More Than Pixels: 10+ Facebook Cover Photo Templates for a Standout Profile 

More Than Pixels: 10+ Facebook Cover Photo Templates for a Standout Profile 

Have you ever felt like your Facebook profile could easily blend in with the rest? Are you looking for solutions to create a lasting impact with just a single image? Well, your search ends today! 

At Renderforest, we understand that achieving that “wow” factor in the vast majority of profiles requires more than mere pixels – it involves creativity and originality. That’s why we’re here to deliver a game-changing answer to your profile dilemma.

Introducing our sleek collection of Facebook cover photo templates – the key to unlocking your profile’s full potential. Whether you’re a business owner or a casual user, we’ve got a template for every occasion. With over 10 fully customizable templates (each tailored to various themes and moods), you can easily turn your flushed out concepts into reality, even if you’re not design-savvy.

So, with that being said, join us on a transformative journey as we unveil the secrets to crafting scroll-stopping Facebook cover photos that will elevate your online presence to new heights. 


Understanding Facebook Cover Photos

Unlike a profile image, a cover photo on Facebook functions as a bigger canvas for expression. It acts as an introduction for both individuals and companies, providing a more extensive platform to effectively convey their identity

Placed alone on a person’s Facebook timeline, cover photos require a visit to the profile to be seen. If someone has refreshed theirs, followers are immediately alerted on their timelines, bringing about engagement and enhancing visibility.

To grasp the essence of cover photos, one must recognize their dual purpose: combining aesthetics with a message. A thoughtfully chosen cover photo communicates your business, interests, or personality in addition to improving the aesthetic attractiveness of your profile. 

With these dynamic qualities in mind, the next step is understanding the optimal dimensions and specifications to make the most of this impactful visual element on Facebook.


cta Facebook cover template


Dimensions and Specifications for Facebook Cover Photos

When it comes to establishing an online presence on Facebook, your cover photo must adhere to specific dimensions to ensure a smooth and consistent visual experience across your profile.

According to Facebook’s guidelines, your cover photo displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. But there is a twist – if you slightly veer off these dimensions, Facebook doesn’t stretch or distort your meticulously designed image to fit the specified measurements. Instead, it utilizes an automatic cropping mechanism to preserve visual consistency. 

Nonetheless, automatic cropping isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s always recommended to go for the 820 pixels by 360 pixels dimensions to be on the safe side. Now, why, you might ask? As it was mentioned earlier, the mobile view is significantly smaller, unlike the computer screen. This size difference can potentially leave out vital elements from your photo, which is a situation you want to avoid.

It’s noteworthy that a Facebook cover photo no longer has to be static. Within the same parameters, you may now upload a simple video in place of a photo, offering an original means to share more about yourself.


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Find Your Perfect Facebook Cover Phone Template with Renderforest!

Now that you are all set, let’s discover your ideal Facebook cover photo template using Renderforest! 

Throughout this section, we’ll showcase a wide range of meticulously crafted free cover photo templates, each tailored to various themes and moods. From sleek and professional to vibrant and artistic, we have got it all! Detailed descriptions of each template will help you envision how they’ll align with your profile’s unique identity.

But hey, there’s more! Imagine having the ability to personalize these templates. That’s where Renderforest’s graphic editor comes in handy. This smart tool allows you to customize every aspect of your selected design. Change layouts, experiment with colors, play with fonts, and even easily incorporate your photos. It’s all in your hands!

Your creative capabilities don’t end here. With Renderforest, you can go beyond static images. The platform offers a variety of customizable animation templates such as promo videos, typography animations, industry-specific toolkits, independent movie trailers, holiday greetings, event invitations, and so much more.


1. Patterned Background Templates

If you have to make any urgent announcements, whether promotion sales, special offers, or a new product launch, don’t miss the chance to utilize an attention magnet template for your Facebook cover.

Our “Patterned Background” template designs stand out as real showstoppers, capable of pausing even the fastest scrollers. With visually striking patterns as a backdrop and large announcement icons, your message becomes a focal point that grabs attention and stimulates the audience’s interest.

And the best part? You have the power to seamlessly customize your texts within the template without having to worry about any technical complications to effectively convey those time-sensitive updates. 


