10+ Best Editing Software for YouTube Videos

10+ Best Editing Software for YouTube Videos

Editing a YouTube video comes with its own challenges, however, you don’t have to have mad skills to edit your videos. Luckily, there are many great YouTube video editors out there to help you complete this task quickly and effectively.

But how do you know what YouTubers use to edit their videos like a pro? What is the best video editing software for YouTube beginners?

These and more questions will be answered in this guide, made just for you. 

Check out our list of the best video editing software for YouTube that will help you create terrific videos. It doesn’t matter what system you’re using, everyone will find an option in this list. 



Renderforest Video Maker

  1. Renderforest Video Maker

If you’re looking for a way to create a YouTube video without downloading and installing any software on your computer, you can create brilliant YouTube videos online. 

Renderforest offers a variety of YouTube video templates, that you can choose from and edit with your text, image and video files, and music track. You can trim, rotate, add a filter to your video clips with just a few clicks.

Besides editing videos for YouTube, you can also create various intros and outros, slideshows, music visualizers, and so much more! 

Renderforest Editing Software for YouTube

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android  

Pros of Renderforest:

  • Customizable templates 
  • Simple user interface
  • Advanced video trimming options 
  • Font upload options
  • Brand color palette creation
  • Stock image and video integration
  • Built-in voiceover recorder 
  • Text-to-speech tool
  • 24/7 support 

Pricing: Free, Plans start at $7.99  



Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the most popular and best video editing software for YouTube. With its intelligent editing features, the video editor is suitable for both professionals and people with no video editing experience. Although people falling into the latter category might need to get used to it first. 

However, if you are a beginner in video editing, you don’t need to stress about working with this video editing software. The good news is that the user-friendly interface of Adobe Premiere Pro CC is quite straightforward and easy to figure out. It’s also customizable, so you can edit the tools section and bring the ones you use most to the front.

Many famous YouTubers use Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit their YouTube videos and present professional video content to their subscribers. Some of these YouTubers are PewDiePie, Jake Paul, and MrBeast․  

The reason for this is the advanced editing tools the editor offers, that can help you create videos of any kind, style, and video file format. You can also edit VR, 4K resolution, even 8K, or 360-degree videos, and publish them on YouTube directly. 

Adobe Premiere Video Editor

Source: Pixelstrobist 


With all the tools and options Adobe Premiere Pro offers, it’s not a surprise it’s one of the most used and brilliant YouTube video editing software on the market right now. 

Platforms: Windows, Mac 

Pros of Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

  • Friendly and adjustable interface 
  • Offers to create VR 180 videos 
  • Automatic video reformatting
  • Cross-platform capabilities 
  • Audio editing and syncing 
  • Large video stock 
  • Smart trim 
  • Exporting options 

Pricing: $20.99 per month with a free trial


Lightworks video editor

  1. Lightworks 

Lightworks is the best free video editing software on this list if you’re trying to make a high-quality YouTube video at zero cost. Sure, the pro version of the video editor also exists, and it’s been used to put together movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “The King’s Speech,” etc, but the free version is not much different when it comes to its features. 

It offers superb customization options that allow you to edit your social media or 4K quality videos exactly how you want it. It’s a great free video editing software for YouTubers new to video editing, as well as skillful editors, camera operators, and moviemakers. 

But there’s more to Lightworks!  You can also customize the editing windows and the interface of this free video editor, and set custom keyboard shortcuts to make your working process easier and faster. Note that Lightworks also supports almost all video file formats, including 4K videos, so working in this editor will be a real joy. 

However, note that with the free version of this video editor, you can only export your videos at 720p. 

Lightworks Video Editor

Source: Phworld 


Platforms: Linux, Windows, and Mac 

Pros of Lightworks:

  • Simple interface
  • Multicam editing feature 
  • Compatibility with major operating systems 
  • Custom-made interface 
  • 3D video processing 
  • Speed optimization, allowing you to import, export, render, and edit your videos quickly 

Pricing: Free, Pro versions start at $23.99 per month 



Final Cut Pro Video Editor

  1. Final Cut Pro

Available only for Mac users, Final Cut Pro is perfect for creating not only professional and unique YouTube videos but also Hollywood movies and music videos. 

It has a user-friendly interface and a magnetic timeline system, that makes editing videos with this software easier and quicker. This video editing software also includes support for 4K, 5K, HDR, and 360-degree videos, automatic and smart cropping, device optimization options, multi-cam editing, and much more.

Note that with the multi-cam editing feature, you’ll have the perfect chance to view up to 16 angles simultaneously, as well as sync up to 64 videos on your timeline. 

With Final Cut Pro, you can create terrific and professional YouTube videos, that will surely grab the attention of your subscribers. 

