8 Easter Marketing Ideas for 2023

8 Easter Marketing Ideas for 2023

Easter is almost here and it’s an amazing opportunity to come up with incredible holiday marketing ideas for this season. This is a new chance to promote your products, collect data, as well as connect with your audience.

To do so, you should consider different Easter promotion ideas and be armed with useful tools. Don’t miss your chance to generate more sales and boost your brand awareness

We’ve prepared some “eggcellent” Easter marketing ideas to engage your audience and get the best out of the holiday!


  1. Organize Easter Giveaways

Create fun and interactive social media Easter giveaways with special prizes. By coming up with giveaway ideas, you’ll be able to increase your brand awareness, get more followers, as well as show appreciation to your customers, which won’t go unnoticed. 

Recipe booklets of famous and traditional Easter meals, Easter egg decoration toolkits, stickers, a box of bunny chocolate, Easter crafts, or other Easter-themed items, will surely engage your audience, and help you promote your brand. 

Easter giveaway template

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To promote your products better, you can create an Easter basket with your best-selling products and use it as a giveaway prize: easy, effective, and fun. 


  1. Come up With In-Store Surprizes

Take your followers from the online platform to your retail store.

You can prepare small giveaway products for your customers, and they can get it once their shopping exceeds a certain amount of money, or they get a product that’s being promoted.

The item can be a product you want to promote, a special discount, or as small and simple as egg-shaped chocolate. 

To make it more fun, you can arrange a short Easter game or a wheel with prizes that they can spin and win something. Encourage them to share their prize or experience on social media as well to help spread the word. 

This is a brilliant idea if you want to connect with your customers, increase your in-store visits, leave a great impression on potential customers, as well as make them look forward to your next Easter marketing campaign

Easter Marketing Ideas - in-store games

Source: MadeByEtreme


In 2019 Nisa moved its digital fans into their physical stores by announcing a physical contest. The company was giving away iPads to those who’d find the missing Easter Egg in their stores. As a result, Nisa had a 45% increase in customers looking for the nearest store, a 152% increase in reach, and a 60% increase in engagement. 


  1. Share User-Generated Content

Spark the creativity of your audience by encouraging them to share a photo of their most beautiful Easter egg or other Easter crafts with a hashtag for a shout-out. Repost them on your social media pages or offer the owner of the post with the most reactions a special prize, related to your business. 

You’ll spread the festive mood, have relatable content to post and raise awareness around your brand with the help of your fans and their Easter crafts. 

What Is User Generated Content and Can It Help Your Business?

  1. Find the Perfect Easter Game

Come up with different games on your social media accounts or website to make the interaction with your audience more fun and engaging, as well as to build a killer email list.

For instance, you can post two similar Easter-themed photos and ask your followers to find the most differences, or post a quote and ask them to fill in the missing word. 

You can also have messy pieces of a puzzle on your website and ask them to complete the puzzle with a couple of clicks. Coming up with a short Easter version of the Mario game is also another amazing idea to go with. 

In the example below, you’ll find the Easter campaign by a UK-based supermarket chain Sainsbury. They created a game on Snapchat with simple rules: tilt your phone to avoid obstacles and see how far your Easter egg can roll down the hill. 

The campaign did wonders for the brand, bringing in 14.5 million impressions and a reach of six million.  

Easter Marketing Ideas - games

At the end of each game, you can give a discount on a certain product or service, to make it more enjoyable and exciting for your audience.

Also, before they start the game on your website, you can ask them to type in their email and signup for your newsletter. You can later use this for your future marketing campaigns.  

The ideas of interactive games are endless, that’s why you need to first measure your resources before choosing the best game option for your brand. 


  1. Share Recipes With Catchy Visuals

Give new ideas to your followers on social media by sharing some amazing tips and recipes with relevant visuals, be it a “How to” video, graphic design, or photos. 

Making it visually attractive will bring in more engagement for your page and attract the attention of your followers faster and more effectively. 

It might sound like something difficult to do, however, there are some great online graphic makers that can help you create recipe designs like a pro. 

Easter Marketing Ideas - recipes

Here’s an effective method Morrisons used to share their Easter Egg Cheesecake recipe video and visuals. They have also added some details and relevant hashtags in the caption to make it easy for Instagram users to find it. 


  1. Insert Eye-Catching Pop-ups

Use eye-catching, bright pop-ups on your website to introduce and promote your Easter offers and sales. You can even give them a shape of a colorful egg, an Easter Bunny, or a basket. 

This is a fresh and very effective idea to gather emails for your list as well, and later use them in your marketing strategy.

Easter Marketing Ideas - popup

Source: Forever21


By the way, make sure your CTA button is visible and clickable.  


