Engagement Booster! 10+ Video Presentation Tools to Try Today!

Engagement Booster! 10+ Video Presentation Tools to Try Today!

In this era, where video content dominates, short-form videos have emerged as the most engaging type for consumers, favored by 66%. Reflecting this trend, a record 91% of businesses utilized video in their marketing strategies in 2023. The outcome? A notable increase in traffic, leads, and sales for those who leveraged video content. Now is the ideal time to explore the world of online video presentation tools and harness their potential to boost engagement and achieve marketing success.



  • Renderforest’s template library offers a variety of editable online video presentation tools for every occasion, complete with scene counts for easy customization estimation.
  • Creating a quality video presentation is straightforward, thanks to the intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features of the video presentation tools listed above.
  • To create an effective presentation, use appropriate software and equipment, keep the content clear and concise, and engage the audience with interactive elements, while avoiding common pitfalls like overcrowded slides and poor audio quality.


video marketing stats


If you’re among those 30% too busy to create videos, we probably can’t help much here.

But if you’re that video content enthusiast with many creative ideas who doesn’t know where to start or thinks they should spend a fortune on fancy equipment, then we have the good news!

You can have professional-looking video presentations, spending from $0 – 20 and around 5-20 minutes per presentation in 2023!

No jokes! The video presentation tools below will help you with that!


1. Renderforest

Renderforest homepage

Renderforest’s video presentation maker has a premade templates library where you can find something for each occasion. There are categories for the most popular use cases like corporate presentations, company introductions, explainers, educational videos, and more that you can customize according to your preferences. There’s also a video animation software feature and an intro maker for YouTube with a variety of templates that you can use. And if you have someone’s birthday coming up soon, you can use the happy birthday video maker to celebrate in style. 

The video presentation templates are already designed with graphics and animations that suit the video’s purpose. It’s up to you to customize all the elements to match your brand identity or use them as they are. In both cases, creating a professional-looking video presentation can take from 5 minutes, based on the chosen video templates for editing.  For regular presentations, Renderforest offers a collection of free slideshow templates you can use along with the slideshow maker online free of charge. 

You can find all the video presentation packs in Renderforest’s template library. Below each presentation pack, you can see the number of scenes the template contains so that you can estimate your customization opportunities for the video. 

To get more information about the template pack:

  1. Click on it for a quick video overview.
  2. Use the “Create Now” button to customize it according to your brand identity and preferences.


Video presentation template sceens


Once you are in the template pack, check video presentation templates for specific niche cases.

For example, a Social Media Toolkit pack includes video presentations for digital marketing course promos, birthday video cards, coffee shop social ads, etc.

social media kit create now


Click on any video presentation template to preview its premade version. Further, press “Edit This Template” to explore all customization options.

Renderforest edit this video presentation template button


With a single click, you will land on the editing dashboard and can drag and drop elements right on the timeline to create a professional-looking video presentation. There are options to duplicate, replace, or add new elements to the video. Press the + section to instantly access hundreds of images, icons, and videos for your presentation template.

video presentation template components


For example, you can add logo animations with the animated logo maker, social icons, checklists, photo collages, and so on.

You can also upload files from your device or embed your preferred content’s URL to add media elements to the video.

Video presentation edit functionality


Once you finish customizing your presentation, press “Preview” to watch the result and click “Export” afterward if you’re satisfied. You can opt for the free export that will land you in H.D. video format (up to 720p). If you need a higher resolution, quickly upgrade your account from the dashboard and get the video with HD1080.

Renderforest pricing


Renderforest Explainer Video Toolkit

If you want to create high-quality explainer videos, Renderforest’s rich library of characters, backgrounds, and geographical locations can help you! There are 3D characters of different professions, genders, and ages with a wide range of animation options. Whatever you want the character to express, you can find it in the library! 

video presentation template characters


After you’re certain about the character, move to the backgrounds’ library to choose where your video will take place. You can find urban locations, office spaces, and nature settings. There are even geographical locations and virtual sets that you can use to take the video presentation to the next level.

Background animations last around 15 seconds, allowing you to quickly enrich your video presentation with a real-life setting.