Facebook patterned image Facebook background announcements background template mockup

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2. Tech Event Promo Pack

Are you hosting tech conferences, summits, or forums? This Facebook cover design template is your gateway to any sort of “tech-driven” gatherings.

“Tech Event Promo Pack” might be your all-in-one solution for enticing and engaging tech enthusiasts into your profile. Through its techy design elements, coupled with vibrant but yet laid-back font and color choices and an overall brimming futuristic appeal, this template harmoniously integrates information and allure.

Think of how easily you may attract new attendees to your tech events. Simply fill in your taglines and other applicable details, and you’re all set to go! If you want to form a lasting impression on your potential audience, even long after the launch of your event, then this cover photo template might be exactly what your Facebook profile needs.


tech event promo tech event promo template Facebook Facebook teck event promo template


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3. Music Release Promo Design

For our fellow artists, got a brand-new track or an album to drop? Wanna break the news but don’t know where to begin? This set is for you!

These free Facebook cover templates are tailored in a way that can accommodate a broad spectrum of artistic styles around the globe. Whether you are a hard rocker, a DJ, a rapper, or whichever vibe you’ve got, we’re here for it. Simply drag and drop your album/track cover into the layout, and with a few clicks, adjust the backdrop to give it a little bit of a personal twist. The bonus? There’s no need to brainstorm new cover designs for every upcoming gig. The templates can be reused.   

Picture your social media profile as a stage for performance. You don’t wanna miss a beat and disappoint your audience, do you?


music release template pack music template pack

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4. Free Facebook Cover Templates for Company Promotion

We get it – maintaining an engaging social media profile is a challenge on its own. But there is always a way around it with Renderforest by your side!

We’ve compiled a collection of minimalistic and stunning cover photo designs, and they’re not just about aesthetics. These designs are your secret source to keep your profile lively and encourage the audience to return for more. In other words, we don’t offer stock designs that may be taken for granted. Instead, picture it as a strategic tool that speaks volumes.   

Whether you wanna announce a job vacancy, share inspirational quotes, or talk about your experience on the market, these templates have the power to transform any ordinary profile into a captivating space, a magnet even for a passerby.


business company Facebook cover company production template company promotion template pack

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5. Modern Exhibition Promo Set

 If you have an exhibition to promote, exciting photo projects you wanna share, or spotlight your artistic vision, the “Modern Exhibition Promo Set” might be precisely what you’re searching for. 

Now, don’t let the red accents intimidate you – with so much digital noise in our daily feeds, maintaining a touch of visual charm never hurts. Your artistry deserves to be at the center of attention, and Renderforest can make it happen! 

Still, having second thoughts? No problem at all. The beauty of our platform lies in its versatility. Match the colors that reflect the true essence of your project, and voilà. You set your own rules in this house.


exhibition cover photo modern exhibition promo cover exhibition photo cover


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6. Online Course Variety Pack

Are you passionate about teaching new skills and inspiring others with your accomplishments? Wanna conduct an online course but don’t know where to start?

 In today’s world of technological advancements, making announcements that truly stand out requires a compelling hook. And that’s precisely where the “Online Course Variety Pack” steps in. With its vibrant backgrounds and unique picture frames, your Facebook cover photo becomes more than just an announcement; it transforms into a piece of cake that invites curiosity and drives actionable results!

Whether you’re diving into beginner how-tos or offering advanced tutorials, this particular template can effectively accommodate you in showcasing your passion and skills in the realm of online teaching


online course Facebook cover culinary course Facebook cover photo guitar lessons cover photo

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7. Lifestyle Motivation Cover Photo Pack

Have you ever felt the importance of expressing your opinions and influencing others to live healthier and happier lives? Do you find yourself standing out as an individual, entrepreneur, or employee with a strong message to convey, yet you wonder if your voice is reaching far enough?

Introducing the Lifestyle Motivation cover photo packs – your avenue to inspire and motivate people. Infused with a variety of motivational notes and messages, complemented by a palette of vibrant colors like blue, yellow, red, black, and more, these Facebook cover Images are designed to capture the hearts of your audience.

In a world that values authenticity, people truly appreciate genuine voices. The current generation seeks guidance from those who exemplify a better lifestyle and a positive life vision.

Continue your journey of striving for excellence and showcase your uniqueness by selecting the perfect cover image thoughtfully crafted by the Renderforest Team.

