10 Best Online Video Maker Tools [2022]

10 Best Online Video Maker Tools [2022]

The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re looking for a reliable video and movie maker tool that will help you create amazing videos online. Read on!

There’s no need to mention again and again that videos play a crucial role in our lives. Especially, how important video content is for businesses. In fact, 34% of people watch up to 1 hour of video content every day. 

So, let’s get directly to the point where we introduce our list of the best online video makers that will help you in 2022. Each tool has its advantages and drawbacks. Depending on your needs, you can find a perfect platform for making videos and get a chance to win your video marketing game.

  • Renderforest Video Maker
  • Adobe Spark
  • WeVideo
  • Moovly
  • Biteable
  • Powtoon
  • Wave.video
  • Animoto
  • Magisto
  • Kizoa


Renderforest Video Maker

Renderforest Video Maker is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform. It allows you to create intro videos, explainer animations, typography videos, product or service promotions, music visualizations, slideshows, corporate presentations, infographic videos, and more.


Renderforest offers more than 800 customizable templates with 10.000+ scenes. With the large selection of professionally designed templates and styles, you will certainly find the one that fits your needs. You don’t need any technical or design skills. 

Customize the scenes by adding your text, media files, background music, and voiceovers. Most of the templates let you play with the colors and styles. Besides, you can add stock images and videos directly from the editor through the integrated platforms. 

Renderforest video maker

Some templates have customizable video presets. These presets are ready-made stories that simplify the video creation process. Select a preset, add your text and media files and get your video in a very short time.

Renderforest is available in 9 languages.


Renderforest offers the first-of-a-kind feature on the market – automated animation creation. This feature is based on AI and machine learning algorithms that allow users to generate an animated video in just 3 seconds by analyzing their scripts.

Renderforest video script

The platform makes it easier for you to preview your video without rendering it. The Snapshot feature helps to see all the changes without previewing the video. So, you don’t have to hit on preview every time you make a small change like replacing your text or choosing other colors. 

Renderforest edit scenes

Subscribed users can also use the advanced voiceover trimmer. It allows users to add or record a voiceover for each scene.

Share your videos on social media, publish them on Facebook or Youtube directly from the preview page, or simply download them to your device.


With the free plan, Renderforest allows you to create an unlimited number of videos up to 3 minutes long which can serve for both personal and commercial purposes.

There are two options for downloading your videos in high quality (HD720, Full HD1080). You can choose your desired quality and pay for a single export, or subscribe to one of the paid plans.

The paid plans start at $9.99/mo (billed annually). The plans include a certain number of high-quality videos, logos, mockups, and a website (depending on the plan).



Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an online tool allowing both web and mobile users to create social graphics, short videos, and customized web pages. With the help of this tool, you will be able to create cool videos with spark ideas. Moreover, there is no need for any professional skills.


Spark makes it possible for non-designers to create stunning promotional videos from hundreds of designed templates. 

Adobe Spark video maker

Being a well-customized online tool, Adobe gives an opportunity to use your own images, texts, and voice-overs or use high-quality pictures from Adobe Stock.

Adobe Spark is available in 15 languages.


The greatest feature of Adobe is synchronization. When you’re out doing something and decide to shoot a video, you can start it on your phone and then sync it to finish editing it on your computer. Simple and impressive at the same time.

The premium features include branded templates and themes and access to the library of Adobe Fonts.


The starter plan (free trial) has only access to the images and icons. The paid plan starts at $9.99/mo (paid annually). It also includes Photoshop and Lightroom.




WeVideo is a cloud-based online video editor with minimum wasted time and rework. It’s a great tool, especially for business presentations.

WeVideo cloud-based video maker


There is a huge library of stock videos, photos, and audio files, but if we talk about customization, there are not that many options for that. You can import media and drop your files or you can import directly from other online sources like Google Drive, Facebook, etc.

The thing is that even if there is an ability to set up colors, fonts, and sizes, the same doesn’t work for titles and transitions. The good thing is that there is a playback window, where you get to preview or edit the video.

WeVideo edit scenes

The website is only available in English.


This video maker has two main features that stand out.

The first one is that when you want to create a new video, you’re asked what type of project you want to make, it could be horizontal, vertical, or square. And, if you change your mind while creating the video, that’s not a big deal as you can switch between the different formats and continue editing your project.  

