The Ultimate 5-Step Guide | How to Make Cool Promo Videos

The Ultimate 5-Step Guide | How to Make Cool Promo Videos

In a digital age where consumers have shorter attention spans, creating captivating promo videos is essential to get your business noticed. 


Well, here’s a fact to consider. Did you know that businesses that utilize video content grow their revenue 49% faster than those that don’t? 

As we speak, social media algorithms tend to favor engaging and shareable content, and promo videos are the perfect source for this. 

Promo videos possess the ability to wow audiences, spark conversations, inspire shares, and increase brand awareness. 

These videos also serve as a universal language, breaking down barriers of language and cultural nuances and allowing businesses to share their messages globally. 

So, do you want to know how to make a promotional video? Keep reading to find out. 




This guide will delve into the importance of business video content, offering you a roadmap to upgrade your marketing strategies. It will cover:


  • What a promo video is and why it is a crucial component for businesses striving to capture their audience’s attention. 
  • How you can use Renderforest’s promo video maker and how it stands out from other online video makers. 
  • How to create promo videos that are customized and how you can experiment with different ideas to achieve your desired results. 
  • Dazzling promo video examples and templates to inspire you when creating your own. 


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First Things First, What Is a Promo Video?

In a world where a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, promo videos help you convey complex ideas in the blink of an eye. And marketers are taking note of this. 

According to research carried out by Lemonlight, 89% of our marketers plan to include video in their own marketing strategies over the next several years. 

So, make sure your business is keeping up with a trend that promises to last for a while. 

Beyond just marketing, promo videos are the bridge between businesses and their audience, creating not just transactions but true human relationships. 

Remember: When viewers watch a promo video, they’re not only being prompted to watch it, but to actively participate in the business narrative, share it, and reflect on it. 

Click below to explore Renderforest’s promo video templates and revolutionize the way your business tells its story, leaving a long-lasting mark in the hearts of your audience.

Business event promo video template Event promotion video template Event promo video template



How to Make a Promotional Video That Really Stands Out?

With its user-friendly platform and a large number of customizable templates, Renderforest lets you create visually appealing and impactful promo videos in a matter of minutes. 

The templates are incredibly versatile, and the one that you pick will depend on what type of business you are trying to promote and what your business’ tone is. 

If you own a fashion agency, then choosing the Trendy Fashion Promo will be the one you opt for. Or, if you have a more corporate-style story you’d like to get across to your viewers, then you can pick a template such as Corporate Success Promo. 

Whatever your goal is, Renderforest has a template for it. 


Step 1. Choose a template for Your Future Video

Before starting to create your promo video, you need to clearly outline its purpose. Think to yourself: Are you trying to showcase a product, promote an event, or provide a company overview?   

Knowing your objective will guide your template selection. 

Your promo video should also reflect your brand’s personality, so choose a template with colors, fonts, and styles that resonate with your brand identity (and create a memorable visual experience for your audience).  



Now, let’s suppose you need to promote a brand in the fashion industry and explore one of Renderforest’s most suitable templates for it – the Trendy Fashion Promo template. 



Step 2. Customize the Scenes

Customize the Scenes


With Renderforest’s Trendy Fashion Promo template, you can tailor each scene to mirror the essence of your fashion brand. 

From making your audience aware about the latest apparel to highlighting unique design elements, the template lets you curate a visual narrative that resonates with people. 

Make use of a full suite of editing tools to adjust your video’s transitions, durations, and visual effects, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning storyline. 

Whether it’s a runway spectacle or a showcase of lifestyle, you can make each scene a portrait that reflects your own creativity. 


Step 3. Experiment with Typography

 Experiment with Typography


Your typography is the haute couture of your Trendy Fashion Promo, if you will. 

There are plenty of textual aesthetics included in this template, which help you experiment with a range of fonts, sizes, and styles. If you don’t fancy any of it, you can always upload your very own brand’s font!)