Your voice matters, and with the right visual companion, it’s sure to resonate powerfully.


lifestyle cover photo lifestyle motivation Facebook cover lifestyle motivation visuals

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8. Photography Studio Covers

Life is full of unforgettable moments and dates that should be recorded in our personal diaries. But, capturing the essence of such occasions with a perfect image can sometimes be a daunting task. 

The Photography Studio Covers are expertly designed to provide a seamless solution for highlighting your important dates with a mix of simplicity and glamour. 

With a variety of layouts to pick from, these covers enable you to freely customize the content of your heart. Adjust colors, image sizes, and other details, and with a simple save button, you’re all set!

Allow us to treasure the moments that matter the most to you. They deserve nothing less than a spotlight for a lifetime.  


photo studio cover photo studio visuals Facebook cover photo visual photography

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9. Facebook Cover Photo Templates for Holiday Greetings

The New Year spirit provokes positive feelings and creates a festive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. But have you ever felt like you might be unable to pass that spirit through a monitor screen? 

The New Year isn’t just a holiday to celebrate. It is a time for exchanging gifts, sharing funny stories, making memories, and ending the year on a positive note. 

Choosing the perfect gift and presenting it just right can be quite a challenge. How about brightening up your family, friends, and loved ones’ day with a holiday greeting card? Sounds like a wonderful idea, doesn’t it?

We’re excited to fulfill your wish of spreading the Christmas spirit and joyful vibes to your loved ones. That’s why we’ve designed a set of holiday greeting visuals just for you—enjoy!


holiday Facebook cover pack Facebook cover holiday template Facebook cover design holiday edition

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10. Festive Facebook Cover Template

As the winter holidays approach, our thoughts generally turn to spending quality time with loved ones and exchanging positive energy.

Can you picture Christmas celebrations without the excitement of exchanging gifts and some large-scale shopping?

This template pack is a fantastic choice to announce any seasonal sales offers that are sure to wake up people’s curiosity and attention right away.

These graphics are designed in enchanting winter colors. You guessed it – blue, white and red. Available in a variety of shapes and icons, watch as these visuals perfectly encapsulate the festive spirit. Whether you are promoting clothing, accessories, gadgets, or any other products, inviting your customers to indulge in your offers is no longer a hurdle.


festive cover template festive christmas sale pack festive Facebook photo cover

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11. Cosmetics Vintage Design Kit

What sets cosmetic brands apart? Do they hold any competitive advantage?

While many believe it is mostly about the product that drives people to sales, the greater significance lies in the ways in which they are marketed. It’s about capturing the essence of the brand through appropriate cover images, ultimately resulting in increased demand and sales. You might assume this is a complex task, but it’s a lot easier than you might realize. 

Add a touch of elegance to your brand’s online presence using our Cosmetics Design Vintage Kit. With a wealth of color and design possibilities, you don’t just simply show off your items but rather construct a narrative that effortlessly commands the viewer’s attention to choose you instead of a competitor. Whatever it takes to leave a lasting impression is at your fingertips!


Facebook cover template vintage design Facebook cover template vintage design Facebook cover template design

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12. Beauty SMM Pack for Facebook Covers

Have you ever dreamt of launching your own beauty line and becoming a global influencer? Ever wondered how successful female entertainers effortlessly create stunning designs for their makeup/skincare brands while swiftly achieving financial success? 

Well, the answer to these questions could be right under your noses! The Beauty Guru SMM pack presents a collection of beauty-themed cover designs ready to transform your profile into a visual masterpiece

An actual cotton candy, right from the first glance! 

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, a skilled makeup artist, a skincare guru, or anyone deeply investing in this industry, the following cover photo designs can be an ideal tool to project your passion and expertise to a wider audience. Your business ambitions shouldn’t be left in the shadows any further! 


beauty smm Facebook cover smm Facebook cover visual smm cover pack

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13. Homemade Goods Promotion

Crafting a one-of-a-kind item, whether it’s a small brochure, a piece of clothing, or a tiny object, is an art form on its own.

Ever wished you could share your handmade talents more effectively and captivate a wider audience that appreciates your craftsmanship?

The Handmade Goods Promo Set is an excellent solution for artists wishing to highlight their goods through the means of captivating visuals, perfectly aligning with the audience. At Renderforest, we offer more than just cover photos; we are the window into your creative world!