The second feature is the linked resources. You can link to a Google doc or to a Google spreadsheet to get access to your files and collect everything in one place. 

After creating your project, you can publish it on WeVideo or other sites depending on your preferences or simply download it to your device. 


The free plan includes up to 5 min long videos/mo at 480p video resolution. The paid plans start at $4.99 (billed annually), which is very affordable and flexible for users. 




Moovly is an easy-to-use video editor for small-medium businesses, large enterprises, education, and integration partners. It could be a great tool for internal or basic projects.

Moovly video maker


Moovly video editor has a huge library of images, graphics, and animations. One project can have several scenes and clips. Select a template or start a new project from scratch. You can change the background color, video ratio, add your own image or sound effects from your computer which will be directly added to your personal library. 

Moovly edit scenes

If you don’t have your own videos, choose clips and animations from the library, add them to your project and customize. 

The website is only available in English.


Moovly has 2 must-mention features. The first one is that you can record your own audio. The second one is the ability to have video backgrounds.

Customize your project and once you’ve finished your video creation process, there are 2 options to save your edits: you can either click the “save” or “save and exit” buttons. Add a title, make a copy of the project, download it and share. You can also publish your content to the Moovly gallery and share that public link with others.

Note that exporting a video is only available to paid subscribers or those who have a free education plan. So if you are in a free trial and want to download your project, you should upgrade your subscription plan. 

Moovly subscription plan


The starting price is $25.00/mo (billed annually). But there are some exceptions for the “educational” users. As long as you have access to your school’s email address, you’ll be able to have the Edu Free plan. Moovly will ask you to renew your plan every 6 months. The Edu Pro plan starts at $8.25/mo.




Biteable is an online video maker platform. It offers a wide range of templates and footage to meet the needs of any project. From marketing to animated typography videos, it has hundreds of pre-made scenes so you will definitely find your favorite one.


Choose a template or create your video from scratch by selecting scenes from different packs. Write your text and pick the font which can be applied to all the scenes. Choose from many animated scenes, color combinations, and styles to personalize your video. 

Biteable video maker

Biteable is only available in English.


Biteable is very simple and doesn’t require any video creation/editing skills. You can add your own media files or use stock footage integration to find relevant videos. Besides, they have a large library of music tracks that you can use in your projects.

Once you create your video, share it on social media or download the file to your device. But, it is worth mentioning that the process might take a few minutes. Videos can be rendered in HD1080 and HD720 qualities.


The free plan gives you access to their basic content and lets you create up to 10 new projects per month. The paid plans start with $20/mo (billed annually) and include only 1 video per month.




Powtoon is a platform for creating animated videos and presentations. It provides a user-friendly environment for creating cool presentations, explainer videos, and animations in an easy way.

Powtoon animated video maker


Start creating your projects with pre-created animations and illustrations, various templates, and styles. You are free to upload your own media files: images, videos, music, or audio files. The audio recording tool allows you to retry if you’re not happy with your record. 

You can search and insert scenes, choose background images and videos, add different shapes, and designed text. 

Powtoon edit scenes

Powtoon is available only in English.


One of the good features of Powtoon is its offline installer for Windows PC. You can download the created presentations to desktop and present them offline. But, unfortunately, this feature is accessible only to premium users.

The editor has two modes: Create and Edit. In the Edit mode, you can move the objects and customize the selected scenes.

Sometimes, you might face some technical issues while uploading images or videos, so the creation process can get a little time-consuming. Besides, it doesn’t have an option for multiple collaborators. 

On the other hand, they have some useful integrations with platforms like Hubspot, Wistia, and Vimeo.

Powtoon allows you to share your videos or presentations through popular social networks and download them in various formats. For free accounts, there are only two formats – ppt or pdf. 


Powtoon free plan includes an unlimited number of up to 3-minute HD videos with Powtoon branding. The paid plans start at $19/mo (billed annually) with 5 up to 10-minute full HD video exports.




Wave.video is an online tool for creating social media videos. It offers designed templates and hundreds of stock images, videos, and music tracks.


There are two ways to start your project: choose from the pre-made templates or make your own from scratch. The tool provides full customization for the videos. From background colors to font sizes, you can easily edit everything until it’s completely unique and polished. 