Final Cut Video Editor

Source: Apple


Platforms: Mac 

Pros of Final Cut Pro:

  • High-resolution videos 
  • Professional and advanced editing features and tools
  • Works well with Apple ecosystems, including iTunes and Photos 
  • Format flexibility 
  • Multi-cam editing 
  • Noise reduction 
  • Build-in templates 
  • Option for collaborations through Frame.io extension
  • One-off fee 

Pricing: $299.99 with a free trial for 90 days


Pinnacle Studio Video Editor

  1. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is the next best video editing software for YouTube with various advanced features and editing tools. Created by Corel, the editing software allows you to create high-quality video files to charm the world of YouTube. 

It’s the perfect video editing software for a beginner with zero editing experience and skills. Depending on your editing skills, you can choose one of the three offered tiers and start editing your YouTube videos. 

360-degree, HD, and 4K resolution videos, audio ducking, video masking, color grading, and more advanced features, are right at your fingertips. 

Pinnacle Video Editing Software for YouTube

Source: Cined


In short, the intuitive interface of Pinnacle Studio makes it easier for people that are new to video editing, feel inspired to experiment and create their best YouTube videos. 

Platforms: Windows 

Pros of Pinnacle Studio:

  • Multicamera editing 
  • Screen recording 
  • Keyframe control 
  • Build-in voice recorder 
  • Music and sound effect stock 
  • Direct shareability 
  • Precise editing
  • Effect library 

Pricing: Starting at $49.99 per month 


CyberLink Power Director Suite 365

  1. CyberLink Power Director Suite 365

Another grand video editing software for YouTube is CyberLink Director Suite 365. With its intuitive interface and various editing tools, you have all the things you need to create professional YouTube videos that can stand out. 

The video editor includes multicamera and 360-degree editing, motion tracking, templates, a large media stock, unlimited effects, color-editing tools, and much more. 

In total, there are over 200 editing tools in this video editing software, that will help you to easily create the YouTube video of your dreams.

Platforms: Windows, Mac 

Pros of CyberLink Power Director Suite 365:

  • Intuitive motion tracking
  • Unlimited effects  
  • Motion graphic titles 
  • Precise color grading 
  • Green screen maker 
  • AI wind removal 
  • Unlimited access to Shutterstock 

Pricing: Starting at $29.99 per month 

Cyberlink Video Editing Software for YouTube

Source: Softsoldier 


Vegas Pro

  1. Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is one of the best video editing software with advanced features and editing tools. It’s a perfect choice for both beginners and professionals since the video editor is a) full of all the necessary editing tools, and b) not pricy. 

It has various features that can help anyone come up with amazing YouTube video content. Some of those features include color correction, 3D and multi-cam editing, text animations, compositing, filters, effects, and much more.  

If you’re a better adopter and a skillful animator, you might also want to check out the Vegas Pro 365 version, which includes more tools and editing possibilities. 

VegasPro Video Editing Software for YouTube

Source: Dpreview


Another Sony Vegas Pro is that after purchasing the editing software you’ll automatically get all the new updates and features. 

Platforms: Windows

Pros of Vegas Pro:

  • Free lessons to improve your video editing skills
  • Multi-cam editing 
  • A big library of filters, effects, and transitions 
  • HDR color support 
  • Video exporting options 

Pricing: $19.99 per month or $449 one time purchase 


Shotcut video editor

  1. Shotcut

Here comes the third-best free video editing software for beginners on YouTube. With a number of intuitive features, support for different formats, including 4K resolution videos, filters, trimmers, audio editing tools, and more, Shotcut is an incredible video editor for quick and easy editing.  

Through built-in tutorials, you can learn the ins and outs of the editing software, as well as customize the interface for easier access to your most-used editing tools. 

Platforms: Linux, Windows, and Mac 

Pros of Shotcut:

  • Customizable interface 
  • Wide-format support
  • Cross-platform 
  • Tutorials 
  • A large library of filters

Pricing: Free

Shotcut Video Editing Software

Source: Shotcut 


iMovie video editor

  1. iMovie

iMovie is another best free video editing software for beginners with less editing experience. With the video editor, you can effortlessly create Hollywood-style videos and trailers, using basic tools like cropping and trimming. 

It comes with Mac, iPad, and iPhone, so if you own any of these Apple products, you might want to keep the software and experiment. 

With its simple interface and editing tools, it makes the process of editing a video feel like a walk in the park. iMovie doesn’t have too many advanced tools like most of the editing software above, but it’s surely a helpful software for a beginner to learn video editing for free. 

iMovie Video Editing Software for YouTube

Source: Pcmag


Another Sony Vegas Pro is that after purchasing the editing software you’ll automatically get all the new updates and features. 

