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35+ Best Presentation Software [The Ultimate List 2019]

35+ Best Presentation Software [The Ultimate List 2019]

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1 Mar 2019

It’s hard to catch the attention of your audience during a speech or presentation. And, if you rely on your slides, you must at least make them very appealing and interactive.

Otherwise, you’ll have a room full of bored people who can’t wait to leave.

To help you make creative and captivating presentations, we’ve collected the best presentation software and tools all in one place. Find the list below:


Zoho online presentation maker

  1. Zoho Show

Free and Paid from $29/month

A dedicated online presentation maker, simplistic and easily customizable. From creating and collaborating to broadcasting and publishing, you are sure to find solutions to your every need. You may choose from different integrated themes designed for all kind of needs. Add transitions and animations to your slides, use charts, tables, images, videos, and more. Download their mobile app and work on your presentations remotely.


Slides presentation maker

  1. Slides

Free and Paid from $5/month

Create, share, present with Slides. Designed for both simple and more complex needs. Lots of features for editing and presenting your work. You can use your mobile for accessing your notes directly. Easily integrate Google Sheets, Docs, and Drive to the platform. With the advanced features, you can view the source code of your presentation, which is HTML, CSS, Javascript, customize the code, download a copy, and present it offline or online. Analytics included.


Prezi customizable presentations

  1. Prezi

Free and Paid from $5/month

A huge library of various presentations available for customization. Create presentations, infographics, reports, and more. Designed both for individuals and teams, providing features and tools to maximize the effectiveness of the presentation process. Mind maps, unlimited zooms, interactive and dynamic features, simplicity and convenience are what make Prezi popular and successful.


Canva presentation maker tool

  1. Canva

Free and Paid from $9.95/month

A popular design platform, used by many who seek an online solution for their creative needs. It provides everything to create presentations, infographics, resumes, flyers, business cards, invitations, and many more. Start by creating from scratch or choose from a massive number of professionally designed templates, dedicated for every case and need. Make presentations totally for free, with a huge library of images, fonts, icons, charts, and grids.


Slidebean presentation templates

  1. Slidebean

Paid from $96/year

An easy-to-use and simple platform, providing professional templates for presenting your ideas with simple styling features. Images, icons, fonts, everything you need is provided by the platform. Create presentations faster with the help of integrated automation features. You can see insights into how users interact with the slides.


Keynote software by Apple

  1. Keynote by Apple

Free, available only for MacOS

The direct and probably the most successful competitor of PowerPoint. Create engaging and dynamic slides with Keynote's dedicated software, add charts and graphs, edit photos and add dynamic effects to sharpen your project. Access your presentations either online with iCloud, or with a mobile app, or download a desktop version for Mac. You may use Apple Pencil with an iPad to create diagrams and illustrations.


Microsoft PowerPoint software

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint

Paid from $6.99/month

The well-known PowerPoint. Starting from the 90s, it was the most commonly used presentation maker and still remains popular among many users. Besides being simple and easy-to-use software, it offers 3D icons and models, complex animations, cinematic motions, and more. Create from scratch or use the built-in templates.

It would be strange if a flagman software like PowerPoint didn't have its free online version. Access the tool right from the browser and create presentations with images, videos, transitions, animations for. Save your slides online, and access them from a computer, phone or tablet.


Renderforest Presentation Maker

  1. Renderforest

Free and Paid from $15/month

Renderforest is an all-in-one branding platform. With this online tool, you can create professional presentations directly in your browser without any technical skills. Use the free presentation templates from explainer and whiteboard animated presentations to corporate and educational presentations. Go to our templates’ library and choose your preferred template.


Sway Presentation Maker

  1. Sway

Free to download, paid version details not provided by the vendor

Sway helps to create presentations and other documentation in minutes. Add your photos, videos, and other multimedia. Sway dynamically adapts to any screen and can be shared or co-edited with a URL. It's connected to the Microsoft account so the users can easily add files from OneDrive, or turn their Word or OneNote documents into a dynamic Sway.


Piktochart Presentation Maker

  1. Piktochart

Paid from $12.50/month

Piktochart offers over 600 professionally designed templates for creating presentations and other visuals. There’s a wide variety of interactive charts, animated icons, images, videos, and more. Easily edit your presentations, change the fonts and colors, drag and drop the necessary items. Share your creation on different social platforms, or password-protect it for private use.


