100+ Creative Presentation Ideas You Can Steal Today

100+ Creative Presentation Ideas You Can Steal Today

Have you ever struggled with forcing yourself to stay awake during a presentation? Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

In essence, a presentation is nothing but sharing ideas with others. Whether you intrigue and interest your audience or not depends on how interesting the topic is and how well you present it. 

Whether you plan on making a PowerPoint presentation with neatly designed slides or a video presentation with dynamic transitions, you first need creative presentation ideas. 

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive list of the most captivating and creative presentation ideas you can put to use. We have separated them into three main categories to make things easier for you.

Let’s dive right in!

  • Business and Management Presentation Ideas
  • Education Presentation Ideas
  • General Presentation Ideas


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Business and Management Presentation Ideas

In business, presenting information and complex ideas in an easy-to-digest manner is crucial. If you already have a presentation idea, you only need to find a presentation template to bring it to life. But if you’re still looking for creative presentation ideas, read the list we’ve prepared below.

  1. Corporate Presentation: Have you ever wondered what the best way is to build and communicate your company’s identity? Corporate presentations are great for promoting your brand, services, and products by simply talking about them.
  2. Company Profiling: Introduce your team. Who are you? What are you passionate about? Your audience is interested to know more about your team members.
  3. Company Story: What can strengthen the ties between you and your audience better than a compelling success story told through creative presentations?
Company story presentation

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  1. Product Promos: Create a buzz around your new product with an engaging promo presentation.
  2. Sales Pitch: Close that sale you’ve worked so hard for with a well-built sales presentation.
  3. Office Tour: Present the cool interior design of your office. Show your favorite spots where you like to wind down with a cup of coffee or, hey, maybe a beer.
  4. Product Features: Does your product have interesting features that not everyone knows about? Make a detailed presentation on all the hidden features of your product. Use images and videos to explain how everything functions.
  5. Fundamental Principles: Choose a general topic in Business and Management and discuss it through your creative presentation. Here’s an idea: “Fundamental Principles of Strategic Planning.” Could be a great prompt to start with, right?
  6. Best Strategies: Be it marketing, financial, or any other type of strategy, an overview of the best strategies can make for informative and useful presentation content.
  7. Industry Introduction: Make a presentation about the industry your business operates. Use strong visuals to complement your content and introduce your industry in the best light possible.
  8. Comparing Tactics: Make a presentation reflecting on and comparing various tactics.
  9. Calculated Risks: We are all worried about possible risks when taking action. Risks are unavoidable. It’s a great idea to prepare your audience for the risks before they come across them. There is a multitude of ways to do it through creative presentations. Cover “Risks in Investing,” “Risks Associated With Trading Derivatives,” and so forth.
  10. Advantages and Disadvantages: One never comes without the other. Introduce your team to the pros and cons of your plans, actions, and anything else you consider important.
Advantages and disadvantages presentation slide


