7 Different Types of Logo Design [Infographic]

7 Different Types of Logo Design [Infographic]

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14 Jun 2019

Logos can be brave and colorful, elegant and impressive, plain and clean, cute and fancy, and anything in between. There are different types of logos and each of them is unique in its own way. How to choose the right type for your brand?

A logo is the first thing by which your company or brand is recognized, so it must fully express your brand personality. Whether it’s a combination of typography and shapes or just a minimal symbol, it must fully characterize your brand. To get a perfect logo, you need to choose the right type.

In this infographic, we present the characteristics of the 7 main types of logos: minimal, flat, emblem, solid, gradient, line-style, and watercolor.

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7 Types of Logos


  1. Minimal Logo

Elementary shapes, clean lines, simple colors, and the least amount of ornamentation - this is how the minimal logos look like. The minimal design approach makes effective use of existing elements in a simple yet captivating way. This type makes your logo more memorable without complex combinations of different elements.


  1. Flat Logo

Flat design is a specific style that represents everything in a two-dimensional way. Flat logos have a clean, modern look, simple typography, mostly two-color scheme, or multiple colors. The clever use of space in this type of logos has a dramatic impact on the audience.


  1. Emblem Logo

An emblem can be used as part of the logo, as well as a logo itself. It features a simple and clear icon and easy-to-read writings with minimalistic fonts. One of the main characteristics of an emblem that differentiates it from the other types is that its elements are never isolated.


  1. Solid Logo

Simplicity is the key to versatility. Solid logos are the perfect representation of this statement. By implementing solid design principles, you will get a clear and elegant logo that is filled with a single color. Remember that the color you choose must reflect your brand identity.


  1. Gradient Logo

Gradient logos are a simple yet composite type of logos in which the elements are colored with 2 or more flat colors by gradually fading between them from left to right, from the center, or any other way. It’s a great way to enhance your logo while keeping its simplicity.


  1. Line-style Logo

As the name itself says, the line-style logos are illustrated only with lines placed on a simple background. It’s a great way to express complex ideas in a simple and creative way. There are two kinds of line-style logos: open and continuous.


  1. Watercolor Logo

Watercolors are one of the hottest trends in logo design. The main characteristic of this type is its texture - the unique combination of colors and the water effect give a special depth and a hand-crafted effect. Watercolor logos are perfect for companies and products targeted on women.


Try out different logo types to find the perfect one for your brand. Stand out and be remembered with the help of your exceptional logo. You know that you have to fight for the attention of your audience, so make the first step towards building a successful brand.

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