2024’s Game-Changing 10+ Online Video Maker Tools

2024’s Game-Changing 10+ Online Video Maker Tools

The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re looking for a reliable video and movie-maker tool that will help you create amazing videos online. Read on!

There’s no need to mention repeatedly that videos are crucial in our lives. Especially how important video content is for businesses. 34% of people watch up to 1 hour of video content daily. 

Now, let’s dive right into the heart of the matter – our carefully curated collection of the finest online video makers for 2024. Each tool comes with its unique set of advantages and considerations. Depending on your specific requirements, you’ll discover the perfect platform to create videos and elevate your video marketing endeavors.

  • Renderforest Video Maker
  • Adobe Spark
  • WeVideo
  • Moovly
  • Biteable
  • Powtoon
  • Wave.video
  • Animoto
  • Magisto
  • Kizoa


1. Renderforest Video Maker

Renderforest homepage

With over 1M+ premium templates, mockups, scenes, and presets, Renderforest is a go-to solution for those looking for an easy-to-use and cloud-based platform. It allows you to create intro videos, explainer animations, typography videos, product or service promotions, music visualizations, slideshows, corporate presentations, infographic videos, and more.


Customization Options

Renderforest is the epitome of online video creation excellence. Boasting an extensive selection of professionally curated templates and styles, it can help anyone lacking technical and design expertise to create high-quality videos in minutes.

Scene customization reaches new heights as you seamlessly integrate text, media files, background music, and flawless voiceovers. Most of the templates let users play with the colors and styles, thus redefining the creative process and providing a liberation of ideas without confines.

Besides, you can add stock images and videos directly from the editor through the integrated platforms. 

Start Creating


Some templates have customizable video presets. These presets are ready-made stories that simplify the video creation process. Select a preset, add your text and media files, and get your video quickly. The great advantage of Renderforest is that it is available in 9 languages.


Features You Will Love!

Animation Videos

Renderforest offers the first-of-a-kind feature on the market – automated animation creation. This feature is based on AI and machine learning algorithms that allow users to generate an animated video in just 3 seconds by analyzing their scripts. Adjust colors, and play with the fonts and different styles to find the perfect combo for your video footage!

Edit template renderforest

The platform makes it easier for you to preview your video without rendering it. The Snapshot feature helps to see all the changes without previewing the video. So, you don’t have to hit on preview every time you make a small change, like replacing your text or choosing other colors.

Drag and drop edit

Subscribed users can also use the advanced voiceover trimmer. It allows users to add or record a voiceover for each scene.

Share your videos on social media, publish them on Facebook or YouTube directly from the preview page, or download them to your device.


Video Editing

Navigating the video editing process with Renderforest is a seamless and empowering journey. This cutting-edge platform offers an array of functionalities, including ready-to-customize video templates tailored for various purposes.

For those seeking to enhance their YouTube presence, Renderforest provides a plethora of templates for captivating intros and outros. These templates eliminate the need for extra design skills, enabling users to insert their content into professionally designed frameworks.

The result?

Engaging and polished YouTube video footage that leaves a lasting impact.

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Kinetic Typography Template Packs

Typography enthusiasts will revel in Renderforest’s typography packs! The online video editor allows users to explore the benefits of sophisticated text overlays that convey messages with flair and elegance. The user-friendly interface ensures that even those unversed in graphic design can seamlessly integrate these typographical elements.

Edit Now

And Even More to Explore!

Moreover, Renderforest understands that the heart of effective video editing lies in versatility. From adjusting color palettes to fine-tuning animation effects, the editing capabilities are both intuitive and powerful. The real-time preview feature lets you see your changes as you make them, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your imagination.

Renderforest is more than just an online video maker tool; it’s a creative playground that empowers individuals and businesses alike to produce content that captivates audiences. Whether you’re producing videos for education, entertainment, marketing, or any other purpose, Renderforest equips you with the tools you need to turn your concepts into reality.

Glittering neon video logo template Business event promo video template Slideshow video maker tool online

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With the free plan, Renderforest allows you to create unlimited videos up to 3 minutes long, serving both personal and commercial purposes. 

There are two options for downloading high-quality videos (HD720, Full HD1080). You can choose your desired quality and pay for a single export or subscribe to one of the paid plans

The paid plans start at $9.99/mo (billed annually). The plans include a certain number of high-quality videos, logos, mockups, and a website (depending on the project).

create animated videos online


2. Adobe Spark

With the help of the online application Adobe Spark, users of the web and mobile devices may make social graphics, quick movies, and unique websites. With the help of this tool, you will be able to create cool videos with spark ideas. Moreover, there is no need for any professional skills.

Spark allows non-designers to create stunning promotional videos from hundreds of designed templates.

Adobe Spark video maker

Unlocking your creative potential, Adobe Spark stands as a highly customizable online tool, allowing you to infuse your personal touch into your projects. Seamlessly integrate your images, texts, and voice-overs, or harness the power of Adobe Stock’s high-quality visuals for a polished finish. Spanning across 15 languages, Adobe Spark ensures accessibility on a global scale.

