30 Most Famous Logos From the Most Iconic Brands of All Time

30 Most Famous Logos From the Most Iconic Brands of All Time

What designs come to your mind when you think of famous logos in the world? Maybe the blue and red combination of Pepsi or the apple of the iPhone? The most popular logos you can recall now are the result of hard work, successful storytelling, and creativity.

Most brands have their logos, but how come some become famous worldwide, while others stay unrecognizable forever?

In this article, you will find out how to create a new logo for your brand that will not take much time and effort but will still stand out with its unique and creative solutions.

Before designing a logo on your own, let’s get inspired by the most famous logo designs that belong to different industries following Statista’s database, and discover the secret to their success.

Logo design inspiration from iconic brands

Famous app logos

Famous logo design of AirbnbAirbnb

The logo of Airbnb definitely played a role in the company’s success. One of the priorities of Airbnb was to create awareness about its brand as they were going to develop a new industry. That means they had to educate potential customers on why they needed these new services and what benefits they would have once they start using Airbnb.

The company started digital advertising its services having the logo as the cornerstone of its advertising campaign. Due to the great logo design, the company became more recognizable online and increased the level of online interest in the new industry.

The secret of their iconic logo is that the latter looks simple but incorporates hidden meanings and designs. At the center of the symbol, you can see a teardrop shape that indicates a person’s head. That means the company is people-oriented. The same shape also represents the location icon. Besides the inner shapes, the outer upside-down heart conveys the idea of ​​love. It also stands for the letter “A” in Airbnb.


Famous logo design of TikTokTik Tok

Nowadays, many companies drastically change their logos from time to time instead of keeping their original logo designs. TikTok, however, is one of the exceptions. Although their app was released in 2016, its logo has undergone minor changes since then.

We have included this iconic logo on our list of most famous logos as it is easily recognizable and eye-catching. This logo was and still is an inseparable part of TikTok’s advertising campaigns. Almost all the ads of the company contain this logo.

Moreover, due to its recognizable logo, TikTok started capitalizing it by selling products that feature the logo: apparel, shorts, shirts, coffee mugs, journals, and many more.

It’s even more surprising to hear that this logo was created by a young man who loved going to rock concerts. He tried to create the atmosphere of the concerts- the person who attends a concert is surrounded by darkness and looks at the colorful stage.


Famous logo design of WhatsappWhatsApp

WhatsApp has one of the most famous green logos in the world! The logo represents exactly what the app is used for; it’s a famous mobile messenger that lets anyone share messages, voice and video calls, files, music, and photos.

The green logo of the company is a phone receiver inside the text bubble. The latter indicates instant messaging, while the phone receiver is there to tell the audience that the app can also be used to make video or voice calls.

WhatsApp’s logo design is a great example of a simple but famous logo. You don’t need to spend hours creating a complicated logo with any extra hidden meaning. The simpler the logo is, the wider audience it will reach!

Famous logo design of Messenger



Another famous logo with a simple but meaningful design! Like Whatsapp, Meta’s Messenger has an instant text bubble with a lightning bolt in the middle. This logo has undergone design changes several times, however, it remained popular. Initially, the logo was a blue color. Later more vibrant colors like orange, pink and purple were added to it.


Famous logo design of LinkedInLinkedIn

LinkedIn has one of the most famous blue logos in the world, although the blue square of the logo was initially colored in black some years ago. Nowadays, blue is associated with the brand’s core values, and identity as this color symbolizes intellect, power, professionalism, and success. The perfect color to represent the social network for business communication and career development.


Famous logo design of YouTubeYoutube

What could be a simpler logo for a video streaming platform than having a red play button? That is one of the logos that proves minimalism can work perfectly when promoting a project. The main colors used in this famous logo are black, red, and white to emphasize elegance, passion, purity, optimism, and excellence.

This perfectly balanced color scheme and minimalistic approach are some of the reasons YouTube logo design became so popular worldwide.



Create app logo

create app logo

Famous fashion logos

Famous logo design of ChanelChanel

The Chanel logo is one of the most famous logos in the world today! You can see it everywhere- on shoes, bags, clothes, belts, etc. It is associated with elegance, luxury, and Parisian fashion.

The famous logo was designed back in 1925, inspired by the windows of Chateau de Cremat in Nice, France. This lettermark logo design is created with the initials of the business in a visually captivating way.

It contains 2 single colors: black and white. However, it perfectly indicates the brand identity and core values ​​of this fashion house even if it’s printed on simple white paper.

Famous logo design of GucciGucci

We have included the Gucci logo in the list of the most famous fashion logos as its simplicity and uniqueness could be a great source of inspiration for you.