You get to enhance your message and brand identity through strategically placed text, creating a nice fusion between visuals and information. 

The template also provides you with the flexibility to emphasize key details, from the latest fashion trends to exclusive offers. 

Typography isn’t just about words; it’s about capturing your viewers’ attention and upgrading their overall watching experience. 

So, take on the power of fonts and turn your Trendy Fashion Promo into a typographic masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression on your audience! 


Step 4. Add a Royalty-Free Music Track

 Add a Royalty-Free Music Track


If you’re concerned about what music to add to your promo video, we’ve got you covered. 

The Trendy Fashion Promo template includes the addition of a carefully curated, royalty-free music track. 

Our expansive music library allows you to infuse your video with the perfect auditory accompaniment, creating a symphony of sound and visuals. 

Choose a track that complements the mood and style of your fashion narrative. It can be an upbeat rhythm for a lively showcase or a melodic tune for a more sophisticated presentation. 

Note that the right music track enhances the emotional resonance of your video, appealing to your viewers and forging a deeper connection with your brand. 


Step 5. Preview and Download in the Highest Quality

Preview and Download in the Highest Quality


As your Trendy Fashion Promo video takes its final form, the Preview and Download phase is where our commitment to quality shines. 

Take a moment to preview your video, making sure that every scene, typography element, and music note aligns. 

Renderforest’s high-definition rendering guarantees that your fashion promo video unfolds in the highest quality possible. Your video can be shared on social platforms or embedded in your website.

Once satisfied, hit the download button, and watch as your video converts into a downloadable gem ready to completely dazzle your audience. 


What Are The Most Common Types of Promo Videos?

We’re glad you asked. 

Now that we’ve covered the importance of using promo videos for your business let’s talk about some of the most common types that can reshape your brand’s narrative as you know it. 

Product videos can act as visual representatives of your offerings, while customer testimonials are a symbol of authenticity, building trust with your viewers. 

Looking for something a bit more immersive? 

Animated videos are the way to go, as they help you simplify complex concepts through vibrant visuals. 

Also, be sure to consider creating how-to videos, which serve as practical guides that share step-by-step insights. These go hand-in-hand with explainer videos, which turns difficult ideas with lots of layers into stories that everyone can understand. 


1. Product Videos

Product videos are the best way to express your business’ offerings, allowing you to give your audience an immersive showcase of your merchandise. 

Whether announcing a new product or highlighting key features, these videos capture the essence of your offerings, giving potential customers a firsthand look. 

Implementing strong visuals, demonstrations, and storytelling, product videos inform and express the desire to experience the showcased items. 

These videos entice your viewers to step into the world of your products, helping you form a deeper connection that bypasses traditional marketing approaches. 



2. Customer Testimonials

In the era of informed consumer decisions, customer testimonials stand as beacons of authenticity. 

These videos harness the power of satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences, building trust and credibility for your brand. 

By featuring real individuals and their genuine testimonials, you provide potential customers with relatable narratives, fostering a sense of trust and reliability. 

These videos humanize your brand, offering a glimpse into the positive impact your products or services have on real lives. 

Through the voices of satisfied customers, testimonials become a strong tool to sway your potential buyers and establish a connection based on trust and shared positive experiences.


3. Animated Videos

Renderforest’s online animation maker showcases the power of animation in storytelling. It employs vibrant graphics and appealing visuals that bring the narrative of animating videos to life. 

Animated videos are ideal for conveying information in an engaging and entertaining manner, making complex concepts more digestible for your audience. 

This particular video showcases the creativity and versatility that animated content offers, making it an excellent choice for brands looking to implement a playful and imaginative touch into their promotional efforts.



4. How-to Videos

This how-to video serves as a practical guide for viewers, offering step-by-step instructions on how to create 

How-to videos are essential for providing valuable insights and fostering a sense of expertise within a brand. 

This format appeals to audiences seeking hands-on learning experiences and positions the brand as a reliable source of information. 