Haiku Deck Presentation Maker

  1. Haiku Deck

Paid from $9.99/month, trial available

Haiku Deck is an easy way to create presentations online which offers creative and unique fonts, layouts, and image filters. They help to create simple, beautiful, and fun presentations based on expert tips. The created presentations can be easily viewed, shared and embedded on any website.


SlideDog Presentation Software

  1. SlideDog

Free and Paid from $8.33/month

SlideDog is a presentation software which lets its users create playlists from presentation files and easily switch between them. You can combine files with different formats including PDF, PowerPoint, web pages, etc. The features include real-time sharing, interactive elements, and remote control with different devices.


Joomag Digital Publishing

  1. Joomag

Free and Paid from $19/month

Joomag is an all-in-one digital publishing platform for interactive content creation. Create your presentations with a simple drag-and-drop editor, edit the ready-made templates, customize them and add interactive elements. The presentations are optimized for mobile and can be easily shared with enhanced privacy options.


Emaze presentation templates

  1. Emaze

Free and Paid from $4.5/month

Emaze offers presentation templates designed by professionals. Choose one of the 2D or 3D templates, edit to customize the slides by adding your texts and visuals, then share it via email or on social platforms. The platform also offers audience insight analytics. Download your presentation in PDF, MP4, and HTML to present it offline.


Focusky presentation software

  1. Focusky

Free and Paid from $9.9/month

Focusky is an easy and intuitive HTML5 presentation software with a user-friendly interface. You can create presentations and animated videos by using the built-in templates, character library, and 5000+ royalty-free vector files. Add pre-designed video backgrounds, charts, special text effects, your voiceover, and many other interactive elements to create an unforgettable presentation.


Venngage presentation maker tool

  1. Venngage

Free and Paid from $16/month

With Venngage online presentation maker, you can make creative and unique presentations by using the ready-made templates. Pick a template designed by skilled designers, customize it by adding your texts, images and videos, charts and graphs, icons and illustrations. Once you finish, present it directly from the site or download it as a PDF or PNG.


Express Points by NCH software

  1. Express Points by NCH software


Express Points is a free alternative to PowerPoint. Choose from multiple templates, edit and customize the slides, add music or other audio files, upload images, easily edit the template elements. The software has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.


Google Slides free online presentation maker

  1. Google Slides


Google Slides is a free online presentation maker tool. You can create your presentation from scratch or choose one of the ready-made templates. This tool provides an opportunity to create, edit and present online from anywhere, anytime and on any device - phone, tablet, or computer. If you need to show your presentation offline, you can download it in different formats including PDF, PPT or PPTX.


LibreOffice Impress drawing and diagramming tool

  1. LibreOffice Impress


LibreOffice Impress offers drawing and diagramming tools which will let you easily create a comprehensive presentation. The animations and different effects will help you make it more impressive and memorable. The software also offers an application which gives you access to your Impress presentation from a smartphone or smartwatch.


Apache OpenOffice Impress multimedia presentations

  1. Apache OpenOffice Impress


It’s an easy-to-use tool for creating multimedia presentations with 2D and 3D elements, drawing tools, effects, and animations. The tool supports different view options including outlines and notes. You can download a template from their Templates repository and customize it according to your needs.


CustomShow presentation builder

  1. CustomShow

Contact vendor for price

CustomShow is a design-focused presentation builder. Show your presentation online or offline as a PDF, PPT on different devices, or in print. The platform also gives an opportunity to present it through Web Meetings. It provides animation tools like charts, graphs, shapes, 3D effects, and others. Collaborate with colleagues and track the performance of your slides.


Visme presentation maker tool

  1. Visme

Free and Paid from $13/month

Visme is an all-in-one presentation maker which offers custom, high-quality templates. Pick a template and customize it according to your needs, or create a presentation from scratch. The tool offers 50+ charts and other data visualization tools, 120+ custom fonts, stock photos, and vector icons. You can add website links, emails, and pop-ups. When your presentation is ready, share it online, embed on your website, or download it. presentation maker


Free and Paid (coming soon)

With this AI presentation maker, you can easily visualize your ideas. It offers 50+ beautifully designed customizable templates which are enhanced with presentation design best practices to keep your projects professional and clean. Besides, you can find and add stock photos and icons from the image library. saves you time and provides everything that’s necessary for making great presentations.


VisualBee plugin

  1. VisualBee

Free and Paid from $39.90/year

VisualBee is a plugin for PowerPoint which helps to make the presentations more engaging by adding animations, transitions, and graphics. Choose the most suitable template from the free template Gallery and customize the slides according to your content.