This famous lettermark logo was actually designed by Gucci’s son, Aldo. With the logo, he represented his dad’s initials. Later, it also started symbolizing bracelet links.

In 1951, the red and green ribbon was added to the logo design to honor Gucci’s home country- Italy.

Famous logo design of NikeNike

If you ask people to name some of the famous black and white logos, they would never forget mentioning Nike in their logo list. Nike branding team chose the swoosh as their logo inspired by the wings of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

With this simple logo design, presenting motion and speed, Nike shows how a single element can become recognizable throughout the whole world. Discovering the relevant logo symbol that presents the brand’s core values ​​and implementing it in your marketing campaigns is one of the keys to success.


Create fashion logo

create fashion logo


Famous fast food logos

Famous logo design of McDonald'sMcDonald’s

Of course, we couldn’t exclude McDonald’s from our most famous logos list. McDonald’s logo has become one of the symbols of global expansion and the spread of American culture. Its famous golden arches appeared right with the opening of the first McDonald’s restaurant.

The yellow and red colors of the logo highlight McDonald’s brand identity. Red is there to represent stimulation and energy, while yellow communicates happiness and positive emotions. This combination of yellow and red in the logo also led to visibility, letting people spot the McDonald’s locations on the most overcrowded road.

McDonald’s logo comes to prove that the secret to becoming one of the most famous logos in the world is finding the ideal combination of colors, shapes, and, of course, simplicity.

Famous logo design of SubwaySubway

You might think that McDonald’s or Burger King has the highest number of establishments, but guess what? It’s Subway! The fact that Subway was founded by a 17-year-old boy Fred DeLuca is amazing itself.

Just like the humble start of Subway, its iconic wordmark logo had a humble start too. It included the name of the company with two arrows at the beginning and the end of the name. Although the logo has undergone several changes since 1965, the 2 arrows consistently remained a fundamental part of the business.

The arrows of the Subway logo design are there to highlight the entrance and exit of the restaurant and symbolize the way they serve food to people who are on the go. Just come in, order your food and leave with your food in minutes.

During the company’s first redesign, the logo’s arrows became more highlighted. Later, green and yellow colors were added to split the title. The “Sub” part is now depicted in yellow, which symbolizes the color of their products, like bread, cheese, etc. “Way” is colored in green to emphasize health and movement.

Famous logo design of BRBaskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins is a fast food brand specializing in ice cream and cake. The company has one of the most famous wordmark logos now. Its blue and pink colors look fun and childish, similar to the menu they offer.

What’s interesting about the Baskin-Robbins logo is that it includes a hidden meaning. The pink elements of the letters B and R show the number 31. The latter is the number of ice cream flavors offered by the company.

Famous logo design of KFCKFC

All fast food lovers of the world are familiar with the image of KFC. This fast food chain released many versions of its logo since its opening in 1952, with the KFC letters and its mascot Colonel.

As you can note red is commonly used for many famous fast food logos. The secret to their success is that this colour evokes a sense of warmth and hospitality, incentivizing busy people to enter the restaurant and get the food without having to wait for hours.

Another reason we have included KFC in the list of famous logos is that it is a perfect insight into how a mascot can make a brand more memorable and engaging. No one can imagine the KFC logo without the famous mascot now!

Famous logo design of Pizza HutPizza Hut

Another famous fast food logo designed in red! The company uses red to show its passion for providing its customers with freshly baked pizzas. Red also evokes the emotions of enthusiasm, energy, and love- the emotions that are mostly associated with young people.

The logo depicts a thin pizza crust with a smeared tomato sauce. It also has the skinny slice pizza design as its customers care more about their health and have become more health-conscious.



Create fast food logo

create fast food logo


Famous soft drink logos

Famous logo design of Coca-ColaCoca-Cola

Coca-Cola has one of the world’s most famous logos. For most people, it is the most iconic logo of all time! Coca-Cola’s logo has undergone several changes before having the current version. However, its double “C” and typography remained the same since 1887!

The brand identity of Coca-Cola was created by Dr. John Pemberton. He also created the first logo mixing the drink’s formula- carbonated water, sugar, nuts, and extracts of cocaine.

The drink was used as a brain tonic that can boost mood and give energy. Although the cocaine extract and kola nut were replaced from the formula of Coca-Cola years later, the brand’s core characteristic remained as a soft drink that can enhance anyone’s mood.

Coca-Cola showed how important it is to respect the history and traditions of the company by keeping the elements of the original logo, but at the same time upgrading it to a whole new level.

Famous logo design of PepsiPepsi

The list of the most famous soft drink logos would not be complete without the main competitor of Coca-Cola- Pepsi! The famous Pepsi logo that represents the globe is based on 3 colors – blue, red, and white. to connect it to American patriotism during World War II.