Besides, you can transfer your explainer video events to popular geographical locations of your choice. With a single click, your video character can appear near the Eiffel Tower, the Egyptian Pyramid, or the White House. 

add geographical location in the video presentations


 To access those mentioned above and more features, click “Replace” inside your template’s scene and navigate between elements from the left side panel. For a more fun approach to presentation, you can use the cartoon maker online


Renderforest video presentation banner 

Renderforest Trendy Explainer Toolkit

The trendy explainer toolkit contains all the key elements of explainer videos wrapped up with dozens of 2D and 3D characters, motion typography scenes, background animations, music tracks, and much more. 

Edit Now!


Renderforest Whiteboard Animation Toolkit

The whiteboard animation toolkit contains many templates with different themes and topics. This toolkit will help you with a minimalistic but powerful video presentation in a few clicks.

Edit Now!


Renderforest Business Presentation Pack

Want to add a professional touch to your business presentation? Look no further; the Business Presentation Pack of Renderforest has you covered! You can find many draft slides and motion typography scenes with different topics, such as corporate identity, sales analytics, product launches, etc. 

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Renderforest Modern Infographic Pack

Lastly, present business analysis, stats, or other important data with the help of modern infographic templates. Each template can be easily customized and completed with different shapes, icons, and motion elements. Pick your favorite one and create an impressive animated video in minutes! 

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Renderforest offers various plans to fit different needs:

  • Free Plan: $0.00, ideal for business growth with 500 MB storage, creation of HD720 videos, access to numerous templates, and a limited stock library.
  • Lite Plan: $9.99/month for early-stage growth, offering 10 GB storage, unlimited HD720 videos, a premium website, and full access to 1M+ premium resources.
  • Pro Plan (Most Popular): $19.99/month for advanced tools, 30 GB storage, unlimited HD1080 videos, and extensive access to a 5M+ resource catalog.
  • Business Plan: $29.99/month, designed for teams, featuring 50 GB storage per seat, up to 4K video creation, team management tools, and a reseller license.


Edit Now!


2. Loom

Loom homepage

Loom is a video messaging tool designed to create and share instantly shareable videos, where you can simultaneously record your camera, microphone, and desktop screen. Its patented technology ensures immediate availability of videos, which are securely uploaded to servers protected by SSL encryption and unique IDs.

Users can customize their recording settings, including screen capture size and format. The free version of Loom offers 720p video resolution, whereas paid subscriptions enable 4K recording with superior audio quality.

Storage and user limits vary by plan, with free subscriptions offering limited creators and video length. Branding is included in the free version, while paid versions provide customization options to align with personal or corporate branding.

Available across various platforms, including a Chrome extension, desktop app, and mobile apps for iOS and Android, Loom ensures accessibility and convenience. Catering to a wide range of users, Loom provides Starter, Business, and Enterprise plans, each tailored to different needs and offering varying features like storage and video quality.

The user-friendly interface of Loom makes initiating recordings straightforward, and the instant sharing of videos via links streamlines communication. Ideal for educational purposes, team collaborations, and client interactions, Loom’s quick sharing and clear video quality make it an indispensable tool in video presentation tools.



  • Starter Plan (Free for Individuals)
  • Up to 25 videos/person, 5 mins/video max
  • Business Plan ($12.50 USD/Creator/mo, Annually for Teams)


3. Canva

Canva homepage


Canva’s video presentation software streamlines the creation of powerful video presentations with talking heads. It allows users to craft and narrate engaging presentations at their own pace. Starting is as simple as selecting a template, adding personal photos and videos, and choosing a soundtrack. Recording oneself is straightforward:

  • Access the recording studio in Canva
  • Select the right camera and microphone
  • Start filming.

The platform offers a range of templates and customization options to suit various purposes and settings, including company-specific branding. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop tools enable the addition of animated elements, stickers, and GIFs. Collaborative features are also available for team projects.

Once the presentation is ready, users can easily record their narration, with the flexibility to pause and resume, ensuring a professional outcome every time. Recording videos in the editor is only available on Google Chrome and Safari browsers.



  • Canva Free US$0/month for one person
  • Canva Pro US$14.99/month for one person
  • Canva for Teams US$29.99/month total for the first 5 people


4. Prezi

Prezi homepage


Prezi Video revolutionizes video presentations by combining your content and presence on the same screen, creating a personal and immersive experience ideal for customer meetings, training, and company announcements. This innovative approach surpasses traditional screen sharing, fostering real interaction and engagement. Prezi allows consistent branding in videos, with easy access to brand kits, ensuring every video aligns with your business’s identity. It integrates seamlessly with top video conferencing platforms, enhancing audience engagement with on-screen reactions.

