14 Best Animation Apps of 2021 (Free and Paid)

14 Best Animation Apps of 2021 (Free and Paid)

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1 Jul 2021

Animation has been a part of our lives for years now. These days animation is not just about Disney, Pixar, or other animation studios. 

Along with its many types and styles, such as 2D, 3D, explainer, cartoon animations, etc, it is now a part of many aspects of our lives: content marketing, education, gaming, architecture, crowdfunding projects, advertisement, etc. 

With the great demand, the need to be able to create animation on your own has spread across the world, and developers didn’t lose the chance to introduce fantastic animation apps with tools to light up our imagination. 

Here are the best animation apps that you can download with a single click and create awesome animations, using your mobile. 

Check out the list to find out more about their features and pricing, and choose the right animation app for your next project. 


best animation software


Best Animation Apps 

What are the best animation apps to use for professional animators, who want to be creatively challenged? And what are the best animation apps for people that don’t have any skills in animation and just need to let their imagination fly? 

Here are 14 animation apps that will work amazing for both professionals and amateurs. But first, let’s find out more about these apps.


Animation apps - Renderforestt

  1. Renderforest (iOS | Android)

The Renderforest app offers a variety of animation templates and allows you to create, customize and download an animated video within minutes. From whiteboard to text, logo, and explainer animation, you can find anything on this app. 

With just a few clicks you can add your media files and text to the template, pick a color palette, a font style, select a music track, and upload a voice-over. 

It’s an advanced app to create animation videos with just a few clicks and high quality. Besides animation templates, you’ll also find unlimited colors, a large variety of thematic music tracks, fonts, and more! 


Can upload your font

Simple interface 

Export and import options 

Voice-over recorder

Preview options 

24/7 support 


Free (With In-App purchasing options) 


Animation app-Flipaclip

  1. Flipaclip (iOS | Android)

If you’ve ever dreamt about creating your own cartoon without any grand skills and editing abilities, then you can start your journey to being the next Walt Disney with Flipaclip. It’ll help you to easily make cartoon animations, using its frame-by-frame principle. 

You can also add more effects to your animations with the Flipaclip overlay grid, as well as make a flipbook-kind-of-animation from your own sketches.   

The files can be saved in GIF and MP4 video formats, and be directly shared on social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. 

Flipaclip is only available on the App Store. 


Simple and intuitive interface 

Easy-to-use animation tools 

A large variety of drawing tools 

Sound effects 

Light and Dark mode



Free (With In-App purchasing options) 


Animation apps - Bot3D

  1. Bot3D (iOS)

Bot3D is a brilliant mobile 3D animation app, and it’s a pity it’s only available for iPhone users. It offers male and female models which can be customized according to your liking. You can also import your photos, as well as sounds to create unique animations with lip-syncing and different backgrounds. 

This 3D animation app is using a full-body inverse kinematics algorithm, which enables natural movements for the characters. So, the app allows you to create the poses, movements, and facial expressions that you need for your animated characters and save them. 

Additionally, with this app you can zoom in and out, rotate your frames, to make your animations more professional and realistic.  

Bot3D is available only on the App Store. 


User-friendly interface 

Lip-syncing option 

Live recording

Motion saving option 

Customizable characters 

Sharing Options 

Available in English and Japanese 




Animation Apps - Animoto

  1. Animoto (iOS)

Animato is a mobile animation app only available on iOS devices. They have storyboard templates that you can choose from and start creating your animation. This means you don’t need any design skills to complete the task. 

The animation app is famous for its explainer videos, which you can create on mobile by adjusting the color, style, animated text, and other parts of their templates.  


A huge library of licensed songs 

No per-video pricing 

Sharing with one click 

Three aspect ratios 

User-friendly interface

Pricing: Free (With In-App purchasing options) 


Animation Apps - Stop Motion Animation

  1. Stop Motion Studio (Android | iOS)

Stop Motion Studio is one of the best stop motion animation apps with a unique full-featured and easy-to-use interface. With this app, you can create professional animations without having any necessary skills, as well as add filters, backgrounds, and foregrounds to your videos. 

Additionally, the app allows you to adjust the focus of your video, shutter speed, exposure, ISO, white balance, and time interval. All these features will improve the quality of your animation and take it to another level if used right.

However, this is not all. 

Their rotoscope allows you to import your videos and images and start drawing over them. 


Simple interface 

Advanced syncing capabilities 

Full control of the camera 

Sound effects library 

Green screen

Facial expressions library 

iCloud sync 


Free trial 

iOS and Android: $4.99 (one-time payment)

Mac and Windows: $9.99 (One-time payment)


Animation Apps - Animation Desk

  1. Animation Desk (Android | iOS)

Animation Desk is one of the best animation apps, when it comes to animation drawing. It allows you to draw animation right on your videos and images, using different types of brushes (49 in total). 

Here you can create animation sequences, sketches, animated storyboards, and cartoons.

With Animation Desk you can draw on your phone or tablet, using the Apple pencil, or even a pencil rubber. 

Adjust the stroke size, the opacity, and other drawing tools the app offers, to make your animation video more creative.  



Import and export options 

Built-in messenger app 

Direct sharing 

Onion skinning 

Animation Desk Community for inspiration and sharing 


Free (With In-App purchasing options)


Animation Apps - PicsArt

  1. PicsArt Animator (Android | iOS)

With PicsArt Animator it’ll take no time to create impressive animated videos, GIFs, and cartoons. It allows you to draw your animation frame by frame, as well as use the 3D camera app to animate. 

Features like frame duplication, their many effects, background music options, and animated stickers will make your job easier and help you design animations with many layers and complex scenes. And well, if you’re not interested in that, you can simply animate your selfies and other photos with a few clicks and strokes of a brush. 