Wave.video online video maker tool

One of the advantages of this video maker is that it provides different video formats: square, horizontal, story, etc. You can upload your own files, or choose from their huge library of free and paid stock images and videos.

Wave.video is only available in English.


One of the features that users like is the auto-resize of videos. You can choose several sizes for the same video and it will automatically adjust the design and customization.

They also have a creative feature – Inspirational Content Calendar. It provides video ideas for every day throughout the whole year.

Wave.video content calendar

Wave.video puts no limit on the number of videos that you can create and download. The only limit is the duration. Free videos can be up to 15 seconds and come with a watermark. You can pay to remove the watermarks from the paid assets, but for one-time use. 

Once your videos are ready, you can share them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter directly from the editor or download it to your device. The paid plans also give an opportunity to share in Google Drive, Dropbox, Wistia, and several other platforms.


With a free plan, you can create an unlimited number of up to 15-second HD720 videos with watermarks. The paid plans start at $8.25 (billed annually).




Animoto is a cloud-based video maker tool that turns images, video clips, and music into video slideshows. It helps medium and small businesses to create slideshows for marketing purposes.

Animoto video maker


Animoto has two options for making video slideshows. One of them is through pre-made storyboards for images and videos and with fewer customization options. The other option is by customizing the designed templates for marketing videos. 

The templates consist of several blocks that can be customized separately. Besides, if the blocks are not enough for your video, you can easily add more. Customize your boards by adding your own images, video clips, text, and logos. 

Animoto edit scenes

Choose the style of your video, add a filter, select the ratio, and upload your music track to get the desired results. 

Animoto is only available in English.


One of the main features of this tool is its compatibility with different devices: PC, tablets, Android devices, and iPhone. 

The platform has a large music library with over 3000 licensed music tracks. Besides, there’s a wide variety of templates, filters, and styles. By selecting a style, you change the font style, and by selecting a filter, you change the overall look and color correct the visuals. 

When your video is ready, choose its resolution and your preferred video format to download it.


The paid plans start at $8/mo (billed annually) and are based on video resolution, branding, licensed music, templates, and other premium features.




Magisto is an online video editor that allows users to create high-quality videos for small and medium businesses.


The platform provides two options for video creation: by using video templates and creating from scratch. To customize a template, you have to start a free trial or get one of their paid plans.

Magisto video editor

If you want to edit your own video or create a video from your images, you should upload them, choose the style and add music. There are several options for adding your files: from your device, the integrated stock library, Google Photos, or Google Drive. 

Note that the stock images and videos are not free. You have to pay to use them in your project.

Magisto is only available in English.


One of the distinctive features of this platform is its Emotion Sense Technology. The AI-based editor analyzes your videos and captures the mood to find the most effective way to edit them. The analysis is divided into three levels – visual analysis, audio analysis, and storytelling. 

Magisto also has mobile apps that are free to download.

Once your video is ready, you can either download it or share it on social media.


There is a basic plan which includes making up to 02:30 minute long videos with limited features. The subscription plans start at $4.99/mo (billed annually). The platform doesn’t have a free option but provides a 7-day free trial.




Kizoa is an online video maker tool that helps to create videos for business, social media, school projects, and personal use.

Kizoa video maker tool


With this platform, you can easily customize your video by using their transitions, effects, GIFs, and music. Upload your photos or videos to edit and customize them. If you don’t have your own media files, you can use the photos and videos provided by the platform. This includes advanced backgrounds, intros and outros, and other elements.

The platform is available in 12 languages.


One of the main and innovative features of this platform is that it allows applying multiple 3D effects to your project. Choose from 3D simulations, special effects, sound effects, text effects, and fonts. 

This is perfect for professionals, but it’s easy for beginners to get lost in all these options. 

You can export your video in several formats (mp4, AVI, MOV or MPEG2) and select its dimensions. Download it to your device or share it on social media and YouTube directly from the editor.


The free plan includes up to 2-minute HD720 videos and 1GB storage. The videos come with a Kizoa watermark. The paid plans start at $29.99 and give a lifetime premium membership for one payment.


To Sum Up

Have you found the right movie maker for you? Each platform provides an opportunity to reveal your creative potential and make great videos. Practice makes any process perfect, so try these tools and create the most effective marketing videos for your business. 


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