Choose Your Best Invitation Website Template From 12+ Options

Choose Your Best Invitation Website Template From 12+ Options

Investing in events can be very fruitful these times. 74% of attendees claim their opinion about the event’s organizing brand improves after attending the event. Additionally, 85% of marketers record an increase in lead generation and sales after organizing events.

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To bring more people to your event, you need an attractive invitation, which can be an email, a printed card, or a more advanced version – an invitation website.

If you prefer the latter but feel overwhelmed by building an invitation website from scratch, just head to Renderforest and choose the invitation website template that suits you best.

Here’s how this straightforward process works!


Find The Best Invitation Website Template to Make a Bold Statement!

Invitation website templates are pre-made website structures focusing on the key sections you need to invite people to your event. Visuals, default texts, and layout of the templates are ready, so you just need to customize them to better suit your needs.

And when you add your unique text, images, or other relevant content to the template, you can publish it on any domain or subdomain or even use the free subdomain provided by Renderforest. Moreover, you can send attendance confirmation requests to your guests with a brand-new event tool – Event RSVP.

The result – you can share your public invitation website’s URL in any of your event promotion channels, and it will look like a polished website, although you have created it in minutes!

Let’s check invitation templates for any event occasion.


1. Online Wedding Invitation Website Template

Let’s start with the gentle design that will help you make your special day invitation truly romantic. Pastel colors, many flowers, and handwritten font will make your guests feel like they’ve already entered the atmosphere of your upcoming wedding ceremony.

This invitation website template has separate sections for your love story and wedding timelines, so you can add all the critical information with little to no customization.

You can also add a couple of photos, automatically inserted in the collage, showcasing the chemistry between you both.

This is an invitation website with an RSVP form included to request guests confirm their attendance and whether they plan to bring additional guests. You are free to add a location, date, and time, and even define the exact number of guests for your event. All the confirmed guests will appear in the “Guest list” tab of your dashboard for you to plan the seating arrangement.

Wedding website invitation template

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2. Outdoor Wedding Invitation

Here’s a more minimalistic and modern design for those who prefer a simple yet eye-catching style. It features white and grey elements with a touch of stylish fonts and lines.

This invitation website template emphasizes images placed in big sizes across the entire page as a background or separate elements. It also has sections for a love story.

Compared to the previous wedding invitation website template, this one has a countdown timer – not a necessary element, but cute to make it more fun.

Outdoor wedding invitation template

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3. Minimalistic Wedding Website Template

This wedding invitation website template is very impressive at first sight. The hero image at the top of the page covers the whole screen with a big-sized handwritten font for the couple’s names only.

Unlike the above wedding website template, the website header does not contain additional information, so the couple’s names take all the attention.

The love story section has a gallery with large images of the couple or wedding details. Besides, there is a wedding section with plenty of room to add all the necessary information.

The RSVP component is placed at the very bottom of the page. That’s convenient as your guests need to read all the event details before confirming their attendance.

Minimalistic wedding website template

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4. Birthday Party Invitation Website Template

Who said birthday party invitations should be boring? This is a vibrant and fun template where bright colors are combined with a playful font. This invitation website template suits anyone looking for a more youthful and modern design.

The template features the time and location of the birthday party, an RSVP part, and some fancy design items to maintain the mood.

There are many balloons and glowing elements, so you can skip the customization of the visual part. 

Birthday party invitation template

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 5. Kid’s Birthday Party Invitation

This invitation website template is cheerful and fun, exactly what you need for a kid’s birthday party. The background has plenty of colored elements like balloons, gift packages, party poppers and more.

The template features many bright colors. The header has a dark blue background with colorful elements on it. Scrolling down, there are yellowish elements, a countdown timer, and a crawler to add any fun quote or emoji you want.

As for the content, there is an email subscription section for the kids’ parents, where they can leave their email to get further updates. For example, you can inform them about the dress code, special surprise, or other details.

There are three moving icons for the date, time, and location of the party right after the header, so important details will be noticed.

Kids birthday party website template

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6. Baby Shower Invitation

What a sweet time it is to expect a baby and share that joy with your friends and family! To do so, you may need a cute website template like this one to keep everyone informed.

This baby shower invitation website template has a very soft color palette with light purple and pink combined with white elements. There are cute illustrations of rainbows, clouds, and the sun shining through them.

There is a special gallery section to place 4 square-sized photos for your most liked mom-to-be images.