This specific video shows the effectiveness of this format, highlighting clear and concise explanations that relate to viewers seeking actionable knowledge.



5. Explainer Videos

This explainer video is wonderful at simplifying very complex concepts, such as… you guessed it, creating an explainer video

Explainer videos turn intricate ideas into concise narratives that are accessible to a broad audience, from fifth graders to experts in a given topic. 

This particular video highlights the steps needed to create an explainer video using Renderforest’s promo video maker with clarity and flair, showcasing the power of visuals and straightforward explanations. 

Ultimately, explainer videos do a great job at introducing products, services, or ideas, making them an essential tool for businesses that aim to educate and engage with their audience at the same time. 



6. Commercial Videos

These types of videos are the emotional core of your brand’s storytelling, creating narratives that resonate with your audience on a deep level.

Commercial videos such Taco Bell’s Web of Fries advert go beyond advertising your product or service. They deliver feelings and leave lasting impressions on your viewers. 

Commercial videos excel in building brand loyalty and recognition, characterized by their ability to create compelling storytelling, heartfelt emotions that long-lasting connections with viewers. 

These videos are essential if you’re looking to establish a profound and memorable presence in the hearts and minds of your audience.


Promotional Video Examples and Templates to Drive Inspiration

We’ve explained the types of promo videos you can create, but are there any specific examples that can help inspire you to create your own? 

The following promotional video examples and templates will show you just how powerful visual communication is. 

So, get ready to breathe new life into your vision, fueling your creative fire and increasing your brand awareness by a long shot. 


Company Overview Example

This company overview video portrays an interesting departure from traditional presentations, blending B2B video marketing agency Umault’s narrative and aesthetics. 

In the video, you can see a member of the agency actually questioning the very practice of creating promotional videos. 

Through an interactive visual of the speaker who directly addresses the viewer, as well as creative storytelling, it provides a fresh perspective on introducing the company and what it stands for. 

Adopting a nonstandard approach, it captures attention and makes the viewer experience the essence of the brand. 

To complement this ingenuity, this Renderforest business promo video template serves as a canvas for users to include their unique narratives. 



Offering a number of customization elements, this template lets creators build extraordinary company overviews, echoing the inventive spirit embodied by Umault.


Event Promo Example

This event promo video for the Stretch Leadership and Management Conference by CraftHub Events represents nothing but excitement and anticipation, conveying the essence and values that the event represents. 

Through vibrant visuals and energetic pacing, it not only informs but fully immerses the audience in the event’s atmosphere. 

If you’d like to try your hand at creating such a video for your event, Renderforest’s Event Promo Video template is very accessible, providing an easy-to-use tool for users to make their own creative event promos. 



This versatile template is also very customizable, letting you mirror the level of emotion seen in CraftHub Events’ event promo. 

The result? 

An engaging and visually stunning preview of any upcoming event that will be hosted by your business. 


Client Testimonial Video Example

This client testimonial video by Direct Agents is an authentic narrative that spotlights a genuine client experience with the company, which builds trust and authority. 

The positive words testifying for the business are given a real face to associate with, so viewers are not just informed but emotionally connected to the brand. 

Renderforest’s Animated Customer Review Video template gives you the space to create your own client testimonials. 



With customizable elements, this template allows you to showcase your clients’ stories uniquely, emphasizing the effectiveness and sincerity witnessed in client testimonial video.


The Bottom Line

In today’s digital world, grabbing your audience’s attention is key to making sure your business and offerings get observed and appreciated. 

Knowing how to create a promotional video that impresses your viewers is your secret weapon to creating engaging content that will stay on their minds for a very long time. 

As mentioned in the beginning, a game-changing fact is that businesses using videos grow their revenue 49% faster. 

But enough of our words. 

Are you ready to master the art of creating stellar promo videos that will make your audience connect with your business? Get started with Renderforest and take your storytelling level to new heights.


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