  1. Debates: Make your presentation even more interactive by involving the audience in debates. Plus, debates and discussions are always helpful in establishing a better understanding of a topic.
  2. SWOT Analysis: You can never go wrong with a proper analysis of business strategies, marketing plans, and more. So consider making an analysis presentation to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a specific business strategy.
  3. Portfolio Presentation: Showcase your best projects and works. Why should anyone be interested in you if they haven’t seen your work? Presenting your best projects in a compelling and attractive format will increase your reputation quickly.
  4. Current Trends: What are the current trends in business and management.  Always keep an eye on them to stay one step ahead of your competitors.
  5. Challenges: Who doesn’t agree that challenges are tough? Making a creative presentation on challenges and the ways that you have overcome them will help you keep track of your development and also prepare for the future.
  6. Reporting Progress: Why don’t you make weekly or monthly presentations on your performance, such as financial statements? Measuring and reporting your performance will smooth your path toward your goals.
  7. Customer Testimonials: Present your customers’ responses and feedback on your product/service to see what steps you need to take to improve your offerings.
  8. Profiles of Successful People: Encourage your team by introducing them to the experiences and achievements of successful people.
  9. Tips and Tricks: If you want to cheer your audience up, provide them with hacks and tricks to deal with certain issues. This can include technical tricks and some tips on teamwork, for example.
Office tips presentation slides
  1. Rules and Regulations: What are some of the rules that your company never breaks? Discuss the rules and regulations that apply to your team.
  2. Top Criteria: Selecting a new quality management system is not easy, is it? Introducing the top criteria for a specific task can be a great presentation topic. How about making a presentation on “Top Criteria for Selecting a New Quality Management System?”
  3. Product Development Process: Sometimes, we are interested to see how a product was created. Showcase the development process of your product through a presentation.
  4. Most Effective Ways: It’s always good to be introduced not only to what to do but also to how to do it. So make a presentation on the best ways of conducting surveys, research, or anything else.
Product development guidelines slide example
  1. Success Factors: This is something all of us are interested in. Introduce the success factors in different areas such as managing successful teams or product design tips.
  2. Cause and Effect: This simple and informative presentation structure will be ideal to dive deeper into the intricate world of cause and effect.
  3. Past vs. Present vs. Future: Growth will become more visible and obvious once you start comparing what you had before to what you have now. This can turn into a great summary of the major changes within a certain time period.
  4. Comparisons: Compare different products/services. It’s a good strategy that will help you emphasize the good and the bad sides of a particular thing.
  5. Positive and Negative Effects: It’s always important to show the two sides of a coin. Consider presenting the positive and negative effects of a certain thing. For example, the positive and negative effects of social media is a debated topic nowadays. Pick your topic and reveal it from both perspectives.
  6. Problem-Solution Presentation: Identify a relevant problem. A great presentation format would be to introduce not only the complicated problem but its solution as well.
  7. Training: Your presentation can become a training session. You can organize a theoretical part and add a practical portion too, like quizzes and discussions.
  8. Graphs and Charts: One of the best ways to introduce your info is through statistical graphs and charts, combining survey and observational data. You can use visual animated scenes and infographics.
Key statistics report format


  1. Popular Misconceptions: People are often mistakenly drawn from one end to another due to inaccurate data. Help your audience avoid misunderstandings about entrepreneurs, investors, and business management in general. Your presentation will guide them in the right direction, drawing the line between truth and lie.
  2. Introduction to Business Topics: No matter the topic, it’s always useful to present basic ideas. Keep it short and clear. This can include an introduction to income statements, or any other important business concept.
  3. Stages of a Process: Don’t leave your audience confused with theory but let them see the practical stages of how things are accomplished. (e.g., “The Stages of User Journey”)

User journey stages

Use Template

  1. Management: How do you efficiently manage a business? You can prepare dozens of presentations on management: be it resources, public relations, time, money, or anything else.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Know your enemy! You’ve probably heard the famous saying, haven’t you? Track down your competitors and share the info with your team.
  3. Appreciation: This presentation should be devoted to the team members who have done an exceptional job.
  4. Unknown Facts: Pick a topic and reveal facts that are unknown to most people. What are some of the interesting and truthful facts that they don’t know about branding?

Brand recognition facts

Use Template

  1. Restrictions: No matter what business you have, restrictions are guaranteed. Make a presentation on the restrictions and limitations you face. (e.g. “Restrictions in Integrated Web Design”)
  2. Big Breakthroughs: Want to feel proud of yourself and your team? Here is how you can do it: Reveal some cases when you have successfully overcome the toughest of obstacles and learned lessons as a result. Talk about the long path you have been on with your company.
  3. Partners and Investors: Tell about your partners. Give info about investors. Cooperation is way more successful when team members are acquainted with the investors. Your presentation can have a strong influence on the performance of your team.
  4. Business Ethics: As a significant part of business, it’s important to understand ethics. How about “Ethics in Marketing Research?” There are countless ethical issues.
  5. Theories: Gather some of the most important theories that you find useful and prepare a good presentation with examples and visuals.
  6. Product/Service Improvement: A briefing like this might include a recap of your product or service or a discussion of any possible improvement before the product is ready for the market.
  7. The Rise and Fall of Brands: Don’t avoid talking about the failures and successes of other brands. Doing so can help you with your own journey.
  8. Upcoming or Recent Events: Talk about exciting events that you are planning to organize or already have. For upcoming events, you can make a welcoming presentation, announcing the date and venue. Check out an example below:
Event presentation slide example