Besides RSVP and a standard section for event details, this invitation website template also contains a map where you can pinpoint the exact location of the baby shower.

Baby shower website template

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7. Birthday Party Invitation Website Template

There is one more extra colorful and vibrant template for your kids’ party to invite all their friends and family.

This birthday party website template has a big photo of the birthday boy or girl with stylish text around it in the header. The default visual is a small cake with fancy salt, which adds a festive atmosphere to the entire page.

All the template is filled in with real balloon images, creating a more real-life atmosphere than the animated ones. This template also has all the needed sections for date, time, and map with the party’s location.

The birthday timeline consists of clickable sections, each with its corresponding image to better explain the activities kids can expect from the party.

There is also the “About” section where the parents can add text about their kids.

Kid birthday party

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8. Vanilla Wedding

This template is a soft and gentle digital corner to briefly tell your wedding story and invite the guests to your special celebration. The Vanilla Wedding website template is the pink and grey flowing website with all the essential information about your wedding.

The love story is in an interesting format, divided into three sections – We met, We fell in love, and We are getting married. That’s a good layout to add your unique story and show the cascading events that have led you to the most important decision of your life.

The background images are in pastel tones, complimenting the overall mood of the website. The content is written in a neat and readable font, so the information is pleasant to read.

Vanilla wedding website template

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9. Electronic Invitation

If you love more motion, choose the Electronic Invitation template, where the header has a moving collage of a couple of photos in abstract form. In the middle of two photo collages is text for event details and the RSVP form.

The larger RSVP section is also at the end of the page in case guests need to check the event information before responding. A special dress code section is in the middle of the page to remind your guests about their outfits for the event.

The event timeline is beautifully designed, clearly presenting key activities for specific hours. The countdown timer is a great addition to ensure your guests won’t miss the event.

Wedding engagement template

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10. Housewarming Invitation Template

This is a great way to tell your friends about your big move and the joy of having a new home. This housewarming invitation template combines golden and white colors with green and natural elements, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The housewarming is a more informal event with no specific rules, so the template has minimum sections by default. The header is followed by an area where house owners can write a few words about their new home. Scrolling down, you can put icons about the key things your guests can expect on the event day, such as drinks, sweets, etc.

The unique feature of this invitation website template is the call feature. Your invitees can call you with one click right from the website.

Housewarming party website template

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11. Ladies-Only Party

Girls deserve special glam on the days when they decide to have fun. Designed in the cocktail style and filled in with some glow, this party website template is just what the girls need.

The website’s overall mood is dark purple, with enough space to write some inspiring content about the girl gang. There is no timeline section, but you can add a separate section for that if needed.

There is a countdown timer for creating urgency and extra excitement about the upcoming event. Additionally, there is a rich gallery with images of different sizes where you can upload anything from dress code ideas to previous party memories.

This invitation website template is suitable for formal or informal settings where girls just want to have fun.

Ladies only party website template

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12. Halloween Party Invitation Website with RSVP

Spooky and eerie, this is a perfect fit for the upcoming Halloween celebration. Hosts can create an online invitation website to scare the guests with its dark design before the main tricks start.

The template’s black and orange background reminds the scary night when witches fly and pumpkins shine.

This invitation website template has a feature that other templates lack – the ticket booking option. Halloween hosts can sell the tickets online via PayPal or other payment systems right from their website.

Halloween party website template

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13. Thanksgiving Party Invitation Website Template

Time for the Thanksgiving feast! This invitation website template is designed in traditional colors – beige, brown, green and orange – that perfectly match the concept of the holiday.

There is a large text section to write as much content as you need, describing the menu and other event details. The template features social media icons to connect with different platforms and spread the word about your event. The festive schedule is shown in the form of an illustrated timeline.

Thanksgiving party website template

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14. Valentine’s Day Surprise

Our list’s last invitation website template is the cozy corner for two. You can creatively invite your second half to Valentine’s Day surprise, with a love letter section to express all your feelings and surprise day hints to help your loved one prepare for something amazing.

The template has traditional Valentine’s colors – white and red, so a romantic mood is guaranteed.

The header is a large collection of couple photos, which is a great way to gift a smile and joy to the love of your life.

Valentines party website template

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Final Thoughts

The professional-looking invitation website isn’t rocket science, even if you’re not an experienced web designer.

These invitation website templates can help you create a stunning platform for all your special occasions and ensure you give your guests the right impression.

So if you’re planning something big, check out these templates and pick the one that fits you best.

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