15+ Best Fire Animation Video Templates

15+ Best Fire Animation Video Templates

Are you ready to set the world on fire with a hot logo animation?

When we say hot – we mean it. Check out our burning, bursting, and exploding fire animation video templates. Don’t miss your chance to show off your logo with a compelling video or a 3D logo animation!

Instead of holding your fire, expose it to the world through a powerful animation. Create awesome intros using ready-made templates online in a couple of clicks. 

No dramas, no stress. Only pure fire and flames!

Choose one of the burning video templates below, upload your logo, or create one on the spot with our online logo maker and get your animation.


  1. Hot Explosion Logo Reveal

Hot Explosion Logo Reveal

Make your brand as forceful as this burning and exploding fire. Add your logo and let it move through flames and smoke then appear in its full glory. Only a few steps and your animated logo video is ready. Give it a shot today!

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  1. Igniting Logo Reveal

Igniting Logo Reveal

Introduce your brand through a speeding fireball that will hook the viewers from the first second. Upload your logo, text, and background sound to get your burning logo intro today.

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  1. Dragonfire Logo Reveal

Dragonfire Logo Reveal

Introduce your brand and show its fiery spirit with a powerful logo animation video. Impress your audience with a dynamic fire logo reveal that will make them recognize you.

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  1. Fly-In Fire Logo

Fire Burning Intro

Being forged in the hottest fire, your logo will make a stunning appearance. Featuring epic burning effects and sounds, this template is perfect for your next video intro. You can then complete the intro using the YouTube intro maker. Spark the fire of curiosity in your viewers’ minds. Give it a try now!

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  1. Flaming Circle Logo Reveal

Flaming Circle Logo Reveal

Reveal the fiery nature of your channel through a robust fire video animation! Let the fire flames circle your logo, revealing it in all of its glory. Perfect for YouTube channels, company intros, and many more.

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  1. Cinematic Flames Logo Reveal

Cinematic Flames Logo Intro

This high-quality fire animation is one of the best, eye-catching ways to reveal your logo in any project. The smoke and sparks accompanying the logo will add a unique touch to the video. Upload your logo and wait for the result.

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  1. Epic Explosion Logo Reveal

Epic Explosion Logo

Let your logo emerge in all of its splendor with an epic explosion. Get a powerful fire animation that emphasizes the energy of your brand. Use the Epic Explosion Logo Reveal to capture the attention of your audience from the first second.

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  1. Raging Flames Logo Reveal

Raging Flames Logo Reveal Template

Set your logo on fire and let it radiate heat and light with this ready-made logo animation. Choose one of the styles and get your powerful fire animation. Use it as an intro for your new project, YouTube videos, and more. Want to give it a try?

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  1. Blazing Cube Logo

Blazing Cube Logo

Reveal the character of your brand with fierce video animation. Featuring captivating effects of gleaming metal, this intro is perfect for sparking the fire of interest among your viewers. Upload your logo and have your intro ready in no time!

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  1. Torch Streak Logo

Torch Streak Logo

Power up your brand with this spectacular animated fire. Bring your logo to life with this template and make a greater impact on your audience. Take a creative approach to get your brand the attention it deserves.

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  1. Fire Alchemy Logo Reveal

Fire Alchemy Logo Reveal

Let your logo be revealed through a gently blazing intro! Upload your logo and get a powerful fire animation that will become the trademark of your channel. Give it a try today!

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  1. Blazing Sphere Logo Reveal

Blazing Sphere Logo Reveal

Let the most unpredictable element of nature reveal your brand through a blazing logo animation. Drop your logo, add your tagline, and get your logo reveal in a couple of clicks. Try it today!

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  1. Fierce Fire Motion Logo

Fierce Fire Motion Logo

Digital flames burn brighter and stronger. Let them mold your logo through an epic explosion. Use the different styles of this animated fire to get a hot video intro right in your browser. Upload your logo and watch how it appears from the fire.

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  1. Fiery Collision Logo Reveal

Fiery Collision Logo Reveal

Let the fire present your logo in its full glory and become a part of your brand identity. Choose between the two styles – gold and silver – and watch your logo come to life with an impressive video. No design skills needed!

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  1. Flame Burst Logo

Flame Burst Logo

Present your brand through burning fire and flames. Let them swirl, spin, and burst into a puff of smoke to reveal your logo. Impress your audience with your brand new animated fire intro.

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  1. Spinning Fire Logo Reveal

Spinning Fire Logo Reveal

Let the burning explosion of this fire video template reveal your brand in a unique way. The spinning flames and energy of this fierce fire will give your logo an incredible look. Use this ready-made template to make an epic appearance. Create your logo animation today!

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  1. Burning Logo Reveal

Burning Logo Reveal

Use this simple yet intense animation featuring fire effects to demonstrate your brand. It’s an excellent addition to your brand identity and style. You can even animate your slogan using the text animation tool. Create your logo with our animation maker free today and surprise your audience with a whole new look. 

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Find more intro templates in our Video Template library.


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