The Pepsi logo was constantly redesigned in order not to confuse its brand with its competitor For instance, they initially had a cursive-style wordmark for the logo but then changed it to a sans-serif typeface to make it different from Coca-Cola’s logo.

The secret to becoming one of the most iconic logos of all time is that Pepsi kept their main symbol to show the people they are the same brand, but also carried out some improvements to maintain their customers’ trust.

Famous logo design of FantaFanta

Fanta has one of the most famous logos thanks to which this soft drink is associated with the sun! The famous script logo is a blend of red and yellow colors that represent excitement and enthusiasm. The orange itself is considered the most energetic color, a great choice for soft drink logos.

It should be noted that Fanta also changed their logo design from time to time. Recently, their rounded and bubbled logo font was changed into a pointy one. The latter is the special design by the company itself. Most adults became critics of the new design, saying that it is too annoying and twisted. However, adults are not their target audience and they barely buy this soft drink. Kids and teenagers love the new design and enjoy the drink not paying attention to the critics.

Famous logo design of SpriteSprite

Sprite is a beverage brand, introduced by Coca-Cola in 1961. The drink is famous for its fresh lemon taste and the original name Fanta Klare Zitrone. The product stands out from other sodas with its colorless soda bottled in transparent green bottles.

The company has one of the most famous green logos that give a sense of freshness. The color scheme and brand elements included in the logo represent the lemon taste of this iconic soft drink and its sparkliness. This soft drink logo features the company’s progressive approach and attention to detail.

Famous logo design of 7UP7UP

Similar to Sprite, the 7UP logo features the lemon-lime flavored soft drink with the concept of diagonal motion. The logo design of 7UP has always been bright, evoking a sense of freshness and bubbliness. Although there was nothing complicated or special about the company’s logo design, its bottles always stood out on the shelves of shops throughout the globe.

There were no hidden meanings in the logo, only the name of it and bubbly background. Initially, the logo was in red and white, but later the color scheme was changed. Green was added to the logo. In 1990, the brand decided to add a red spot to the logo, which symbolized this soft drink creator’s red eyes.


Create soft drink logo

create soft drink logo


Famous beer logos

Famous logo design of BudweiserBudweiser

Budweiser has one of the famous beer logos created by the American company that has been providing lager beer since 1876. The popular red logo has gone through various redesign processes. Although it stands out with its minimalist design now, its original logo was ornate, with a lot of extra lettering.

The current company logo is the most simplified version of all the previous ones. It’s just a 2-colored design with a red background and white lettering.

You should consider the fact that the old-style script typeface has remained the same despite the redesigns, and it actually looks modern and professional!

Famous logo design of HeinekenHeineken

Heineken is one of the known brewing companies around the globe, established in the Netherlands, in 1864. Its main product, Heineken beer is among the list of the most selling beer.

The first logo design of one of the most famous logos on the globe appeared in the 1860s. The original logo was in blue and had an oval posing. Later, it has undergone several changes and was maintained as a green wordmark logo with a solid red star on the left side or above the lettering.

The green and red colors and the traditional typeface are the main two elements that make the Heineken logo easily recognizable.

Famous logo design of CarlbergCarlsberg

Carlsberg is another beer company with one of the most famous logos. The company has a wordmark logo in green, with only the company’s name depicted in the logo. Each letter is individually designed, with a long wavy line extending from the “g” to the left. The only element you can find here is the abstract symbol above the letter “r” which looks like a snowflake and a tree leaf. Carlsberg is among the famous beer logos that didn’t have many changes during time. The black logo design was transformed into a green one, and later the brand decided to change the green color scheme into a lighter one to represent the sense of growth and success. The typeface was also softened, designing thinner and rounded lines.


Famous logo design of CoronaCorona Extra

Corona Extra is one of the most famous logos in the globe that represents a Mexican beer brand- the number one beer import in the United States of America! The company logo shows the uniqueness and elitism of this beer brand.

Just like its name suggests, the drink’s logo depicts the crown on the top to symbolize its uniqueness and highest quality. The blue color represents the ocean, while the yellow one is the embodiment of the sun. When you have a look at the colors, the logo associations begin with the atmosphere of rest and a glass of cold Corona Extra beer near the ocean on a hot summer day!

The company’s mission is to encourage its fans to enjoy time and appreciate the simplest pleasures of life. Because Corona Extra is mostly associated with oceans and beaches, the company’s vision has become raise awareness of ocean pollution problems and clean up beaches from all kinds of plastic.

Although Corona Extra has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, its brand rating dropped after 2019, as some people associated the drink with Coronaviruses. This case with Corona beer demonstrates how wrong name associations may have an adverse effect on the brand’s reputation.