Platforms: Mac

Pros of Vegas Pro:

  • Free lessons to improve your video editing skills
  • Multi-cam editing 
  • A big library of filters, effects, and transitions 
  • HDR color support 
  • Video exporting options 

Pricing: $19.99 per month or $449 one time purchase 


HitFilm Express Video Editor

  1. HitFilm Express 

When it comes to the best free video editing software, HitFilm Express is probably at the top of the list. 

The video editor comes with a simple interface and a compelling set of tools that can help you create a YouTube video with high quality and original look.

HitFilm Express includes a large number of built-in templates, an easy-to-use trimmer, unlimited tracks to make your video complete, and much more.    

Using the tools this video editor offers, you can nail the job of trimming your video clips, adding effects and transitions to them, as well as adjust their colors and export the final video in high quality within a short time. 

HitFilm Express also supports 4K resolution and 360-degree videos. So, making a professional-looking video is both easy and free with this video editing software.

HitFilm Video Editing Software for YouTube

Source: Fxhome 


Platforms: Windows, Mac 

Pros of HitFilm Express:

  • Supports 360-degree and 4K videos 
  • Training mode to learn 
  • A large library of tracks, transitions, and presets
  • Intuitive timeline 
  • Build-in voice recorder 
  • Video exporting options 

Pricing: Free 


Movavi video editor

  1. Movavi Video Suite

If you are just starting your video editing experience and are looking for an all-in-one video editing software to edit eye-catching YouTube videos, then Movavi Video Suite might be made just for you. 

The video editor contains a set of advanced tools with which you can create videos for YouTube as well as other platforms like a pro. 

Some of the editing features of Movavi Video Suite include trimming, merging, adding transitions, slow motion, tutorials, and over 160 filters. So, if you’re a beginner with a goal to learn video editing and create videos at the same time, then this is probably your app. 

MovAvi Video Editing Software for YouTube

Source: Teachradar


Platforms: Windows

Pros of Movavi Video Suite:

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Screen recorder
  • Huge stock of media files
  • Video effects 
  • Wireless transfer of files 
  • Chroma keying 

Pricing: $79.95 per year with a free trial


Filmora video editor

  1. Filmora  

Filmora truly lives up to its tagline — “Make videos that inspire.” Created by Wondershare, this video editing software is giving its users a chance to create creative and unique video content for YouTube and other social media platforms. 

The video editor has an easy-to-use interface, thousands of elements to add to your videos as stickers, filters, transitions, and more. It also supports 4K resolution videos and over 50 file formats, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your videos.  

This is also a great YouTube video editing tool if your video concepts are trendy, playful, and just full of color and transitions! 

Filmora Video Editing Software for YouTube

Source: Zdnet


Platforms: Windows, Mac 

Pros of Filmora:

  • Simple interface 
  • Noise removal 
  • Motion tracking 
  • Keyframing 
  • Supports various formats
  • Green screen 
  • Direct sharing options

Pricing: Starting at $51.99 per year with a free trial for one month


Corel VideoStudio Video Maker

  1. Corel VideoStudio 

One of the best video editing software for YouTube is Corel VideoStudio. Due to its clean interface and tools, the video editor is perfect for both beginners and skillful animators. 

Corel Video Studio supports 4K Ultra-HD, 3D, portrait, and 360-degree VR videos, which makes it a smart editor choice for gaming YouTubers.

The video editing software also offers a number of features including video collage templates, automatic Highlight Reel, color grading, multi-cam, masking tools, and more.  

Corel Video Editing Software for YouTube

Source: SoftHoitAsia


Platforms: Windows 

Pros of Corel VideoStudio:

  • Easy to use 
  • Multi-cam editing 
  • Animating hand-written text 
  • Motion tracking 
  • Over 2000 effects, animated titles, and transitions 
  • Green screen  
  • Supports popular formats 
  • Fast rendering 

Pricing: Starts at $79.99 per year 


Bleder Video Maker

  1. Blender 

Besides being a perfect 3D graphic and animation maker, Blender is also a great free video editing software. The video editor offers a number of helpful editing tools, including trimming, access to chroma vectorscope, filters, and transitions.  

Because Blender is foremost used for modeling, animating, and game creation, the video editing part of the software might lack in some areas that are important for creating a YouTube video. It doesn’t support many video file formats, so exporting your project might be slightly challenging. 

Platforms: Linux, Windows, and Mac 

Pros of Blender:

  • Live preview 
  • A large library of transitions 
  • Various filters 
  • Audio editing options 
  • Intuitive timeline 

Pricing: Free 

Blender Video Editing Software

Source: Blender 




There are many video editing software out there, but now you know our favorite editors based on their features, price, and compatibility. 

Some of the video editing software mentioned above are a better choice for YouTube beginners, and some for skillful professionals. 

To choose the best one for yourself, you first need to realize what features you need most when editing your YouTube videos. Once the answer is clear, you can make up your mind according to it and your budget. 

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