  1. Inspiration: Get ready to give a professional and motivational talk to inspire your audience to take action towards targeted goals.
  2. Explain Business Concepts: How does a certain idea or concept work? Give a specific and clear presentation on the concepts that not everyone is familiar with. How does a franchise work? How do partnerships work?
  3. QA Presentation: Assure that your audience knows that your product/service is of the best quality.
  4. Announcements: Is there a cool and intriguing event that’s coming? Give an announcement through your presentation. It can be short and clear, covering all the key points.
  5. Discovery, Invention, Innovation: Share the most interesting discoveries and recent innovations in the business world.
  6. How-to Presentations: If you are skilled at something, then you can make a presentation to guide others. Present a step-by-step guide for a specific task, such as conducting surveys or managing conflicts.


Education Presentation Ideas

Whether it’s a school project or an online class presentation, you need to make it attractive and engaging. So, choose the topic wisely. Below are some education presentation ideas you can use for your next project.

  1. Academic Presentation: If you want to educate and share info, then academic presentations with supporting visuals, presentation slides, and videos are what you need.
  2. Explainer: Explainers are a powerful way of sharing essential information. You can make short and engaging explainer videos to include in your presentations.


  1. Pros and Cons: Make a presentation explaining both pros and cons of a certain issue at stake.
  2. Best Methods: Talk about various effective methods, be it methods of teaching, learning, or preparing for an exam.
  3. Dos and Don’ts of Making Presentations: You can make a whole presentation just talking about presentation best practices. Separate what’s recommended and what’s not and then present those to your audience in a simple way.
  4. Guidelines: Present the most effective guidelines for teaching, studying, and co-working.
  5. Personal Experience: What can be more helpful for an audience than to learn from someone’s real-life experience? Make a presentation on your personal experience and share your most valuable insights.
  6. Quiz-Presentation: Test your students. Make a presentation quizzing their knowledge and competence in a certain field. Why presentation? Because it’s both visually and technically effective.
  7. Research: An attractive slideshow is one of the best ways to present your research. Try working on a visual and multimedia presentation to showcase the whole potential of your research in a visually appealing format.
  8. Problem-Solving: Decide on an issue and prepare a set of solutions to offer. Don’t leave any questions uncovered. If a problem exists, so does its solution.
  9. Project Proposal: How are you planning to get approval for your projects if you don’t propose the main idea and expected outcomes in a professional way? Give your project a classy presentation with this Minimal Titles Pack

Use Template


  1. Listing Presentation: Lists always work when you have big sorted data to introduce to your audience.
  2. Controversial Topics: Attract your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with a controversial slide deck. Bring forward debatable issues such as euthanasia, AI, and more. Let your audience join you or argue against you.
  3. Textbook Presentation: Introduce a textbook in a creative way through interesting visuals and supporting multimedia.
  4. Curriculum: What if presentations are the best way of getting your audience acquainted with a curriculum. Alternatively, you can make your next presentation about how to develop a well-organized curriculum.
  5. Dissertation: Prepare a presentation for your dissertation. But keep in mind that it has to be accompanied by proper supportive media.
  6. Predictions Presentation: What will happen next? It’s fun to predict, isn’t it?
  7. Instructions: Do you like giving instructions? Sometimes that’s what you need to do. Structure your presentation in a how-to format, giving instructions for certain actions, like “How to Work Out the Best Schedule?”
  8. Precautions: Prepare your audience for the worst and hope for the best. Make a presentation on a set of warnings.

