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1000s of Animated Whiteboard Scenes

Our templates are fully customizable. You can select your colors, scene types, transitions, and even upload your artwork or voiceover.

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Let the creative juices flow and make a lasting impact with your ideas using Renderforest whiteboard video maker. With our cutting-edge whiteboard animation software, creating a spectacular presentation has never been easier. Introduce your message to the world with a bang, captivating your audience from the very first frame.

Join us today to unlock a vast library of flexible video creation tools and templates, all accessible right in your browser. From character animations to captivating backgrounds, you have the creative freedom to customize every aspect of your whiteboard video.

How to Craft Animated Whiteboard Videos Online?

This may sound too good to be true, but you don’t need any design skills to create a top-notch animation! With Renderforest whiteboard video maker, all the tools you need to design a high-end whiteboard presentation are at your fingertips, and the best part is it's fuss-free!

Let's walk through the simple three steps to bring your vision to life:

Pick the Perfect Template

Go through the list of animation templates and pick the most suitable one. You can edit a pre-made story to streamline the creation process or design your whiteboard video from scratch. Use our animation maker tools to add a unique touch to each frame, aligning perfectly with your project's aesthetics and branding.

Edit the Scenes

Elevate your project to new heights by transforming the scenes to match your vision perfectly. Type your message, change the style, colors, and add music or a voiceover. The flexible cloud-based video maker tools allow you to design a professional-looking whiteboard animation that reflects your brand’s unique identity.

Export and Share Your Video

Congratulations! Your captivating whiteboard presentation is now ready to make its grand debut. Once the animation has been rendered to perfection, you have the power to share it with your audience effortlessly.

Download the completed animation directly to your device or share it on social platforms with one click.

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Why Use Whiteboard Videos?

If you are looking for a way to let your story unfold in an inviting and fun-to-watch way, animated whiteboard videos may be a perfect choice. As a means to share your message, a whiteboard animation maker can help your brand stand out and make a lasting impression on your audience. Here are some key benefits of whiteboard videos, showcasing why this medium can serve as a powerful promotional tool for your brand or project:

Explain Complex Ideas Easily

Indeed, animated whiteboard videos are highly effective means to share even the most intricate ideas by breaking them down into easily digestible bite-sized chunks. With the power of interactive visuals, accompanied by a catchy tune or clear audio explanation, these videos create a captivating and engaging experience for your audience, allowing them to grasp your message comfortably.

Engage the Viewers

The magic of animated whiteboard videos lies in their ability to immerse viewers and keep them enthralled throughout the entire video. The strategic use of motion enhances the interactive nature of the video, while the carefully selected tunes or background music elevates the viewing experience to new heights. This synergy between visuals and audio helps keep the audience connected to the unfolding narrative.

Persuade Your Audience

The engaging and intriguing nature of whiteboard animations makes them a powerful tool if you are looking to persuade your audience to take action.

Increase Conversion Rates

Use our whiteboard video maker to see your animation work wonders by simplifying complex concepts, earning trust from your audience, and forging emotional connections that drive action.Trust is the key to success, and whiteboard animations excel at building that crucial bond. With their authentic and genuine feel, viewers can't help but connect with your brand on a deeper level.

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Here’s What Our Customers Think About Us

John Bremner

Co-Founder and CMO of Brain

, Candy Management

I made my promo video in just a couple of hours. Renderforest’s software is simple to use, and the results are fantastic. I just came up with a good story and chose the right music. The software did the rest, generating a truly excellent video. I’m thrilled with the software and have had lots of great feedback on how professional my video is.

Likhwa M.

Digital Marketing Executive

, Dripshot

Renderforest is a very budget-friendly solution for video making. I see people liaising with designers who fail to visualize what is in our minds. I must say thanks for Renderforest for introducing ease in Video and Presentation Industry.

Ready to Unleash Your Creativity?

Get started with Renderforest's whiteboard animation maker now and bring your ideas to life in captivating visuals. Create stunning animations without any design skills required. Sign up for free and transform your storytelling game today!

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