How to Make an Explainer Video with Renderforest?

How to Make an Explainer Video with Renderforest?

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23 Apr 2020

Using explainer videos is getting more and more popular these days. Why? 

Because visual content is more engaging. A well-made explainer video gives people a rundown of what your products or services are, and how they work, in the span of a few minutes.

An explainer video can effectively capture viewers’ attention. The more viewers spend time on your website, the higher ranks are noticed in search engine results. So, including videos on your website will also support your SEO efforts. 

People prefer to watch videos rather than read text because it is all about the visual experience. It is not only perfect for people who don't like to read, but also for a wide range of audiences, who prefer to save their time on the information consuming processes.  

If you want to showcase your idea, tell a stunning story, or present your new project in an engaging way, an explainer video is a must for you.

With Renderforest, you can create high-quality explainer videos in a matter of minutes without having any technical skills. It offers explainer video templates you can use to create animated explainers on any topic and for any occasion. Ranging from 3D and 2D  templates to general animations, all those templates can be used for making professional product explainer videos.

Before starting your video creation process, check out the explainer video below that we've created with one of our templates.

First, you need to pick the template for your project by going to "Create Video" from the navigation menu.

Here, you have a wide range of super-functional templates at your disposal that are free to check out and use. View and choose the most suitable one for your explainer video.

explainer video templates

If you're not sure which template to choose, you can use the same template that we've used to create our video. Have your script ready and click on the Explainer Video Toolkit template.

explainer video toolkit

This is our user-friendly video editor. It offers you three options for creating videos: create a new project by selecting scenes manually, choose one of our ready-presets, or use our AI-based system which offers relevant scenes based on your script.

explainer video editor

There’s a wide variety of presets created on any topic and for any industry. In case, you want to use one of them, click on "Load a Preset" and check them all out.explainer video presets

The search bar above will help you find relevant videos more easily. Once you make your choice, click on "Use ready story" and start customizing the scenes with your media files and text. We have used the "How We Can Help You" preset for our project.

explainer video story

As for our AI-based system, it gives you a new opportunity to create videos based on AI and Machine Learning algorithms. Type your script, and our automated system will suggest scenes based on the text provided by you. Click on "Add My Script" to give it a try.

explainer video script

It will not only save your time during video production but will also allow you to consider several possible scenes for the same script and choose the best one. Click on “Generate Project” to continue.

explainer video text editor

However, if you prefer to select scenes manually and create a new project on your own, go and click on "Add Scene". This template offers 23 scene categories that can be used to promote any product for any industry. Our editor gives you the opportunity of multiple selections which means you can insert many different scenes from different categories. 

Click on “Insert scene” after choosing the scenes, and they will all appear in the editing board with your selected order.explainer video scenes

Once you are done with the scenes, use the tools on the left side of the editor to customize each scene by typing your text and adding your files.

explainer video text edit

Several methods work for uploading your media files. You can add the image URL, upload a file from your device, pick an already uploaded one, or choose an image from our Stock Library. 

In our video we haven't used image or video holders, but you can edit it and add one if needed.

explainer video image

Once you upload your image, adjust it to match the size of the image holder.

explainer video image crop

As for video holders, you can upload your video files with the same methods that we've for image holders. Upload your own video or use stock videos from our Stock Footage Library. Use the search bar above and type some keywords to find relevant videos.

explainer video stock footage

Select the most relevant video and trim the parts to match with your project.

explainer video trimmerGreat, you have finished your video creation process. This means you can go to other sections and complete your video with your preferred style, colors, and a music track. This template offers 4 overall looks for your project: standard, texture, wiggle, and flat versions. To select one, go to the “Style” section and make your choice.

explainer video style

Then, go to the “Color” section and choose the main colors of your video. It provides you with two options: either use color palettes created with our design team, or pick colors manually.

explainer video colors

To add a background music track to your video, go to the “Music” section, check out the tracks in our Music Library and select the most relevant one. In case you don’t find anything, feel free to upload a track from your device.

explainer video music

Do you want to add more information to your project? Then, go to the "Voiceover" section to record or upload your voiceover.

explainer video voiceover

Very good! Your video is almost ready. Now, go to the “Preview” section and see the final video.

explainer video preview

Click on “Free preview” to see whether your video looks good or not, because that way you can edit your project as much as you want before exporting it in high quality.

explainer video rendering

Congratulations! Your video is ready.

You can edit your project anytime by clicking on your account and choosing “My videos” from the drop-down menu.   

There are several ways you can download your video. The first one is the free export. It means you can download your video in SD360 quality for free. If you want your video to be in the highest quality, you can make a single purchase or subscribe to one of our plans and enjoy your video in HD1080 quality. 

Enjoy your video production process with our Video Templates without limitation and create professional explainers to shine among your competitors.

Would you like to start creating your video now?

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