FlowVella interactive presentations

  1. FlowVella

Free and Paid from $10/month

FlowVella is an app for building interactive presentations on mobile. It provides an easy and intuitive solution for designing professional presentations in minutes. Chose a ready-made template and customize it by adding your texts, images, videos, links. It’d perfect for events, conferences, museums, etc.


SlideCamp company presentations

  1. SlideCamp

Paid from $99/month

SlideCamp helps companies to manage their PowerPoint slides. You can keep all your presentations here so that the whole team has access to them. Choose slides from the library, or use the existing slides in your new presentations. The slides are fully customizable and easy to edit. This tool will help you keep the consistency of your company presentations.


Design App by Slidemagic in browser

  1. Design App by Slidemagic

Free and Paid from $1

With Slidemagic you can create your presentations in your browser. Besides, you can present them directly from a browser, or download them in PDF or PPT. It offers ready-made slides for business presentations created by a professional designer. They also have a shop where you can find paid presentation slides.


Deckset online presentation maker

  1. Deckset

Paid from $29, one-time purchase

Deckset is an online tool which creates presentations from a text document. Write your presentation text in a document, upload it, edit or add slides, and present. Besides, it has image and video integration which will make your presentation more engaging and fun.


Swipe online presentation maker

  1. Swipe

Free and Paid from $15/month

Swipe is an online presentation maker and sharing tool. Upload your presentation or create one on the platform, then share it online with anyone. Make your real-time presentations and let your audience leave feedback. It’s flexible and responsive, works on any device and can be accessed from anywhere. After the presentation, ask questions with the help of the in-built polls and share the results with your audience.


Adobe Spark graphic design tool

  1. Adobe Spark

Free and Paid from $9.99/month

Adobe Spark is a graphic design tool which will help you design creative and unique presentation slides. Add your images, discover a wide range of layouts, icons, and fonts. Choose between Spark Post, Spark Page, or Spark Video depending on your project.


Vizzlo presentation tool

  1. Vizzlo

Free, Paid from $11/month

Vizzlo is an online presentation tool which helps to create charts, graphics, and presentations in minutes. What you need to do is simply pick a chart or graphic, add your data and use it in your presentation. You can share it on social channels, download or integrate with other tools.


Knovio presentation maker

  1. Knovio

Free and Paid from $5/month

Knovio is a presentation maker and live streaming tool. It can be used for employee onboarding, corporate presentations, events, and educational presentations. Record and share your webinars, make your presentation more engaging with animations, surveys, quizzes, and other tools. The tool helps to catch the attention of your audience by creating an interactive learning experience.


myShowcase by Spintouch multi-touch presentations

  1. myShowcase by Spintouch

Contact vendor for pricing

myShowcase helps to create multi-touch presentations which are perfect for different touch screen displays and tables. The best part is that it doesn’t require any coding skills. It’s an easy-to-use tool for repurposing old content and bringing it to life through engaging presentations. Simply upload your media files and customize your presentations.


Intuiface interactive content creation platform

  1. Intuiface

Free and Paid from €50/month

Intuiface is an interactive content creation platform and touch presentation maker. Create your project from scratch or use the ready-made templates. Bring your content to life by making it interactive with a wide range of properties and configuration options. Use the in-built assets such as 3D models, maps, YouTube videos, sound effects, etc. After creating your project, present it with a simple URL with different sharing options.


MediaShout church presentation software

  1. MediaShout

Paid from $399, trial available

MediaShout is a church presentation software used in more than 80,000 churches. The features of this tool include song lyric autocreate, 69 versions of the Bible, bilingual slides, different media type support, announcement loops, PowerPoint Playback, design tools, remote control options.


EasyWorship software solution for churches

  1. EasyWorship

Paid from $15/month

A presentation software solution for churches. They bring everything you need for your church service in one place. Add your announcements, notes, videos, song lyrics to your presentation and easily customize it. It also supports multiple local users for effective collaboration.


Proclaim church service presentations

  1. Proclaim

Paid from $16.99/month, trial available

Proclaim has specialized features for creating church service presentations. Choose from pre-made service layouts and create your presentation faster with the reusable slides. Collaborate with your team on the cloud in real time. The features include easy lyric loading, Bible verse animation, different integrations, a collection of free media, and online sharing.

Choose the best presentation maker which meets all your expectations. There’s a wide choice of tools and software which will help you create interactive and engaging presentations without spending much time on the process.

You can try Renderforest presentation templates right now for free.

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