What is an NFT Video, and How to Earn With it?

What is an NFT Video, and How to Earn With it?

Discussions about NFTs are everywhere nowadays. People are obsessed with emerging technologies and do their best to sell digital products in the form of an NFT video, image, gif, music, or game.

Have you also thought about creating your own digital art and selling them at the NFT marketplace? Read on to discover how to make your own NFT videos with Renderforest Video Maker in just a few simple steps and easily sell them on any platform.


What is an NFT?

Before moving to NFT videos creation, let’s find out what NFT means. NFT is the abbreviation of the non-fungible token. They are digital assets that present real-world objects online and are traded at various NFT marketplaces using blockchain technology and verified cryptocurrency.

Remember that only one person can own each NFT. So, when you buy NFTs from the market, you can be sure that you are its only owner. Although NFTs are mostly held on the Ethereum blockchain, other blockchains are also possible.

The most popular NFTs shared online usually have the form of graphics. Can a video be an NFT, then? Absolutely, yes!

NFTs are easy to create from the following items:

  • Video
  • Gif
  • Graphics
  • Video games
  • Music
  • Designer sneaker
  • Collectible

So, NFT is a digital file that you can create for free using online tools like Renderforest video or graphic maker. The best thing about it is that you can trade NFTs at its relevant marketplace and get millions of dollars.

Can’t believe it?

Here is an example for you!

Have you ever heard about Pak’s “The Merge”? These digital art units were sold for $91.8 million on Nifty Gateway to more than 25.000 collectors.


What is an NFT Video?

Any picture that is moving can be a video NFT. You can sell or buy them just like the graphic or gif NFT. NFT videos include auditory elements, making it easier to illustrate or animate the video.

The great thing about video NFTs is that they form the digital scarcity that the video industry didn’t have before. Each video has a unique code and can’t have more than one owner.

The video NFT has its size limits and dimensions. You can’t make an NFT video out of a 2-hour long movie. But if you have short videos, animations, or motion videos, they will be great for creating NFT.

Benefits of tokenizing video as NFT


How do NFT Videos Work?

As mentioned above, NFT is just a part of the Ethereum blockchain, a database that gathers all the information digitally. NFTs need storage and a blockchain for transactions.

When they went viral, they became a subject for jokes. Anyone can right-click on the NFT video and view the digital file without paying a penny. But it’s not about viewing the NFT or downloading it for free. People buy NFTs because they want to own that particular digital asset. No matter how many people download the file, you will own the NFTs you purchased.


Things to Consider Before Making an NFT Video

There are several tips you should keep in mind before creating video NFTs. Once your video NFT corresponds to the market standards, you can sell it in no time by finding a relevant NFT marketplace for it.

5 thinks to consider for NFT videos


 1. NFT marketplace

There are many NFT marketplaces online specializing in various industries and niches. You should choose the ones that would be relevant to your video NFTs. To help you with this task, we have singled out the best places where you can sell your digital art:


OpenSea.io logo


This NFT marketplace is the best for small artists to start their NFT video creation as it allows them to categorize art forms by sales volume. You can sign up for free, explore all sorts of art forms and upload your NFT videos with an easy process.
Another advantage of this marketplace is that it allows you to use 150 payment tokens, an open sea to dive into for new opportunities.


Rarible logo


Rarible is another NFT marketplace where both beginner and professional artists can subscribe and upload their own versions of digital art. Your NFT videos, images, and collectibles can easily be sold there.

The main difference between Rarible and OpenSea is that the former has its own token Rarible. So you will need it if you want to sell your own NFTs on this NFT marketplace.


Foundation logo


You will need to be invited to this marketplace by your fellow artist or creator if you’re going to sell your NFT video on Foundation.app. Ethereum is used here to trade NFTs. So, you will also need a digital wallet with this blockchain.

This marketplace was launched in 2021, but it has already sold more than $100 million of NFTs. If you are a beginner, you should start at other marketplaces but have this in mind for later as it is one of the best platforms to sell NFT videos.


SuperRare logo


This NFT platform allows any artist to sell various art forms, including images, NFT videos, 3D animations, and collectibles. Just like OpenSea.io, this marketplace uses Ethereum for purchases.
Besides that, SuperRare also announced a new token implemented to discover new talents for this marketplace.