PicsArt Animator also has an Emoji Me feature, with which you can create your own animated emoji.  


Simple user interface 

Direct sharing options 

Suitable for both pros and beginners 


Free (With In-App purchasing options)


Animation Apps- Toontastik

  1. Toontastic 3Dr (Android | iOS)

Toontastic is one of the best free animation apps available for both iOS and Android users. Developed by Google, it offers a huge number of tools to help you create animations and cartoons both for fun and business.

The easy interface makes it perfect for users of different ages and professions, all you need is creativity. 

Toontastic makes the whole process of creating animations fun and exciting, inspiring the storyteller and animator in you. 


Simple interface 

No ads 

Encourages creativity 

Suitable for kids and adults 




Animation Apps - MotionBook

  1. MotionBook (iOS)

Motionbook - Draw & Animate is one of the most nostalgic animation apps out there. It gives all the classic feels with its flipbook format and is perfect for beginners. However, it’s not just a flipbook animation app. 

The app has many hidden features that you need to explore, the variety of pens, pencils, brushes, and erases for one. You can also customize your scenes with its onion skinning feature, as well as copy your drawings for the next scenes. 


Intuitive user interface 

Supports iCloud 

Compatible with the Apple pencil 

Copy and paste feature for images from other apps 

Importing options 


Free (With In-App purchasing options)


Animation Apps - RoughAnimator

  1. RoughAnimator (Android | iOS)

RoughAnimator is a simple animation app available for many platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It’s a great way to create quality hand-drawn animations, using the frame-by-frame tactic. 

It offers many features for professional animators and beginners, including but not limited to an unlimited number of layers, onion skinning, rotoscope, and a flexible timeline.

You can also import audio files for automatic lip-synching, which is quite a terrific feature if you’re making a cartoon. 


Unlimited layers to apply 

Simple interface

Exporting format options   

Compatibility (Animate, Adobe Flash, etc) 


Free trial | Starting price - $4.99 (one-time payment)


Animation Apps - Stick Nodes

  1. Stick Nodes (Android | iOS)

The name speaks for itself, Stick Nodes is a stickman animation app. The users can create their own stick figure movies and export them in different formats, such as MP4 and GIFs. 

It offers a large variety of shapes, colors, sound effects, and scales to create any stick figure you have in mind. With its camera, you can also take pictures of the scenes around you and add them to your animation. 

Stick Nodes also has transparency, blur, and other tools to help professionals and beginners make their animation more realistic and “alive”. 


Exporting options (MP4 only for Pro) 

Sound effects (for Pro)

Available in different languages 





Animation Apps - Pixel Studio

  1. Pixel Studio (iOS)

Pixel Studio is a relatively new pixel art and animation app for both beginners and experts. It has a super simple and intuitive interface, with which you can create frame-by-frame animations. 

Another great thing about this app is the Pixel Network™ community. Here you can find inspiration, as well as share your pixel art. 

In this app, you’ll find a huge library of custom brushes, image patterns, textures, and fonts. With the help of these and other practical animation tools and layers, you’ll be able to come up with works of different levels of complexity. 

Sadly, it's only available on the App Store.


Available in 23 languages

Simple interface 

Google Drive sync

Customizable toolbar 

Export and import options 


Customizable grid 




Animation Apps - Adobe Spark

  1. Adobe Spark (Android | iOS)

Adobe Spark is a popular animation app for both professionals and beginners. It’s convenient to use from both mobile and desktop, by syncing your projects. It offers a huge range of fonts, stock images, and music. 

Don’t like anything from their lists? You can easily upload your own files. 

There are also many animated templates that you can use or just browse through and get inspired. 

It’s an excellent app not only for animation but much more. 


Huge stock of images and music 

Seamless sync between devices 

Sharing options 

User-friendly interface 


Free trial | Starting price - $19.99 (per month)


Animation Apps - Textro

  1. Textro (Android | iOS)

Made specifically for text animation, Textro is one of the easiest apps to create text videos for different platforms. 

You’ll find a large range of colors, fonts, and other handy tools to make your text animation more eye-catching and creative. You can also add a music track to your project, and make it dynamic. 

With Textro it’s now fun and quick to create animated quotes, intros, and other kinds of visuals.



A library of text animation styles 

Variety of fonts 

Importing options 


Free (With In-App purchasing options)

How to Choose the Right Animation App

We’re well aware of your storage concern. And let’s be honest, you can’t download all the best animation apps. 

So, it’s important to choose the one or several that can help you create animated videos without a problem. 

To choose the best animation app for you, first, define some of the following factors: 

How complex is the animation you want to create? What do you need to create? Is it a text or logo animation, a whiteboard one, or maybe a cartoon? 

What type of animation do you want to create? Is it 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion, or motion graphics? Once you decide what style of animation you want to create, you’ll narrow down the list of potential animation apps that you need to use. 

Do you need basic or advanced tools? Some of the animations above have different purposes in the creation aspect, which might limit your tools if you want to mix different styles and purposes. However, you can always try those animation apps first, see whether they have what you need or not, read some reviews to have an understanding of what you can do with them, and then decide which one to choose. 


Choosing an animation app that has all the tools you need to visualize your idea, can be challenging. To decide which one suits the project you have in mind, pay attention to the tools they offer and the pricing. 

Put down what exactly you want to create, what type of animation you need, and how complex you want your project to be, and you’ll easily make up your mind. 

Most of the animation apps included in our list are free or offer a free trial, so you can experiment and create that one animation video that’s been on your mind for a while now. 

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