10 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Content

10 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Content

Repurposing the already published content and reviving your old blog posts that are well-written and useful, is one of the best content marketing hacks. And, an inseparable part of every successful content strategy.

Content repurposing is a technique of reusing old material for digital marketing purposes. In general, it means using your existing content to create a new and different type of content.

Repurposing content is easy and doesn’t acquire hours of long brainstorming, research, writing, and editing.  So, putting your old content into good use again can save your marketing game, whenever you have no time, or inspiration, or are just simply not into creating anything new for the day.

However, this doesn’t mean you can do this all the time, and new content shouldn’t be posted regularly. Of course, besides content repurposing, you still have to come up with fresh ideas for the web, create new blog posts, and discover new helpful content marketing tools

So, let’s dive right in and find out some of the best ways to repurpose content. 

  • How to Choose the Right Content for Repurposing?
  • 10 Effective Methods of Repurposing  Old Content


Repurposing old content - methods


How to Choose the Right Content for Repurposing?

Creating a new post based on your old one is a super hack, beneficial for both the marketer and the audience. It can help your audience notice something useful and great, that they might have missed before. 

However, for you as a content marketer, the benefits are relatively more: 

  • Expanding your audience reach,
  • Fully utilizing your efforts,
  • Resuscitating forgotten stories,
  • Saving time and energy.


If you’re hesitant to repurpose your old content for the fear of disappointing your customers, then don’t be. As long as you are choosing the right piece of content to give a new life to, you are fine. 

Mentally ask yourself what content of yours needs to be repurposed, what’s the purpose of renewing that content, and whether it will actually be useful for your old and new audience. This will help you to come up with amazing ideas and the best way to repurpose content.

You can take the underrated blog post that didn’t perform as well as you expected it to, and transform it into a hit. Choose an evergreen content that did great and change its format, or make new updates to keep it up to date and relevant.

Repurposing old content - evergreen content

For example, choosing an article about a certain event announcement that happened four years ago, is mostly useless if you want to make a new video based on an old post. That announcement is not relevant anymore, so there’s no point in renewing it. 

However, turning an article about the most attended events of the world into an infographic or a video is a perfect idea for repurposing your content. 

So, the first thing you need to do is to find your high-quality evergreen content. Then try conducting simple content audits of your web URL, to see if that content is worth working on.  

When you finally know which post needs a “comeback”, it’s time to choose an effective way to repurpose your content.


10 Effective Methods of Repurposing Old Content

There are many ways to repurpose content and use it as a tool to increase your conversion and engagement rate. Here are 10 amazing and effective ways to reuse your previously posted content, and not bore your audience. 


  1. Create a Presentation


Turn your blog post into a unique presentation. With informative and descriptive slides, you will be able to transform your original blog post into a new piece of content. Using slides is a great way to increase your traffic, and encourage people to convert. 

If you don’t have good presentation software to create them with, you can easily make engaging presentations online. 

Create Now

  1. Make an E-book


Turning existing content into an e-book is a common practice for many digital platforms. E-books are usually considered to be high-quality content, which is why you have to be careful if you want to create one from your old blog posts. 

Take your time adding more information, details, and photos, if needed. It can be short or long, depending on your topic. 

When the e-book is ready to go, you can share it on different digital platforms, include it in contests as a prize, or sell it as a piece of valuable information on Amazon or other websites.

Note that you can also create an ebook with Amazon and post it there directly. To start creating your ebook with Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), first read the guide and get to know their tools and resources.  

E-books will give your audience a chance to easily download and read them later, as well as make you a credible source and a house name in the market.



  1. Build an Infographic


If you are dealing with blog content that is too bulky to read, the best way to repurpose it is by converting it into an infographic. Infographics are like the visual summary of your blog posts, except they are a time-saver, as well as way easier to digest compared to a lengthy text. Just take the main important points of your old content and give them a fresh start. This is an awesome magnet to attract new people and keep your audience interested.   

The web provides convenient online infographic makers that will be easy for you to create infographics with. Here are some infographic design tips to help you present your quality content in the best possible way. Also, don’t forget to brand your graphs with your logo, to make them unique.

Repurposing old content - infographics


  1. Create a Video


According to statistics, most people prefer watching videos more than reading blog posts. So, turning your content into any type of video is a great opportunity to reach out to your audience, and also attract new individuals. 

Almost every kind of content can be transformed into a video – text, infographics, webinars, podcasts, etc. The most common type though is text. When turning your blog post into a video, you need to use a voice-over, short texts, or impressive and descriptive enough visuals. 