Creating a video with Prezi is easy:

  • choose a template
  • upload images or GIFs
  • add presenter notes, and record.

The platform offers customization features like trimming and setting privacy options, making it a versatile tool for impactful and branded video presentations.

Locate the ideal presentation template for your video. A unique and captivating branded video presentation may be made without prior design experience. Start by selecting one of our expertly created video templates, then add your own material and alter it with your own branding.



  • Standard $5/month
  • Plus $12/month
  • Premium $16/month


5. Biteable

Biteable home page


Biteable mostly specializes in corporate and short animated videos, so its premade design elements contain more sophisticated elements like charts and graphs, illustrated characters, and more. This allows you to easily design your monthly reports, business analysis presentations, and other corporate videos. 

The tool also offers collaborative and editing tools to work on real-time videos with your team members. This can be helpful for group projects or for managers to approve certain material before publishing.

Its user-friendly design, which enables customers to easily make brief, entertaining, and attention-grabbing movies for any company, was highly commended by critics. Variety of Templates: Biteable’s abundance of templates, which include explainer films, marketing videos, and announcement videos, was highly praised by reviewers.

You can manage, collaborate, and provide various team members access to create videos with your Biteable subscription. Go to My Account in the lower left corner of the page and choose Users to begin managing a Team.

Also, you can share your created business presentation by email, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Slack, or SMS. 



  • Pro: $49/mo – Unlimited H.D. exports and cloud storage, 24M+ stock footage and image clips, royalty-free music library, and more. The access is for one user only. 
  • Teams: $99/mo – Access for up to 3 team members and the ability to add new members ($33/month). Collaborative editing and team folders, premium business soundtracks, and more․ 


6. Lumen5

Lumen5 edit videos online


Lumen5 is a great chance to enhance the storytelling of your business. It has many features like text-to-speech, motion effects, a music library, and much more to create great business video presentations. 

There is an A.I. built for repurposing content, which can automatically turn blog posts into videos, zoom recordings into captivating clips, etc. This allows you to save much time on creating presentation content from scratch. Lumen5 helps you compress your content into a concise storyboard ready for a video using natural language processing technology. Lumen5 then automatically matches each scene with appropriate backdrop images, movies, and music using Computer Vision technology.

Lumen5’s video presentation tool works like a PowerPoint, allowing you to drag and drop different elements, edit the text, add images and videos, and set up the narration. 

The platform also provides access to millions of premium photos and videos to customize your presentation.

Also, Lumen is participating in Microsoft’s Early Access Program (EAP) and is utilizing the A.I. software. A large language model (LLM) generative artificial intelligence (AI) from Microsoft has already been implemented by Lumen with a few teams and will be further implemented in the future. 




  • Basic: $29/mo – For creating simple videos without Lumen5’s branding. There is unlimited access to stock images and icons.
  • Starter: $79/mo – More suitable for individual creators, allows for customizable fonts and colors, and 1080p video resolution.
  • Professional: $199/mo – For professional storytellers. Allows you to add custom fonts and watermarks. Users can work on multiple brand kits and saved templates.


7. Animoto

Animoto homepage


Animoto is primarily designed for small businesses, H.R. people, and marketing agencies to create promotional, explainer, and other video presentations. The platform has an extensive selection of stock images in its Getty Images library and a built-in screen recorder to fill in the blank sections of premade video presentation templates. 

The tool is great for creating customized videos for your business. Once you upload colors, fonts, logos, or other brand elements to Animoto, you can save them and apply them for future animations. 

Animoto is also a great collaborative environment where you can invite team members to add time-stamped comments. You can reply to comments and create a convenient working environment inside the video editing template. 

Animoto is a very simple-to-use video editing program. It is a ready-to-use tool for creating amazing slide presentations and other kinds of films. Subscription-based; if you don’t pay, their watermark will appear in your movies.

One track per project is also permitted for users on the Free and Basic plans. Users with access to the Animoto music collection and the Professional and Teams plans can include up to 8 audio tracks in their projects. AAC, M4A, and MP3 files can be uploaded.

The video presentations can be downloaded in HD1080 quality or shared from Animoto directly to your preferred social networks.