2. NFT video size and format

NFT video size depends on the NFT marketplace you choose to start your creator career. Below we have included the acceptable NFT video sizes for you to consider. Once you select the marketplace, create a video NFT based on their required sizes:

OpenSea– max 100 MB file size

Rarible– max 30 MB file size

Foundation.app– max 50 MB file size

SuperRare– max 50 MB file size

The best video format for your NFTs is square 1:1, with a resolution of 1080px. 


3. NFT video formats

Below, you can find the list of NFT video format options based on the requirements of different marketplaces: 

NFT Marketplaces  NFT format options
Rarible MP4, MP3, GIF, WebP, JPEG, PNG
Foundation.app JPG, MP4
SuperRare MP4, WebM, 3D model files

4. Digital wallets

Before creating your video NFTs, make sure you have a digital wallet with the right cryptocurrency. Currently, Ethereum is the most popular blockchain people use to trade NFTs. You will need this wallet to pay for listing your NFTs on the market. So, be careful and track the cryptocurrency prizes before listing your video NFTs. You can use trading journals to track trading performances and make better decisions. 


How to Make an NFT Video With Renderforest?

Selling your own video NFTs sounds appealing, doesn’t it? You can use many platforms to create an NFT video without making much effort. Even if you don’t have video-making skills, you will be able to upload your video NFTs to your preferred platform soon and earn your first money with them.

One of the easiest ways to create NFT videos is by using Renderforest Video Maker!

Go on reading, and you will find a step-by-step tutorial on how to create NFT videos with the help of Renderforest Video Maker.


Step 1. Sign up for free

First of all, you need to create a new account on Renderforest.com. Sign up for free using one of these options: Google, Facebook, or Email.

Renderforest video maker signup

sign up for free


Step 2. Create a video

Successfully logged into Renderforest? Click on the “videos” button at the top left corner to open the video templates and presets.

Renderforest video maker button



Now it’s time to change the video aspect ratio to 1:1 from the left corner of the screen and reset filters according to your needs:

Renderforest video maker templates

Browse templates


You can also choose the video ratio later after finding a template you like. Just click on the template, select the “Square Version” of the video and start creating the video.

Renderforest Video Maker Square version

Step 3. Edit your digital art

After choosing the template, you can start editing it by adding some personalized content and changing its scenes, image, text, description, name of the video, music, etc.

Renderforest video maker template edit

Step 4. Export your NFT video

Done with the editing? Preview the video NFT by choosing one of the following options:

Renderforest video quality versions

You can either download it for free or subscribe to the premium version for more quality content (HD1080). Save your video on your computer and upload it to the online marketplaces for NFTs to have your first earnings with it.

Step 5. Promote your video NFTs

Creating an NFT video with a platform like Renderforest sounds great! A few minutes and, your video is ready to be uploaded. However, only uploading won’t be enough to achieve your goals.

Like any other content uploaded on the Internet, you will need to promote it using various strategies and tools.

Luckily, Renderforest has a new NFT collection promo template that will allow you to promote your art with the help of modern solutions.

Renderforest NFT collection promo

create video



Can you make NFTs on your phone?

Yes, you can create a video NFT using various mobile apps, like Renderforest, Pixle, GO Art, etc. As a beginner, you can use Renderforest to create your work and upload them to an NFT marketplace- OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare for better results. 

How to create 3D NFTs?

You can create 3D NFT for free using different apps and platforms that allow you to create 3D characters online. Renderforest is one of the platforms that will let you create 3D NFTs in a few minutes using ready-made templates.

What does minting NFTs mean?

Minting NFTs means converting your work into digital assets to make the NFT purchasable. Any kind of content can become an NFT when you mint it. Once they change into crypto collections, you can no longer edit or delete them.

How much can you earn with an NFT video?

Video is a type of content used to make non-fungible tokens. Like other types, these digital files can help you earn thousands of dollars. You can mint a simple video that is less than a minute long, but still, someone may give $800 to become its owner!


Recommended Reading


To sum up

NFTs have become some of the most profitable experiments in blockchain history. You can enter this risky but exciting industry and get unbelievable profits by minting a video, game, image, or collectibles.

How can you create your first NFT video without being a professional video maker? Enter Renderforest Video Maker and follow the easy steps mentioned above! 

create nft video


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