Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Logos [Infographic]

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Logos [Infographic]

Finding the right type of logo is crucial for every brand. A logo is the identity and representation of your business since it’s the first thing your client encounters when dealing with your brand. This is why the type, shape, and color you choose for it matters greatly. 

With the right type of logo, a brand will successfully convey the message to its target audience and evoke the needed emotions. 

There are different types of logos, and each type has its unique characteristics. But what types of logos best suit your business

Here are the main types of logos to help you figure out the answer to this question, and enjoy the process of choosing your new logotype. 

  • 8 Types of Logos With Examples
  • How to Create an Impressive Logo Online


8 Types of Logos With Examples 

There are different types of logos, however, all of them are variations of these 3 main logo categories: Icons, words, and combinations of these two. 

Here are 8 types of logos you should know about and consider when going through logo styles for your brand. 


  1. Lettermark Logos (Monograms)

Lettermark logos or monograms are logos consisting of letters, you can think of them as brand initials or abbreviations. Companies that usually have two or more words in their names choose these typography-based logos, combining them with eye-catching logo designs

types of logos - lettermark logos

Logo font matters greatly for this type of logo since it’s the first thing a customer sees and remembers about a brand.

Because lettermark logos are simple, memorable, and striking, they are used by many famous brands such as CNN and NASA.


  1. Wordmark Logos (Logotypes)

Just like lettermark logos, wordmarks or logotypes focus on the brand name, but not the abbreviation of it. It’s usually used by brands with memorable and distinct names, or simply to make it clear what the brand is about. 

So, if your brand name has any of these qualities, then go ahead and choose this type of logo for your business. Make sure you pay a lot of attention to the font of your wordmark logo. You need to make or even create a font that gives an idea about the sphere of your business.

types of logos - wordmark logos

Google, Coca-Cola, Disney are a few of the brands with wordmark logo examples, that can inspire you. 


  1. Logo Symbols (Brand Marks) 

A logo symbol or a pictorial mark or a brand mark is a graphic symbol or an icon, that’s usually representing a real-world icon or an abstract shape.  

Logo symbols are quite famous types of logos since they are quick to give an idea about what the brand does with just a simple image. 

When making a logo symbol for your brand, the most important thing to consider is the image you’re going to choose. It’ll represent your brand for the long run, and you should consider its relevance to your business, what it means to your brand, and how simple it is for your audience to connect the dots. Twitter, YouTube, and Apple are great logo examples to motivate you. 

types of logos - logo symbols

This type of logo can, however, be a little risky for small or new businesses. They don’t include the name of the brand, and if you still don’t have enough brand recognition in the field, it might be boring or confusing for your target audience. So, you might want to wait until your business is somewhat established, and only then take the risk and do some rebranding. 


  1. Mascots  

Mascot logos are probably the most fun, warm, and family-friendly type of logos on this list. A mascot logo is a cartoonish image of a character or a person, that does a great job at representing your brand in a more creative way. 

The illustrated characters of this kind of logo are usually colorful and vibrant. They are expressive too, which makes these characters the spokesperson for your brand. They are a huge part of a brand’s marketing campaigns, and a nice touch to your interactions with your audience.

types of logos - mascots

Mascots make your brand look more friendly and approachable, and are a great idea if the target audience of your brand is families or kids. 

The sphere with the most mascot logos is the food industry since its task is to earn the trust of its audience. KFC, Pringle’s, and Wendy’s are some of the perfect examples of mascot logos.  


  1. Abstract Logo Marks

Like logo symbols, an abstract logo mark is a graphic icon, but in this case, it’s made specifically for you. They are mostly concepts and values rather than real-life icons or items. This kind of logos are unique abstract shapes that represent your brand from a different angle, making your audience look for its meaning outside of the box. 

When going with this type of logo, it’s crucial to pay attention to the details and consider the possible variations of it that people might perceive. 

To have a more professional abstract logo mark it’s better to consult a logo designer that knows the ins and out of color psychology, and how fonts and shapes can be combined the best way possible. Using online ready-made templates for logos is also an amazing and easy way to get your professional-looking logo.

types of logos - abstract logo marks

Brands with great examples for abstract logo marks include Adidas, Pepsi, and Windows. The logos of these brands make us think about their “backstory” and what values they might represent.


  1. Combination Marks

As the name suggests, this is a combination of words and images. Mixing a lettermark with an abstract mark, a mascot, or a pictorial mark, will help you create an impressive logo. 

Later when your brand is better established, you can even leave the lettermark out and use the image alone as your iconic logo. People will see your mascot, abstract or pictorial mark, and immediately realize what brand it is. 

If you’ve decided to go with this logo for your brand, make sure it doesn’t look too overwhelming and messy. Keep it clean and structured. 

Some of the best examples for combination marks are PayPal, Toblerone, and Doritos. 

types of logos - combination marks


  1. Letterform Logos 

A letterform logo is a one-letter monogram logo that best represents a brand with a somewhat established ‘fanbase’. 

Logos falling into this category can’t always express the values of your brand or the message you want to convey, so it’s best to avoid it when you’re just starting your business. 

When using a letterform logo, you need to come up with striking and amazing color combinations and readable fonts. It’s really all about the dramatic relationship between a letter and its colors.

types of logos - letterform logos

The best examples for letterform logos that can inspire your next big hit are McDonald’s, Netflix, and Adobe. 


  1. The Emblem 

An emblem logo consists of font inside a symbol. Emblems have been relevant since very long ago, giving a classic and traditional vibe. It makes a brand look more professional and long-lived. 

You can see emblems in alcohol and auto brand logos, as well as logos for educational and governmental organizations and bodies. 

However, these days modern brands in the food industry, as well as specialized shops (hint Starbucks) skillfully use emblem logos on their products.

types of logos - emblem logos

When it comes to this type of logo, it’s important to pay close attention to details, and consider its font and size on printed and digital platforms. This will save you from smudging the font or icon of your logo when resizing it for different uses.


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How to Create an Impressive Logo Online 

Excited to browse and create a logo with the best logotype for your brand? Renderforest Logo Maker will help you create it online and with just a few clicks.

There are two ways you can create a logo with Renderforest. 

Type in your brand name and some details, such as the sphere of your brand, the type of logo you want, etc., choose the style you want your logo to be, and our AI-based logo generator will suggest relatable logo designs for you.  

types of logos - create logo

Or, you can choose the industry of your brand in the “Make Logo” section on Renderforest and look through the large variety of our logo templates to find the type of logo you need. Choose the template and start editing it with your company name and tagline.

types of logos - create logo design

Edit the size, color, style, and opacity of every part of the logo design as well, to make it more suitable for your brand. Then, you can download the finished product in your preferred logo file format.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to create animated logos with Renderforest.


Summing Up

Try out different logotypes to find the perfect one for your brand. Stand out and be remembered with the help of your exceptional logo. Choosing any of these main types of logos, will take you a step closer to your audience, and become your distinctive feature. 

You can create the logo you need using our advanced logo maker that offers a large variety of logo preset categories. Create your awesome logo yourself in a few simple steps. 

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