Create beer logo

create beer logo


Famous candy logos

Famous logo design of SkittlesSkittles

Skittles always had one of the most colorful and eye-catching logos of all time! This candy brand was established in 1974, in the USA. Since then, colorful candies were distributed all over the world. This company is especially famous for its fun advertising campaigns.

The new logo of the company has a red background with colorful candies scattered all over the logo. Besides, the logo depicts a rainbow arching under the lettering. Although the company’s logo has a colorful design, its main brand colors stay red and white. For this famous logo design, Helvetica Black font was used, however, it is a customized version.

Famous logo design of KitKatKit Kat

Kit Kat has one of the most famous logos in red, too! The company, however, decided to change its color to blue during 1945-1947, in the aftermath of World War II. Because of the lack of ingredients, the company only produced dark chocolate. After 1947, the brand’s logo returned to its red design. In 2017, the company decided to add a chocolate waffle bar to its official logo. The waffle is broken in half to show its audience how crispy and tasty their waffles look.

Famous logo design of TwixTwix

Twix is among the famous logos that completely changed its design over time. In fact, this happened because of the change in their marketing campaigns. The candy wasn’t even called Twix years ago, as it is widely recognized now. In 1967, it appeared as a European candy bar called Raider. The name change was introduced to the USA only in the 1980s. What we love about the current logo of Twix is how they depict the brand’s message in their logo. The dot above the letter “I” is designed as a Pause button, telling people to take a break and enjoy the sweet things in life, including Twix! An effective logo with great meaning that you can be inspired by.

Famous logo design of Chupa ChupsChupa Chups

One of the famous brand logos was created by Salvador Dali. Yes, you read it right! This is something the brand can boast about. Once the company’s founder, Enric Bernat, complained to Dali that they were trying to expand internationally but they didn’t even have a solid logo. Here is when Dali came to help the company by creating the beautiful logo we all know today. He used a daisy symbol around the wordmark logo and changed both words to red. The red and yellow colors caught the attention of buyers and evoked a sense of happiness. He also suggested putting the logo on top of the wrapper so that it doesn’t get misplaced. So, when you try to create your own logo design, don’t forget to get inspiration from this fine piece of surrealist art!


create candy logo

create candy logo


How to create a logo for your brand in 5 easy steps

Now that you’ve got the dose of inspiration from famous logos across the world, it’s the right time to create your own logo with the help of easy but effective logo maker tools like Renderforest.

The main advantage of using Renderforest logo maker is that you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a stunning logo design. Follow the 5 simple steps mentioned below and your perfect logo will be created in no time!

1. Log in to Renderforest

First, log in to Renderforest. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do it using your Gmail, Facebook, or personal email address.

Renderforest logo maker signup

sign up for free

Once you sign up, you should go to the Renderforest logo maker by clicking on the “Logos” section from the menu above.

Renderforest logo maker login

2. Add your company name

After clicking on the “start creating” button you will be redirected to the logo maker editor page. Fill in the fields to proceed with the creation of your logo design.

Logo maker fields

Keep in mind that only the first field is mandatory to fill. Write your company name and skip the tagline or description if you don’t have them for now.

3. Choose a logo style

Click on the “Next” button and choose the logo styles that most appeal to you. Renderforest offers a variety of logo styles, including emblems, solid, line, flat, gradient, watercolor, minimal, and alphabetical logos. You can pick a maximum of 3 styles or let our AI pick the style for you by choosing the first option.

Logo maker styles

4. Customize the logo design

After choosing the styles, Renderforest will offer you a variety of logo designs that you can display on canvas. Renderforest will also generate mockup that will help you discover what your logo will look like on real-life objects before selecting the final one for your company.

Customize logo design


Once you are happy with the style, you can edit the logo design to fit it with your brand by changing its colors, text, icons, and size adjustments.

Customize logo on mockup


For instance, if you don’t like the suggested icon, you can choose a new one by searching for the relevant term in the “Graphic Based” icon section. If you want a wordmark logo, you can select the “Text Based” logo style, and the icons will disappear from the logo.

Edit logo icon

5. Download the final version

Preview the final version of your logo and take the last step by clicking on the “download” button below. Choose the free or monthly/yearly subscription plans and hit the download button to download the final version of your animation logo design.

Renderforest logo maker subscription

So! Your beautiful logo is ready in just a few clicks. Get it in your preferred logo file format and start promoting your brand on various social media platforms.

To sum up

Get inspired by famous logos across the globe to create the one that will stand out with its creative and unique solutions.

You can create a logo that perfectly fits your brand using our advanced logo maker that offers a wide variety of categories and logo designs. Click on the “Try now” button below and design the professional-looking logo in a few minutes without even having graphic design skills.

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