  • Free: There is a forever-free plan with certain limitations.
  • Basic: $16/mo – For creating unbranded videos with unlimited downloads.
  • Professional: $29/mo – For creating highly customized video presentations (includes most professional tools)
  • Professional Plus: $79/mo – For branded videos at scale (includes several advanced editing tools)


8. Powtoon

Powtoon homepage


Powtoon is a versatile and innovative tool designed to enhance digital presentations for business and educational purposes. Launched in 2012, Powtoon Ltd. is a British company offering cloud-based animation software enabling users to create animated presentations and explainer videos easily. The essence of Powtoon lies in its ability to transform standard presentation slides into engaging, animated videos, making it an ideal choice for teachers aiming to digitize their classroom engagement or businesses looking to make their communications more dynamic.

As a cloud-based platform, Powtoon allows users to create animated videos, infographics, and other visual content without needing advanced design skills. It boasts an intuitive user interface that simplifies the creation process. Users can choose from various royalty-free libraries, including animations, live-action videos, images, designed backgrounds, soundtracks, and moving graphics. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to incorporate one’s visual content and voiceover, making it a customizable tool that can cater to a wide range of creative needs.



  • Lite: $50/mo – Limits to 5 premium videos a month and video length up to 10 minutes. Video presentations can be downloaded without Powtoon branding.
  • Professional: $190/mo – No limit on premium exports and the usage of PRO templates. The video length is over 20 minutes.
  • Business: $100/mo – The length of videos is extended to 30 minutes and users have the reseller rights.


9. Vyond

Vyond homepage


A well-known program for business-oriented video animation, Vyond makes it possible to produce videos with animation of excellent quality.  This adaptable platform is used to create captivating training programs, explainer and sales pitch movies, and visually appealing marketing content, among other company needs. It increases audience engagement and retention by meeting the needs of contemporary learners who prefer video over text.

The easy-to-use UX of Vyond plays a crucial role in boosting worker productivity and enhancing communication through visually striking content. Business executives find the software’s AI-driven features to be a useful tool that greatly enhances engagement, raises brand exposure, and maximizes return on investment.

This program generates results at the professional level and has a good range of features.

Despite being an impressive competitor, this platform isn’t the best choice for anyone on a limited budget. Given that the program is intended for corporations, the cost may be a deterrent for individuals looking to use it.



  • Essential: $49/mo – All videos come with the Vyond logo imprinted on them
  • Premium: $89/mo – A single-user plan with high-quality exports
  • Professional: $179/mo – A scalable package for medium and large businesses with advanced tools and priority customer support
  • Enterprise: Custom plan



10. Animaker

Animaker homepage


Famous international businesses rely on Animaker, a highly regarded presentation tool, to produce captivating web presentations. Its abundance of cutting-edge features, which are meant to spice up digital presentations, make it stand out. This platform’s Animaker Deck has hundreds of pre-built characters, making it simple for users to create animated video.

With more than 1000 templates, the program meets a wide range of demands for presentations in the classroom, sales decks, and pitch decks. With over 50 possibilities for every presentation aspect, Animaker provides a comprehensive array of animation effects. To improve their presentations, presenters may select from three different background styles: gradient, animated, and stock photos.

Animaker puts creativity first by letting users use animated shapes, props, stickers, GIFs, and symbols to communicate their thoughts. The technology facilitates real-time cooperation, making it simple for coworkers to work together on presentations. Furthermore, the Presenter and Co-pilot modes emphasize ease of presenting; the Presenter mode helps with note-taking, while the Co-pilot mode allows for flexibility in speech.

Animaker also places a strong emphasis on maintaining brand identity in presentations by providing tools for managing fonts, colors, logos, and even branded intros and outros. Animaker is an adaptable and user-friendly solution for improving digital presentations because of its all-inclusive approach.



  • Basic: $20/mo – Limited customization tools – video length up to 5 minutes, 5 downloads per month and max 5 custom characters
  • Starter: $35/mo – Video length increased to 15 minutes, 10 monthly downloads and 15 custom characters
  • Pro: $79/mo – Video length of up to 30 minutes, 30 custom characters and monthly downloads + 2K video quality
  • Enterprise: Custom plan


11. Visme

visme home page


Visme is a comprehensive design platform that empowers users to create visually stunning presentations, infographics, and videos without prior design experience. Its capabilities extend to crafting interactive pitch decks that engage audiences effectively. With features like interactive charts and graphs, Visme brings data to life in a visually appealing manner. The platform also generates compelling videos that captivate viewers’ attention, making it a versatile tool for various content creation needs.