Synchronization emerges as Adobe Spark’s standout feature. Seamlessly transition between devices by starting your video on your phone and completing your edits on your computer. This feature seamlessly marries convenience and ingenuity, reflecting Adobe’s commitment to user-friendly innovation.



Premium offerings encompass branded templates, themes, and access to Adobe Fonts’ expansive library, further elevating your creative repertoire.

The starter plan provides access to images and icons, offering a glimpse into Adobe’s capabilities. For enhanced features, the paid program begins at $9.99 per month (billed annually). This tier also grants you access to Adobe’s renowned Photoshop and Lightroom, cementing its status as a comprehensive creative suite.


3. WeVideo

A highly efficient cloud-based online video editor, WeVideo minimizes wasted time and the need for rework, making it an exceptional tool, particularly for business presentations.

WeVideo cloud-based video maker

There is a huge library of stock videos, photos, and audio files, but there are only so many options if we talk about customization. You can import media, drop your files, or import directly from other online sources like Google Drive, Facebook, etc.

The thing is that even if there is an ability to set up colors, fonts, and sizes, the same doesn’t work for titles and transitions. The good thing is that a playback window lets you preview or edit the video.

WeVideo edit scenes

WeVideo’s standout features enhance your editing experience. At project inception, you’re prompted to specify your project’s format, whether horizontal, vertical, or square. Flexibility reigns supreme, allowing seamless format switching during the editing process.

Another notable feature is linked resources. Integration with Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets centralizes your files, streamlining accessibility and organization.

Post-creation, you can publish your project on WeVideo or other preferred platforms or download it to your device.



The free plan offers videos up to 5 minutes in length per month at 480p resolution. For expanded capabilities, paid plans start at $4.99 per month (billed annually), offering an affordable and adaptable solution for users seeking enhanced video editing options.


4. Moovly

Moovly home page screenshot

Catering to small-medium businesses, large enterprises, education, and integration partners, Moovly presents a user-friendly video editor. Moovly is incredibly useful for a variety of tasks, from internal initiatives to essential efforts, thanks to its broad applicability.

Moovly video editor has a huge library of images, graphics, and animations. One project can have several scenes and clips. Select a template or start a new project from scratch. You can change the background color video ratio and add your image or sound effects from your computer, which will be directly added to your library. 

Moovly edit scenes

If you don’t have your videos, choose clips and animations from the library, add them to your project, and customize them. Moreover, the website is only available in English.

Moovly has 2 must-mention features. The first one is that you can record your audio. The second one is the ability to have video backgrounds.

Customize your project, and once you’ve finished your video creation process, there are 2 options to save your edits: you can either click the “save” or “save and exit” buttons. Add a title, make a copy of the project, download it, and share. You can also publish your content to the Moovly gallery and share that public link with others.

Note that video export is only available to paid subscribers or those with a free education plan. You should upgrade your subscription plan if you are in a free trial and want to download your project. 



The starting price is $25.00/mo (billed annually). But there are some exceptions for the “educational” users. As long as you have access to your school’s email address, you’ll be able to have the Edu Free plan. Moovly will ask you to renew your plan every 6 months. The Edu Pro plan starts at $8.25/mo.



5. Biteable

Biteable home page

Biteable is an online video maker platform. It offers a wide range of templates and footage to meet the needs of any project. From marketing to animated typography videos, it has hundreds of pre-made scenes so you will definitely find your favorite one.


As an online video maker platform, Biteable stands ready to serve your diverse project requirements. Thanks to the wide selection of templates and materials, it may be used for various purposes, from marketing campaigns to animated typographic movies. With Biteable’s offers, which include hundreds of pre-made sceneries, there is something for anyone for sure.

Biteable video maker

Biteable is only available in English. It is simple and requires no video creation/editing skills. You can add your own media files or use stock footage integration to find relevant videos. Besides, they have a large library of music tracks for your projects.

Once you create your video, share it on social media or download the file to your device. But the process might take a few minutes. Videos can be rendered in HD1080 and HD720 qualities.



The free plan gives you access to their basic content and lets you create up to 10 monthly new projects. The paid plans start at $20/mo (billed annually) and include only 1 video per month. 


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6. Powtoon

Powtoon homepage

Powtoon is a versatile platform designed for crafting dynamic animated videos and engaging presentations. It provides a user-friendly environment for creating cool presentations, explainer videos, and animations in an easy way.

Powtoon animated video maker

Users can start creating projects with pre-created animations and illustrations, templates, and styles. You can upload your media files: images, videos, music, or audio. The audio recording tool allows you to retry if you’re unhappy with your record. You can search and insert scenes, choose background images and videos, add different shapes, and design text. 

While Powtoon exclusively operates in English, its features span a wide spectrum to cater to your needs.

The highlight of Powtoon is its offline installer for Windows PCs, allowing premium users to download presentations for offline viewing. The platform’s editor offers Create and Edit modes, granting you the flexibility to customize scenes and object placement.