Available in different sizes, including Facebook cover photo dimensions, this set is ideal for showing your crafts and creations on a whole new level of appreciation.


homemade goods cover photo crochet promotion cover photo Facebook cover photo crochet

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14. Home Office Visuals

The idea of “remote work” has become an inseparable alternative for achieving work-life balance, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The benefits and opportunities that come with remote work are numerous. Flexible hours, improved time management, greater emphasis on self-care, an improved work environment, and heightened motivation, to name a few.

Are you enjoying working remotely? Don’t keep your “home office lifestyle” secrets all to yourself! Share your experience, tips, and tricks using our “Home Office Visual Kit” – a perfect canvas to share how remote work has become an integral part of your life. After all, in a world that’s constantly changing, a little bit of good can go a long way for others in your shoes. 


Facebook cover template home office home office Facebook cover visual home office visuals

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15. Black Friday Cover Photo Templates

The year’s greatest shopping event is just around the corner, believed to be an extraordinary experience for shoppers worldwide.

And with that being said, your profile must be properly set up to make the most of Black Friday. Standing out during this shopping extravaganza can be quite a challenge. But don’t you worry, ’cause we’ve got your back covered!

Crafted to cater to various businesses and industries (from fashion to tech and beyond), our dynamic set of cover photo templates infuse a festive and captivating vibe into your online presence. You won’t go unnoticed, no matter how bustling of a shopping period Black Friday is. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity! 


Black Friday cover photo Black Friday Facebook cover photo Black Friday cover photo

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How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo Online

To create a Facebook Cover Photo directly from the Renderforest website, you must do the following.


1. Log into your Renderforest Account

Renderforest homepage


2. What do you want to create? Tap on Graphic

what do you want to create


3. You can search for a graphic by tapping “Facebook Cover Photo”

Facebook online graphic


4. Tap on that category

tap on that category


5. Scroll down and choose your desired image

Add custom images to design


6. Category “Text”

text category

Once you’re inside, you can begin making your desired adjustments (if there are any). Begin with the “Text” category, where you can add text to your cover image and find a range of customization options. From adjusting the text size to choosing your preferred color, font, design, and more, you have the flexibility to align the image with your creative vision.


7. Category “Elements”

choose elements category


The “Elements” section is dedicated to enhancing your visuals with various elements that elevate the overall appearance of your image. These elements encompass a wide range of topics including education, love, tech, transportation, geography, space, and more. If there are existing elements within the image that you’d like to remove, simply tap on them and choose to delete. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to adjust the placement of elements by dragging them to your preferred location.


8. Category “Icons”

choose category icons


Incorporate icons related to various topics. You have the flexibility to customize these by altering their shapes, colors, and positions. Additionally, you can easily search for your desired icon by typing in keywords related to the topic of your cover image.


9. Category “Images”

choose image category

The images section is set up to allow you to add images by either importing them from your computer using the “My Files” or “Upload” icons, or by searching for images within the Renderforest gallery hub.


10. Category “Designs”

choose design category


The “Designs” category automatically generates design ideas for you and suggests various versions of your edited cover image. You can also alter the post type by selecting “Facebook Cover” at the bottom, which will reveal additional types of images you can choose from.


11. Preview

choose category preview


When you are done, you can type the “Preview” button and see the final look of your cover image. Tap “Exit” to exit that page.


12. Exporting

text category


If you are flattered with your final design, click the “Export” button and save the image. You can save the image by making it a photo and saving it as a JPG file, creating a standard PDF file, or making it publicly available by tapping the public link bottom, and it will be available to everyone for a notice in case you share its link.


13. All Done?

If yes, then enjoy your Renderforest editing journey. Good luck!


Final Considerations

Our platform allows users to generate content for different business types and preferences. It is a big platform that provides benefits for young entrepreneurs and employees who strive for creativity and remarkable advancements in designing their products or services. 

Start using Renderforest now to do the following.

  • Create videos 
  • Build your website
  • Make logos
  • Edit mockups
  • Design graphics

Start growing your business with the help of our professional tools that will help you create up-to-date videos with animation motions, stunning presentations, design mockups, a high-end website, and a visually aesthetic social media presence with hundreds of templates. 

Start Your Renderforest Journey Today!


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