8 Best Corporate Presentation Designs

8 Best Corporate Presentation Designs

Every successful business needs a professional corporate presentation to match its values and brand image. Be the changemaker of your sphere and lead innovation. Regardless of your occupation, being able to create compelling and informative presentations is a valuable skill. Forget the outdated and complicated presentation creating apps and start a journey with an all-in-one online editor. Business plan, annual review, or a fresh in the market startup pitch? We got it all covered. With Renderforest’s graphic design software, all your marketing solutions are combined in one! 

In the meantime, let’s run down the list of 8 corporate presentation templates to help you find the design and layout that works the best!


  1. Start-up Pitch Deck

startup pitch deck graphic design

Need a presentation that is professional, modern but also fun and approachable? Look no further. These designs have everything a successful start-up pitch needs: market analysis, solutions, statistics, financial background, and more. Present your products and services, and receive investment, cloud, and more attention.

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  1. Social Media Marketing Trends

SMM presentation slides

Catch up on trends and the latest marketing strategies. Create informational slides about SMM trends and bring co-workers around the discussion of changes in the field of marketing. We live in the day and age of technology that evolves faster than ever before. Keep up and try these templates out!

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  1. Team Assessment Slide Deck

Team Assessment slides with Renderforest

In need of a professional team profile presentation? With Team Assessment Slide Deck, you can be sure that all the layouts and designs you’d need are in one pack. Creating a successful presentation couldn’t be easier with Renderforest Graphic Maker. You can choose from a wide variety of stock images or upload your own, customize the color scheme to match your brand identity, and alter ready-made texts to your needs.

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  1. Company Overview Presentation 

company overview slides

At any stage of your company’s professional journey, you need to have a corporate overview presentation at hand. This could be great for introducing audiences to what your company does, presenting investors with the financial growth possibilities, or inducting new employees. Mix and match slides, change order, colors, design features to your liking, and enjoy the luxury of being prepared at any given moment.

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  1. Architectural Portfolio Slides

architectural portfolio slides

There are various corporate presentation styles, and one most used in the creative business sector is a portfolio presentation. It concentrates greatly on presenting investors early on, showcasing the creative work done and including its business details. Keep on working on great projects, and Architectural Portfolio Slides will showcase them in the best light.

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  1. Marketing Strategy Slides

marketing strategy slides with Renderforest

Marketing is an inseparable part of any venture. Big or small, every business benefits from a precisely planned out marketing strategy. With Renderforest Graphic Maker, you also can create slides that discuss past achievements, dissect the mishaps, and focus on future goals.

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  1. Business Plan Pitch Deck

business plan presentation

Every successful business starts with a well-thought-out plan. Cut on the paperwork, create a presentation that is easy to understand for all your team members, and present the gist of your idea. Schedules, team assignments, needs, and goals are carefully explained with this Business Plan Pitch Deck pack.

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  1. Annual Business Review Slides

annual business review presentation

Track the success of your company with a variety of modern design slides. All the big companies on the market are renowned for their regular assessment of past work and annual discussion of activities going forward. Create a compelling business review presentation, and involve every employee in the decision-making process. Mold leaders and celebrate achievement.

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Discover a range of possibilities with SMM graphics, posters, flyers, and more. Try Renderforest Graphic Maker and create marketing visuals with easy-to-use tools and endless customization possibilities.

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