Despite its strengths, Powtoon might encounter occasional technical glitches during media uploads, potentially elongating the creation process. Additionally, collaborative capabilities are limited. However, integration with platforms like Hubspot, Wistia, and Vimeo enhances its utility.



Powtoon enables seamless sharing of your creations through popular social networks and offers various download formats. Free accounts provide PPT or PDF formats, while paid plans at $19/mo (billed annually) expand options for 5 to 10-minute full HD video exports, providing versatile solutions for your projects. 


create animated videos online


7. Wave.video

Wave.video online video maker tool

As an online tool for creating social media videos, Wave.video offers designed templates and hundreds of stock images, videos, and music tracks.

Choose one of the pre-made templates or create your own from scratch to begin your project. The program allows for complete video customisation. You can simply change everything, from the background colors to the letter sizes, to make it absolutely own and well-done. 

One of the advantages of this video maker tool is that it provides different video formats: square, horizontal, story, etc. You can choose several sizes for the same video, and it will automatically adjust the design and customization.

They also have a creative feature – Inspirational Content Calendar. It provides video ideas for every day throughout the whole year.

Wave.video content calendar

Wave.video puts no limit on the number of videos that you can create and download. The only limit is the duration. Free videos can be up to 15 seconds and come with a watermark. You can pay to remove the watermarks from the paid assets for one-time use. 

Once your videos are ready, you can share them directly from the editor on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter or download them to your device. The paid plans also allow sharing in Google Drive, Dropbox, Wistia, and other platforms.



With a free plan, you can create unlimited up to 15-second HD720 videos with watermarks. The paid plans start at $8.25 (billed annually).


8. Animoto

Animoto homepage

Created specifically for medium and small businesses, Animoto operates as a cloud-based video maker tool. Its primary function revolves around converting images, video clips, and music into captivating video slideshows, ideal for marketing purposes.

Animoto has two options for making video slideshows. One of them is through pre-made storyboards for images and videos with fewer customization options. The other option is to customize the designed templates for marketing videos. 

The templates consist of several blocks that can be customized separately. Besides, you can easily add more if the blocks are not enough for your video. Customize your boards by adding your images, video clips, text, and logos. 

Animoto edit scenes

Choose the style of your video, add a filter, select the ratio, and upload your music track to get the desired results. 

The platform has a large music library with over 3000 licensed music tracks. Besides, there’s a wide variety of templates, filters, and styles. By selecting a class, you change the font style; by choosing a filter, you change the overall look and color-correct the visuals. 

When your video is ready, choose its resolution and your preferred video format to download it.



The paid plans start at $8/mo (billed annually) and are based on video resolution, branding, licensed music, templates, and other premium features. 


9. Magisto

Acquired by Vimeo in 2019, Magisto has been known as a platform enabling the creation of high-quality videos for small and medium businesses.

The platform provides two video creation options: using video templates and creating from scratch.

Magisto video editor

If you want to edit or create a video from your images, you should upload them, choose the style, and add music. There are several options for adding your files: from your device, the integrated stock library, Google Photos, or Google Drive. 

Note that the stock images and videos are not free. You have to pay to use them in your project.

One of the distinctive features of this platform is its Emotion Sense Technology. The AI-based editor analyzes your videos and captures the mood to find the most effective way to edit them. The analysis is divided into three levels – visual analysis, audio analysis, and storytelling. 



A basic plan includes making up to 02:30 minute-long videos with limited features. The subscription plans start at $4.99/mo (billed annually). The platform doesn’t have a free option but provides a 7-day free trial. 


10. Kizoa

An online video maker tool, Kizoa helps in creating videos for business, social media, school projects, and personal endeavors.

Kizoa video maker tool

This platform lets you easily customize your video using transitions, effects, GIFs, and music. Upload your photos or videos to edit and customize them. You can use the images and videos the platform provides if you don’t have your own media files. This includes advanced backgrounds, intros and outros, and other elements.

Another great thing is that the platform is available in 12 languages.

One of this platform’s main and innovative features is that it allows the application of multiple 3D effects to your project. Choose from 3D simulations, special effects, sound effects, text effects, and fonts. 

This is perfect for professionals, but it’s easy for beginners to get lost in all these options. 

You can export your video in several formats (mp4, AVI, MOV, or MPEG2) and select its dimensions. Download it to your device or share it directly from the editor on social media and YouTube.



The free plan includes up to 2-minute HD720 videos and 1GB of storage. The videos come with a Kizoa watermark. The paid plans start at $29.99 and give a lifetime premium membership for one payment.


To Sum Up

Have you discovered the ideal movie maker for you? You may express your creativity and create excellent videos on each platform.

However, among other video maker tools, Renderforest stands out as a prime choice. Operating on a cloud-based platform, it grants you the ability to effortlessly construct a spectrum of videos, ranging from intros and animations to presentations and more. Embracing over 1M+ customizable templates and AI-driven capabilities, Renderforest streamlines video creation, catering even to those less technically inclined.

Practice makes any process perfect, so try these tools and create the most effective marketing videos for your business. 

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