  1. Create and Share Cute Video Greetings

It’s not a secret that social media is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your brand. 40% of digital consumers use social networks to find new brands and products. So, why not make use of it? 

Use your creative potential and produce user-friendly and consumer-focused video content in the form of Easter greeting videos. 

A short animated video with your best wishes will help you engage with your audience and make them more connected to you and your brand. 

Adorable Easter Eggs Greeting

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Video creation can sometimes be costly and time-consuming, however, there are video maker tools that provide customizable video templates and can save both your time and money. You can use Easter video templates to create and share your videos on social media.

Here’s an example of an Easter video greeting created with Renderforest: 

Easter Bunny Animation

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If you’re still unsure how to create an effective video, here are some fast tips to improve the performance of your video greeting on social media:

  • Keep it short, up to 1 minute.
  • Don’t forget to add a creative message and a description.
  • Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility and reach.
  • Be honest with your audience to build trust.


  1. Put Email Marketing to Good Use

A personalized approach has a greater impact than a generic one. This is why email is included in almost all marketing campaigns. It allows you to segment your target audience and communicate with each segment separately. 

Easter is a great opportunity for an email marketing campaign. You can create a special offer, send special discounts to your best customers, or just congratulate your clients, sending them your best wishes. So, when you create a video greeting or a postcard, don’t forget to attach it to your email.

Easter Marketing Ideas - email marketing stats

Research shows that adding videos to emails can boost click-through rates by up to 300%. 

You can send different kinds of emails: newsletters, offers, surveys, gifts or discounts, updates, news, announcements, etc. Whatever type you choose, consider adding a video greeting or a postcard to your emails for maximum engagement from your audience.

If you are a professional, you already know how to create an email campaign. If you’re new to email marketing, you can follow these basic steps to create your Easter email campaign:

  1. First of all, you need to choose an email automation tool to send bulk emails. Many free email marketing tools can help you with it.
  2. Prepare your email lists. Note that you need to have the recipient’s permission to send them emails. You can generate different lists for your leads, prospects, and existing clients.

Easter Marketing Ideas - email list

  1. Write a short message and add your Easter video greeting or postcard. There are two ways to add your media: embed it in your email, or link it to a text or an image. If you choose to embed a video, take into consideration that some email clients may not support playing videos directly in the email. However, there are still ways to work around this limitation.
  1. Include an eye-catching and clear CTA, if you want to redirect the receiver to your website or landing page.
  2. And, finally, write a creative subject line, choose the lists and click “Send”. If you’re preparing it beforehand, make sure to schedule it on the right date.

Sending an email with a greeting video is an effective gesture to improve your relationships with existing and potential clients and to strengthen your brand identity. Of course, there is still a lot left to explore and implement, but this is a step in the right direction. To ensure smooth deliverability of your easter marketing emails, make sure you are checking your email security compliances using an email header analyzer tool.


Ready to create festive video greetings for Easter? Here are some templates you might love: 


Floral Easter Egg Logo

Make your video bloom like a spring flower with Floral Easter Egg Logo reveal. Let watercolor illustrations and decorated Easter eggs breathe new life into your video marketing efforts. Create a gentle holiday video to greet your audience on Easter Day.

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Easter Eve Greeting Card

Easter Greetings Video

Send your holiday blessings to customers and loved ones with Easter Eve Greeting Card. It’s the perfect video template for individual and business use. Feel free to add your own logo and custom greeting, and let the multicolored Easter eggs set the mood for your warm message.

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Happy Easter Greeting Video

Happy Easter Animation

Spread hope with this spring-themed animation. Upload your logo file and compose a heartfelt message for your holiday video. Send clients and followers your kind wishes with a Happy Easter Greeting Video.

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3D Easter Ribbon Greetings

3D Easter Ribbon Greetings

Add color and joy to your Easter celebration with an animated video. Attract kids and adults alike, and strengthen your bond with the customers. Wish your audience a joyful and pleasant holiday with 3D Easter Ribbon Greetings. Post it to social media, send it in a holiday newsletter, or find a novel route for your easter bunny.

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Easter Bunny’s Adventures

Easter Bunny's Adventures

Get ready! The Easter bunny’s on his way to make this holiday unforgettable. Add your logo to the template and let the lovely rabbit show it off. Use the video for business purposes, or share its sunny atmosphere with family and friends.

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Summing Up 

These are our Easter marketing ideas, that we hope will help you plan out a creative holiday marketing strategy. 

With games, giveaways, attractive visuals, popups, and other social media marketing ideas, you’ll successfully pull off being one of the beloved brands with the best Easter promotion ideas. 

Celebrate the upcoming holiday with your followers and customers, and raise your brand awareness at the same time. Happy Easter!

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