Collaboration is a key aspect of Visme, enabling teams to work together seamlessly, irrespective of geographical location. The platform facilitates real-time discussions, feedback, and collaboration, streamlining the process from draft to final format. Additionally, Visme offers robust asset management capabilities, allowing users to easily store, organize, and access all their project assets in one centralized location. This feature is particularly useful for teams working on presentations, reports, or infographics, ensuring that all necessary materials are readily available and efficiently managed.



  • Basic: Free – Storage limit of up to 100MB and limited access to templates
  • Starter: $29/mo – Storage limit of up to 250MP, unlimited access to templates and 24/7 support
  • Pro: $59/mo – Storage of up to 3 G.B., access to analytics and export of any format including PPTX, HTML5, video and GIF
  • Enterprise: Custom plan.


12. Wideowideo home page


And here is the last item on the list of video presentation tools. Video is a browser-based video presentation platform that allows users to create marketing videos, explainers, intros, and more. 

You can upload your own videos and further customize them or use the animated templates. In either case, the MP4 format download feature is active, allowing you to export your projects in the highest quality. 

The platform also provides industry-standard features such as a stock music library, text and voiceover support, and an asset library with images, videos, and logos. 

If you’re more specialized in educational videos, explore the platform’s Webinar Pack, which can provide you with the video content for all stages of your webinar – from introduction and promotion to webinar summary.

Wideo’s enterprise solutions also have specialized template libraries for real estate companies to turn static digital listicles into dynamic, interactive presentations.



  • Free: $0/mo – All videos are branded, access limited to 10 video templates and the video duration can be up to 1 minute
  • Basic: $59/mo – Access for 33 video templates with 10 monthly downloads. Video length is limited to 1.5 minutes
  • Pro: $99/mo – Unlimited downloads and full access for all templates. Video length is increased to 10 minutes
  • Pro+: $199/mo – Unlimited downloads for up to 30-minute-long videos. You can add 1 additional account to this package.


Video Presentation FAQs

What is a video presentation?

A video presentation is a digital presentation that combines video content with traditional presentation elements like slides, text, and images. It’s often used for educational, business, or promotional purposes.


How do I create a video presentation?

You can use software like PowerPoint, Keynote, or specialized video editing tools to create a video presentation. Start by outlining your content, creating slides or visuals, and recording your voiceover or video footage to accompany the slides.


What equipment do I need for a video presentation?

Basic equipment includes a computer with presentation software, a microphone for clear audio, and a camera if you plan to have live video. Good lighting and a quiet environment are also important for quality.


How long should my video presentation be?

The ideal length depends on your audience and topic. Keeping a video presentation under 20 minutes is advisable to maintain viewer engagement. Breaking it into shorter segments can be effective for educational or detailed content.


Can I include interactive elements in my video presentation?

Many software tools allow you to add interactive elements like quizzes, polls, or clickable links. These can enhance engagement and make the presentation more interactive for viewers.


How do I share my video presentation with others?

You can share your video presentation through email or a link or upload it to video-sharing platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. For professional settings, platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom can be used.


What are some tips for making an effective video presentation?

Keep your content clear and concise, use visuals to enhance your message, practice your delivery, and ensure good audio and video quality. Engage your audience with stories or questions, and rehearse to smooth out any issues.


Can video presentations be used for live events?

Absolutely. Video presentations can be integrated into live events as a pre-recorded segment or by live streaming tools. This is useful for webinars, virtual conferences, and online workshops.


How can I make my video presentation accessible?

To make your presentation accessible, include subtitles or captions, provide a transcript, and use clear, high-contrast visuals. Also, ensure your presentation is navigable for those using screen readers.


What are common mistakes to avoid in video presentations?

Common mistakes include overcrowded slides with information, poor audio or video quality, reading directly from the slides, and not engaging with the audience. Avoid technical jargon and keep your language simple and clear.


Remember, the key to a successful video presentation is preparation, clarity, and understanding your audience’s needs.


To Sum Up

In this article, you have at least 9 examples proving that creating a quality video presentation is much easier than you think. All the video presentation tools listed above provide intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features to ensure you don’t get lost in tech jargon.

Moreover, many of them are available at an affordable cost. For example, Renderforest’s low-cost plans let you create and download videos in HD quality by spending around $10 a month.

So, no more excuses. Start creating powerful video presentations to impress your audience!


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