5 Reasons Why Each Small Business Needs an Explainer Video

5 Reasons Why Each Small Business Needs an Explainer Video

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16 Jul 2018


What can you do to attract more customers to your business? Customer acquisition still remains the main pain point for each small business. The fierce competition makes it harder to fight for the customers’ attention. So, how can you effectively promote your business?

Well, there are lots of ways. But, one of the most effective ones is having animated videos for your business.

You ask why? We have the answer for you. According to studies, animated explainer videos increase the conversion rates by 20%. Moreover, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

In this article, we will dive into 5 reasons why it’s important to use explainer videos in your marketing campaigns.


  1. Use Explainer Videos to Impress Your Audience

First impressions last, don’t they? We all try to make a good first, and lasting, impression when we meet new people.

Studies show that we have only a few seconds to get the visitors’ attention + another 2-3 minutes to introduce ourselves as a business, tell them about our products/services, and all the great things we can do for them.


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A 90-second explainer video can be of great help here. Add an impressive intro to grab their attention and keep it with awesome animations and quality content.

Videos are considered one of the most engaging types of content. So, use explainer videos to make a good first impression on your audience and present yourself in the best possible way.


  1. Videos Stimulate Our Visual and Auditory Senses

Some people tend to understand things better when they see images, compared with reading or hearing the same message. But, the level of understanding increases when they also use other senses like touching or smelling.


When addressing our online audience, the only two senses we can stimulate are the visual and auditory. There are people with stronger visual senses who understand better when they are shown something. And, there are those who have stronger auditory senses.

If you want to maximize the size of your online audience, you should be able to have some influence on both of the senses within the first few seconds. And, making videos give you the opportunity to do so. They deliver your message to the audience much faster.


  1. Build Trust With Animated Explainer Videos

If you want to tell your audience how your business can make their life easier, start with the basics. Create a 2-3 minute video explainer instead of a long text and show them you care about their time.

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If you want to tell your audience how your business can make their life easier, start with the basics. Create a 2-3 minute video instead of a long text and show them you care about their time.

Let’s keep in mind one, absolutely important thing. The explainer isn’t just another informational video you make. It’s the first contact with your audience - the ticket to their hearts. Your explainer video can actually make or break the relationship with your audience. It’s like that first interview you get with your prospective employer.

The way you describe the problem you’re going to solve for your customers will determine the future of your relationships with them.

It’s not that easy to maintain relationships. You need to truly care about your audience. And, they will let you take care of their needs if they trust you. Thus, your explainer video is not only a tool to introduce your business but also a way to build trust.


  1. KISS: Keep it Short and Simple


In today’s fast-paced environment, all of us are exposed to extremely large amounts of information. It’s natural for us to long for short escapes from that complexity. This is why we need to keep our videos short and simple to understand. And, even after an exhausting workday, it would be fun and easy for a person to watch them.

As a matter of fact, we might have an idea on how to do it. The trick is not just to make an ordinary video but an animated explainer video or a whiteboard explainer video.

For example, explaining what a black hole is to a child could be quite a challenge. However, if you show them an animated video with charming characters explaining the same thing, they will be happy to watch it. The animation will not only make it easier for them to catch the main idea but will also help to remember it.  

Animated videos keep our focus on the main subject and the cutely amusing characters, without letting us get distracted by other objects.

According to our statistics, over 100.000 users created animated videos using explainer video toolkit template. In most cases, those videos increased the interest in their products/services.

Animated explainer videos help us to explain even the most complex theories in a very short and simple way.


  1. Show How Much You Care

Heart with hands

Imagine someone offering you to help get rid of your problems. That would be great, right?

Businesses do the same thing for their customers. They identify a problem their customers have and find a reasonable solution for it.

But, it’s not a good idea to use explainer videos for praising yourself and showing how good of a problem solver you are. Instead, you should focus on showing your customers how much you care about them, and how much time and energy they will save by letting you solve their problems.

These are the main reasons why explainer videos are important for your business. If you don’t believe our words, try it yourself. In case you need some explainer video inspiration, check out this article.

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