Getting started with Renderforest

Getting started with Renderforest


Research shows that it is crucial to be able to engage customers at first second . An average user stays only some seconds on a website, so a question arises: how to make them stay longer on your site, and most importantly – attract them to your product or service.

The type of this mighty content isn't a text, for sure. It's a VIDEO.

In its recent report Facebook declared that its total video views had hit 8 billion per day. Can you imagine that? And we’re talking about only Facebook. The same trend is featured in other social media platforms. The conclusion is vivid and just: video content has a total domination across the Internet.

Marketers claimed - by 2017 video marketing will account for 69% of all consumer traffic, mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster than desktop and landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversion. As we can see their predictions came true. 

While traditional marketing tools are able to get people into your website, videos are able to attract them to your product or service. That’s why you need a video to tell your story.

Renderforest – a cloud based video maker platform, is designed to enhance video creation, while simplifying the process. Our product focuses on flexibility and quality, helping you create professional videos in minutes. Unlimited possibilities for every type of videos, slideshows, logo creation, infographics and a lot more. The only limit is your imagination.

Getting started

Let’s get started by signing up to the platform.

Create your Renderforest account

Hit the "Get started" button and you’ll be redirected to the sign up page, where you have options to sign up with your email or Facebook account.

Fill your name and email address in the fields, choose your password and hit the "sign up" button, if you prefer to sign up by your mail. You’ll get a confirmation mail from our team with a link to verify your mail. After completing the process, you’re ready to use Renderforest.

If you chose to sign up through your Facebook account, hit “Log in with Facebook” button and you’re done.


Renderforest helps you create various videos in minutes. Just browse our large video template catalog and choose your preferred one from dozens of categories and start editing online. All the editing process is done online, using our tools and cloud storage. You can upload images and videos, play with color pallet and text.

Renderforest video templates


We’ve created a vast amount of categories to meet the expectations and demands of our users: from explainer videos to logo creation – everything is created to meet all your expectations and make your video creation experience fun and satisfying.

In Promotional video category you can find various templates from dropdown list, such as Mobile app promotion, Company presentation, Real Estate promotion and many more.

Renderforest video template categories

 In Intros and Logo category you can create your desired logo animation and get an entirely new opener for your YouTube video. Simply drop your logo and text into the timeline, and render.

 Intro video templates

 Slideshow is another great category which is great for promotions, reels, photos, video portfolios, your vacations highlights and parties. You can also use it for professional projects, company introductions or presentations. Just drop your images, edit your text, add audio and enjoy the result for free.

 Slideshow video templates

Choose Typography category to create 3D typography, Exploding and other typography videos.

Typography templates

Music visualization
category is great for promoting your video channels and providing an extra spark to your other activities or events as well. Select your music, and Renderforest will take care of the rest. Try it today.

Music visualizer templates

RF toolkits

Besides standard templates with fixed length there are flexible and stunning toolkits, which include hundreds of scenes. Shaky Typography, Company Presentation Toolkit, Mobile App Toolkit, Explainer Video Toolkit, Whiteboard Animation Pack or just Product Sales Toolkit – all of these tools are at hand and created to make your video production possibilities unlimited, easy-to-use and fun.  

Renderforest video toolkits
You can create your video either choosing a standard template ( just adding texts, images, music in each slide) or choosing our advanced toolkits. 

Video editor search

 Enhanced video projects, which have hundreds of scenes and presets, can be made by this option. You can either use already made presets to save your time or start your video creation from zero.

Video editor scenes search

 There is a large catalog of characters and scenes to meet your needs. You can drop and draft scenes, delete them or add new ones.

Mobile app promo toolkit

Video editing opportunity is enhanced as well. You can choose your custom duration for the best result. The customization process is the same but you have more control over your editor. 

Video editor color palettes

You can select styles, choose pallets, select music or simply upload your music. When your project is saved, you can reach it any time by going to My Videos page by clicking on your name and choosing My videos from dropdown list for re-editing or extracting.

My videos page

Here you can also watch a brief video on how to start with Renderforest.

RF Subscription Plans

You’ve chosen Renderforest cartoon maker and created your masterpiece. Your projects and your rendered videos will be saved in your Renderforest account forever. But there are several options for exporting your creation. The first one is free option and we recommend you to export free version first before processing paid rendering. Free videos have SD 360 quality and you’re able to edit, download and publish this videos any time you wish but this videos will have a Renderforest watermark. If you want the videos without it, you can choose our paid subscription plans. Another option is to pay for each export.  All the details regarding our pricing you can find here.

So, why Renderforest

Renderforest is all-in-one professional video creation platform and cartoon animation maker that helps individuals and businesses create quality videos online for free. 

With Renderforest it’s easy to create family, wedding or travel slideshows with music, promotional animations, explainer or animated business videos, logo or intro animations, event invitations, kinetic typography and more. It’s easy-to-use, saves your precious time and produces premium quality videos. 

Doesn’t that seem easy? Now, go and make your video production experience awesome.

Renderforest - Create. Export. Inspire.

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