “HD export”, you can choose one of our paid subscriptions and download your video in high-quality and without a watermark. All the details about our pricing are available here.

Instagram stories - download

Ready to create and share your Instagram stories to leave an impression? Click the button below to start: 

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