How to Make a Cartoon Online

How to Make a Cartoon Online

Traveling to a magical land where the line between possible and impossible blurs, and things are just the way we want them to be? Who in their right mind would say no to that?

Chances are, you have dreamed of making your own cartoon as a child — every little kid has. Today we’re going to make your childhood dream a reality! The times for hand-drawn cel animations are long gone, and now you have advanced animation software at your disposal that make the cartoon creation process easy, quick, and enjoyable. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to make a cartoon video using Renderforest cartoon maker. So get comfortable, and let’s get started!

  • Step 1: Pick a Template
  • Step 2: Edit Your Animation
  • Step 3: Choose the Cartoon Style and Colors
  • Step 4: Add Music and Sounds
  • Step 5: Preview and Share Your Cartoon
  • FAQ
  • Why are Cartoons so Popular?


Step 1: Pick a Template

We’ll start by choosing a template for your video animation. In the “Animation Videos” section of the video maker category bar, you’ll find a variety of animated templates with lively characters you can use for your video. As an alternative, you can just look for “cartoon” in the search bar, and you’ll get instant access to dozens of thematic templates.Renderforest cartoon templates

Pick a template that suits your storyline and animation style. We are going to use the “Mascot Stories Toolkit” template in this tutorial. It offers 200 animated scenes, four transition styles, and flexible duration. Did we mention it has the most fun and funky mascots?

Once you have the right template for your video animation, choose whether you want to make your video from scratch or use a ready-made story with pre-selected scenes. Whichever option you choose, the editing process is going to be the same. And this brings us to our next step.


Step 2: Edit Your Animation

After selecting the scenes or a ready-made story for your animation, it’s time to customize the video. To customize the scenes with text fields, all you need to do is click on the text holder to add your text. Leave the field empty if you don’t need text on a specific scene.Edit a text holder

Want to upload an image to your video animation? It’s easy to do! Select a scene with an image holder, tap on the holder, and choose your way of uploading. You’ll have the following four options:

  • Upload an image right from your device;
  • Choose an image that has already been uploaded to your personal media library;
  • Add an image URL;
  • Pick an image from our extensive stock library.

Upload an image to the scene

The same options are available for inserting a video as well. If your footage is too long and you only need to insert parts of it, use our built-in trimmer to shorten your video. For a more in-depth guide on video-trimming, refer to our article. 

The scenes can easily be rearranged, replaced, and deleted if necessary. To change the sequence of scenes, all you need to do is drag and drop them.


Step 3: Choose the Cartoon Style and Colors

Next in line, we have the style and colors of your animated video to help you further personalize your animation. Go to the “Style” section from the top menu bar. Here, you can change the transition between scenes and the font of your text.Adjust the style of your project

Feel free to experiment with different transition styles and fonts until you land on the perfect combination. 

When you’re done with your style experiments, make your way to the “Color” section. This is where you can handpick every single hue of your cartoon. You can use one of the suggested color palettes or create your own palette based on your preferences and needs.Select colors for your project

After choosing your color scheme, hit the “Generate” button to preview the updated colors on your video scenes.


Step 4: Add Music and Sounds

No cartoon is complete without accompanying sounds or music (unless you’re intentionally going for a silent animation). Whether you choose a voice-over, special sound effects, or a fitting music track, adding sound to your animated video will instantly revamp it and nicely pull all the scenes together.

Already have a specific song in mind for your cartoon? Upload it in one click, and it’ll be saved in your “Uploaded Music” library. If you don’t have a thematic soundtrack for your animation, give our music library a try. From indie rock to acoustic piano and dubstep, our playlist of royalty-free songs won’t limit you. Add music to the project

You might choose to narrate your cartoon, in which case, using a voice-over is the way to go. Upload your pre-recorded voice-over or use our recording tool to make your audio on the spot. Attach the recording to the scenes of your choice and you’re done with the music segment of your video!


Step 5: Preview and Share Your Cartoon

Time to preview the video and see what we’ve gathered! Go with a low-quality free preview at first to see if you need to make any changes to your project.

Preview the project in your preferred quality

Grab a snack or a drink while your video is exporting; your cartoon will be ready before you return to your desk. You’re also free to leave the page during the export. Your project will be saved on the “My Videos” page.  

Your cartoon might not be perfect on the first try, and it’s only natural. Use the “Back to editing” button to return to the editor and make all the modifications your animation needs. You can go back and forth between previewing and editing as many times as you wish; our cartoon maker fully supports your creative process.

Video ready for export

Notice the buttons under the video? Use them to select your desired video quality and download or publish your cartoon on your social media channels. 



Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about making cartoons and their answers.


  • What is the best app to make a cartoon?

There are many animation apps both for iOS and Android. Check out our list of the best free and paid animation apps and choose the most suitable one:

14 Best Animation Apps (Free and Paid)


  • Is it hard to make a cartoon?

If you’re new to the process, making a cartoon may be complicated and hard. But, using online cartoon maker tools can ease the process a couple of times. It all depends on how you want to do it.


  • What are the steps in cartoon making?

In this article, we’ve presented a step-by-step tutorial on how to make cartoons. The process is easy and fun: select a template, add the animated scenes you need, customize them, and export your cartoon.


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Why are Cartoons so Popular?

It’s easy to see why adults would be just as charmed by cartoons as kids are. Aside from providing a safe space for our imagination to run wild, cartoons can also positively impact our psyche.  

Interestingly, cartoons are just as powerful as marketing and educational tools. Social media platforms are flooded with animated educational videos, explainers, corporate presentations, and the like. The reason for the popularity of cartoon videos is that it’s much simpler to explain a complex topic through a fun, lighthearted animation. 

Cartoon characters make us more susceptible to learning new information. A cute cartoon character can be a great educator and will make your videos more inviting. No wonder Kurzgesagt chose to make animated videos to explain perplexing topics such as this:



Can you hear that? It’s the sound of us applauding you for completing your cartoon! Go ahead and share your animated video with your viewers. 

As cute as the animated mascots are, they might not be for everyone. Let’s explore a few other templates that are perfect to create an animated video.


3D Explainer Video Toolkit

If your animation style of choice is 3D, this explainer video toolkit is what you’re looking for. Create the most thrilling cartoon videos using the 900 animated scenes, thematic backgrounds and icons, four transitions, and many other features provided by this toolkit. The perfect template to help you entertain and educate your audience with a single video. 

Use Template


Cartoon City Pack

With 50 charming scenes as your building blocks, construct your own city in the animated world. Select your desired layouts, upload your files, and make creative explainers, cartoon videos, and promos in only a couple of minutes. Fill your projects with bright colors and memorable visuals using this Cartoon City Pack.

Use Template


Character Adventures Toolkit

Pack your things for the craziest adventure into the colorful world of animated characters.  Create an animated story using the 200 interactive scenes and settings of this template. Maps, travel destinations, tools — Character Adventures Toolkit has all the travel essentials!

Use Template


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