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Turn Ideas into Videos in Minutes

Create stunning videos with Renderforest AI Video Generator. Just type your idea and watch our AI generate top-quality videos for you. Make Videos with AI now!

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Trusted by 23M+ users and 100k+ high-end companies

AI-powered video creation FAST, EASY, PROFESSIONAL

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Create Pro Videos, Even if You're a Newbie

No complex editing! Renderforest's AI Video Generator turns your ideas into stunning, personalized videos in minutes. No experience is needed - just type, choose your style, and let AI work magic.

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Logo, Colors, Voice: Customize Every Detail in Your Video

Upload your logo for instant brand recognition, choose from a palette of colors that reflect your style, and pick a voiceover that fits your message. Animate, add music, and customize every detail for truly unique videos.

Choose Your Video Animation Style

Browse through a diverse library of pre-designed styles, each with its own unique aesthetic and feel. Whether you want sleek and modern, playful and animated, or anything in between, there's a style to match your brand and message.

How Renderforest AI Video Generator Brings Your Ideas to Life?

Renderforest AI Video Generator takes the hassle out of video creation by leveraging professional-grade, up-to-4K animations and the power of artificial intelligence. Here's the magic behind it:

Tell Your Story

Simply write your script or provide key points, and our AI engine analyzes it to understand the essence of your message.

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AI Crafts Your Video

Sit back and watch as the AI automatically weaves your text into a visually engaging video, selecting relevant animations, transitions, and even suggesting music and voiceovers.

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Personalize the Video

Customize the video to your liking by tweaking colors, fonts, layouts, and timing. Add your own voiceover or choose from a library of professional options.

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Render & Share

Once you're happy with your masterpiece, render it in minutes and share it with the world! Impress your audience on social media, your website, or anywhere you need to captivate your audience.

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More Ways to Customize Your Video

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Choose the Tone

Formal, Friendly, or Casual. Select the tone you want, or let AI pick a tone that fits your needs.

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Choose the Speaker

Select the speaker who talks to your audience the best.

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Select the Style

You have the choice to pick the style you need, be it 2D or 3D. Or, you can simply pick AI to pick a style for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an AI Video?

Renderforest AI Video model works with up to 4K studio-quality animations created by professionals. You can select the style you want to use for your AI video and write your text, and our AI model will make a fantastic video for your brand.

Can I use text-to-speech in AI VIdeos?

Yes, absolutely! Craft professional voiceovers directly into your AI videos with Renderforest's high-quality text-to-speech. No need for expensive voiceover artists; just choose from a range of expressive voices.

Do I need to have video creation expertise to create videos?

Renderforest AI Video Generator eliminates the technical complexities, empowering anyone to create professional-looking videos that resonate with their audience. So, skip the studio, unleash your creativity, and let AI transform your ideas into stunning video reality!