To create a great video from your post, break down the main points of your text and make sure they won’t make your video too long: the length of your video does matter. 

Write an outline for it, to help you clearly see where it’s going, a script and then start the recording process, or use templates and scenes to build it from scratch. The editing part might be the most challenging one, but don’t worry, you can use some software or online video editing tools, to get a wonderful result. Renderforest offers many features for video editing as well, so you can choose one of our templates and start editing. 

Make sure to also embed your video into the original post, to connect them.


  1. Build FAQ Pages


Making a FAQ page from your already released content is not as common as the other options on this list, but it’s as effective. 

You can combine your how-to articles or videos with questions asked by your users and make a FAQ page with useful information and common concerns. 

When making this “transformation”, remember to pay a lot of attention to the content, its design, and structure. Make the text information as short as possible, and instead, include visuals, to make it appealing. 

Repurposing old content - FAQ pages 


  1. Make a Webinar or an Online Class


Turn your video, audio, or text content into a webinar or an online class. This will allow you to expand on a certain topic, create other content as a “sequence” of the subject, as well as engage your audience in a conversation. 

Repurposing old content - webinar

Webinars can be based on interviews, Q&As, blog posts, etc., that you have done before if you feel like they are eligible enough to create an interactive atmosphere. You might want to collaborate with some experts of the industry or rival brands and companies, to make it more engaging and enjoyable for your audience.     



  1. Start an Email Series


Creating an email series from existing content and sending them to your subscribers is a win-win method for both parties. You will be connected to your readers through these emails and be relevant, and in return, they will get short information about the field they are interested in. 

With examples and relatable photos for every extract of your email series, your subscribers will be excited to get your email notification. You can also offer the series to your new audience and collect new subscribers.

To make your email series successful, don’t forget to first create a killer email list if you don’t have one yet.


  1. Update Your Old Content


As the world and information keep changing and expanding, after a while your old content might not be 100% accurate. So, refreshing your evergreen content, that was successful and well written, and bringing things back into relevance is another way to repurpose your old info. 

Update your posted content with new information, external and internal links, new infographics, media, etc., and have the perfect excuse to share it again with your followers. This is a time and energy saver, since you already have the most part ready, and having an almost new piece in such a short time, will make you feel like a wizard.



  1. Start a Podcast


Podcasting is quite huge lately, which is not surprising at all. Content is becoming more valuable to most people, and that’s what they are looking for in podcasts – quality content and value. Turn your old blog content into a podcast to help people access it anytime they want and anywhere they have Internet access. 

It’s convenient to listen to podcasts about things we love or are interested in when driving, doing some chores, or some other thing simultaneously. It’s an easy way to be productive and informed simultaneously. You might even want to expand on the topic more and make a whole series about it, to encourage people to come back to your podcast channel and look forward to your next release. 

You can share your podcasts on different platforms, including iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Each of these platforms will help you meet your new audience.

Repurposing old content - podcast

Don’t forget to add the link to your old post in the description of your podcast, to direct your listeners to the original piece. 

If you don’t have enough podcast equipment to record your podcast with good quality, here is how you can record better audio on your phone. 


  1. Break it Into Social Media Posts


When going through your old content, you might come up with information, and facts, that are still relevant and important for your audience to know. So what do you do? Of course, you go to your social media accounts and share small snippets of that post with your audience. 

You can share them in the form of “did you know” tweets, or infographics, short videos, and more. When sharing photos along with your information, note that for each social media platform, the size of media files is different, so consider that as well.  

Don’t be scared of sharing the same content with the same audience, because you might reach new people and more followers in different locations and time zone, who haven’t seen your old posts. 

Here is an example of Renderforest sharing snippets of its evergreen content on social media. 

Repurposing old content - social media

Share your previous content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social media pages more confidently, since according to research, reposting old content brings in 75 percent of the engagement of the original post. 

Besides, sharing short facts or statistics on your social media will help your old and new followers see that your brand is professional, trustworthy, and knows exactly what to do in the market.


Summing Up

Creating new content out of your old one is a piece of cake, once you find the post you want to bring back to life. Evergreen content will make it easy to update later or build something new having it as a base. Choose a way of repurposing your old content that most suits your audience and your content marketing strategy, and try to make the most of it. All of the 10 amazing ways of repurposing old content, that you found here, will save both your time and energy. So, the haunt for your evergreen content starts now! 

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