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  1. Case Studies: What’s the best way of demonstrating your case study? A multimedia presentation can be the answer.
  2. Tricks and Hacks: Tips and tricks are always appreciated by your audience. Create an informative presentation on studying tips, time management tips, or anything else you might find interesting.
  3. Success Stories: We are always eager to hear success stories. Why? Because they motivate us to move forward with hope for what’s to come. So, make a presentation, telling success stories to motivate teachers, learners, and everyone else.
  4. Fact or Fiction: Draw a line between truth and lie, fact and fiction. Bust some myths about a topic of your choice to educate your listeners.

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  1. Data Analysis: Is a presentation the right place to start with data analysis? Not really. But once you have analyzed your data, showcase it in your presentation, demonstrating your analysis through charts and graphs.
  2. Techniques: What kind of techniques can you cover? How about “Techniques for Memory Improvement,” or “Teaching Techniques?” You can make up a number of similar topics to share.
  3. Recent Advancements: Share the recent advancement in the field of education. What are some of the newest teaching methods? What advanced methods do we need to implement to make the learning process more effective?
  4. Steps in the Process: What are the best steps to take towards certain goals? Each path is different and thus requires different steps.
  5. Interesting Facts: Gather a set of creative ideas and facts to cover in your presentations.


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General Presentation Ideas

Here we have random presentation ideas that can inspire you. Make your next presentation a blast by introducing a new creative topic through a unique presentation design.

  1. Introduction to a Topic: Often, we don’t really want to go deep into complex concepts but just need a short and clear intro to get a grasp of them. Make a presentation on the basics of the most intriguing and puzzling themes.
  2. Ethics of a Certain Field: There are a number of important fields that need to be discussed in terms of ethics. For example, ethics in journalism is a very trendy and essential topic to discuss nowadays.
  3. The Future: We are always interested in the future, aren’t we? We make plans for it. We carry hopes for it. Let’s make a compelling presentation that discusses the future of various fields, such as AI or the Internet.
  4. Benefits: What are the benefits of a bilingual brain? Try to cover the benefits of a number of issues, such as digital transformation, or a healthy diet.
  5. Risks: Discuss the risks of taking certain steps. When we know the risks we can circumvent them, can’t we?
  6. Evolution: How do things evolve? It’s super important to present the ways that certain things unfold and change. How did artificial intelligence grow and evolve to such degrees?
  7. Components: Pick some topics to discuss the components of. How about making a presentation on “Components of Web Applications?” Pretty interesting, isn’t it?
  8. Alternatives: We always feel a need for alternatives. Make a presentation offering alternatives for different tools and objects. One example could be a presentation covering “The Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office.”
  9. Memoir: Tell the stories of influential people or your own in a value-packed presentation.
  10. Video Games: You can reveal the pros and cons of a game or just talk about the trendiest games as of now. You could also reveal statistics about the influence they have on gamers.
  11. Music Album Presentation: Present a music album, composers, and musicians. You can talk about their tours, also including videos and audio files of the tracks.
  12. Reviews and Reports: Do a book or a film review. Present your criticism and reflections on a book or movie of interest.
Report review presentation slide examples


  1. Scientific Presentation: What are the recent scientific discoveries? Not all people are aware, right? Bring forward some intriguing info about the latest discoveries.
  2. Job Interview Presentation: Impress your potential employers with a structured and clean job interview presentation.
  3. Important Skills: What are the top skills needed in your industry? Create your list and share it.
  4. Requirements and Qualifications: What are some requirements for a specific job position or a field in general? Share your experience and knowledge on this topic.
  5. “Best of ” Compilation: Gather a list of the best movies, games, books, tools, meals, and anything else, really.
  6. News: Sometimes, people don’t care to sit and listen to an hour-long news report. So, how about making a brief and informative summary of the most noteworthy news?
  7. Experiments: Make a scientific or social experiment and reveal your results; they might be different from what you expected.
  8. Life Story: Use presentation slides to tell about the life of a famous or personal story of an influential person. Use images, videos, and any other visual elements to make your story more vivid.


Making a compelling presentation doesn’t purely depend on presentation software, even though that’s also very important. To make an impactful presentation, one has to first figure out how to approach the topic and decide on the presentation design. 

We hope you found your topic on the list of creative presentation ideas presented above. Best of luck with creating presentations!

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