How to Use Your Old Content? 6 Easy ways (Examples)

How to Use Your Old Content? 6 Easy ways (Examples)

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9 May 2019

Content repurposing is a technique of reusing old material for digital marketing purposes. In general, it means using your existing content for creating a different type of content.

As a digital strategist, you probably know that selling to old customers is easier compared to acquiring new customers.

how to use old content


It’s apparent that repurposing old content is much easier than creating new content. You may find that coming up with crispy new ideas can be a hard endeavor.

However, this is not to mean that new content shouldn’t be created and posted on the regular. You still have to come up with new and fresh ideas for the web URL.

You might be hesitant to repurpose your old content for the fear of displeasing customers. But this should not be the case as giving old content a new life. It's also giving it a second chance.

You can do this by taking old content that didn’t perform to your expectations and transform it into a hit. You can also take an old piece that did very well, change the format, and make some updates. By doing this, you will be giving the old article a new life and you will be sure to benefit from it.

content lifecycle

Source: Marketing Insider Group

As a digital marketer, repurposing content has a share of benefits. This includes but not limited to:

  • Expanding your audience reach.
  • Fully utilizing your efforts.
  • Resuscitating forgotten stories.

Before you attempt to repurpose your old blog post or video, you should at least conduct simple content audits of your web URL. This can be a wide operation depending on how long you have been creating content. You should know of the articles available in your collections, and the ones that need a bit of dusting off.

You should ask yourself and answer the following questions:

  • What content needs to be repurposed?
  • What holes in the content needs to be filled?
  • Are there any dates or old data that needs updating?
  • What content is still informative and can use a little polishing?

Once you have this information at your disposal, go to your web URL and proceed to craft a way to repurpose the content.


Update Your Content

Does your content comprise statistical data that is old and out of date? If yes, you need to update the figures and give the content a new charm. Other than just updating your content, you can also add new information and additional guidance.

For example, instead of ‘5 digital marketing strategies’, why not make it 10? This can motivate old audiences to reread the article and also make it alluring to the new audience.



Make the Content Look New

This can be done in more than one way. For one, you have to decide whether you need to change the format of the article. If that’s not what you are going for, you should at least change the imagery used to make it look new. This will make readers perceive a new experience from the same old content.


Which are the Best Tactics to Repurpose Old Content?

Do you have an old article that needs resuscitation or an old video that you want to turn into a post? Here are the most genius ways to repurpose old content.


  1. Convert into Infographics

If you are dealing with an article that is too bulky to read, the best way to repurpose it is by converting it into info-graphics. Everybody likes infographics as they are easy to digest compared to lengthy written text.

repurposing content

Infographics are engaging and make it easy for the audience to understand the subject. This is because they provide graphs and illustrations that aid the audience in easily grasping the points.

If you have some great informational article that did well in the past, a great way to repurpose it is by turning it into infographics. Don’t worry if you are not conversant with computer graphics tools. The web provides easy to use alternatives for you. You can choose a free online infographic maker and follow infographic design tips to present your content in the best possible way. 

You also need to brand your graphs so that if a person copies the image, they will also advertise you synchronously.



  1. Convert it into Video

It may be that your old content mostly consists of blog posts in text form. To repurpose such content in form of a video, you need to use the text as a voice over for the video. The video, on the other hand, should be of the acceptable length.

You can post the video created on the same page as the article to improve on value. Creating the video is the hard part. However, you can follow these tips on how to convert your old blog into a video post:

  • Convert the blog into slides. Curate photos on the slides to compose the video in a webinar format.
  • Record yourself highlighting the major points of the blog.
  • Do a live review of the old post on social media platforms and save the video.
  • Mark out the major points of the blog and record your screen. This will enable you to showcase the visuals online.
  • Create a presentation from the blog post and record the presentation on the camera.


  1. Transform the Blog into a Podcast

A podcast format of your old post will always be a good idea. Why? Podcasts are popular among digital marketers these days. The reason for this is because podcast listeners can be occupied with other activities while also being engaged by your podcast.

To make a podcast of your old blog, what you need to do is record yourself reading the blog.  You can then take the audio recorded and use it as your podcast. This is inexpensively simple.

However, if you don’t have a radio-worthy voice, you can hire a person to read the blog for you.


  1. Compile Old Hit Posts into an eBook

Do you have old posts that did so well in the past? If so, then you can selectively aggregate those posts into an eBook. This brings more than one hot topic under one book.


Go through your old posts, select the ones that did well and compile them into an eBook. Turn each post into a chapter. This will bring all the old archived gold under one cover.

After that, you need to improve the visual appeal of the book before uploading it on Amazon or on


  1. Repost Evergreen Content on Social Platforms

Are you in possession of fantastic content that went viral in the past? There is no reason for you not to share the content again. The best way to ensure maximum audience reach is by reposting it through your social media accounts.

repurposing ideas

Source: CoSchedule

There are social media scheduling tools that help you reshare or reschedule evergreen content with just a drag and drop within your social content calendar. 

The best managers repost posts that went viral at least twice a month. Evergreen content never dies with time and remains relevant and informative. However, you should change the social media text and update the content before sharing it.


  1. Host a Webinar

In case you have a popular and informative article on your blog. You should consider turning it into a webinar. Webinars are a great way to repurpose old content. However, the key to a successful webinar is quality content with a thorough promotion. Otherwise, you will have no one to share your insights with.

Repurposing popular blogs is not costly and time-consuming. Following the above-mentioned tips will see you recycle your old content effectively thereby promoting your content to old and new audiences.

You can turn your blog into a video right now by using ready-made video templates. Would you like to try?

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