190+ Tutorial Ideas to Inspire Your Next Video

190+ Tutorial Ideas to Inspire Your Next Video

People choose to follow you and your channel for the value you bring to their lives. Tutorial videos are the perfect combination of entertainment and education. This is exactly why they’ve earned their place among the most-watched video types. 

If you’re in search of creative video ideas that you can turn into amazing tutorials, this article is for you. We have compiled a list of tutorial ideas that will hopefully inspire your next video. Explore the different categories or jump straight to yours!

  • YouTube and Vlogging Tutorials
  • Gaming Tutorials
  • Tech Tutorials
  • Web Design and Development Tutorials
  • Music and Dance Tutorials
  • Cooking Tutorials
  • Fitness and Health Tutorials
  • Beauty and Fashion Tutorials


YouTube and Vlogging Tutorials

Youtube has changed countless lives. For a lot of people, it’s no longer a hobby but a full-time job or even a career. Whether you vlog or do sit-down videos, here’s a list of tutorial video ideas you can bring to life.

  1. How to upload a YouTube video – Uploading a video to YouTube might seem simple, but there’s more to it than you think. A detailed step-by-step guide on how to upload YouTube videos can be beneficial for your audience. 
  2. Creating a YouTube channel – The first step is often the hardest to take. Give practical tips to aspiring YouTubers on how to get started with their channels and share some YouTube channel ideas they can use. 
  3. YouTube video thumbnails – The times when you could get away with a random screenshot from your video as a thumbnail are long gone. Share the process of making an attractive thumbnail
  4. Catchy video titles – Share your secrets on how to come up with a clickable video title. 
  5. Monetizing your channel – A lot of beginners don’t know they can monetize their channels and turn them into a source of income. Show them how it’s done.
  6. Setting up a background – Show your viewers how you set up a pleasant video background and avoid exposing your dirty laundry to the world.
  1. Designing a banner – Share some tips on how to create a beautiful and descriptive banner or channel art for YouTube
  2. YouTube into/outros – Good intros and outros are the quickest way to make your channel look more professional. Assist beginner YouTubers with tips on how to create YouTube intros.
  3. Growing a channel – Now that the basics are covered, it’s good to know how to grow a YouTube channel. Share your journey and guide your viewers up the YouTube ladder. 
  4. Live videos – Live streams are great for direct interaction with subscribers. Show how to go live on YouTube or other streaming platforms.
  5. Podcasts – Podcasts are lengthy sit-down videos that have been enjoying a lot of popularity. If you have dipped your toe in podcasts, share your experience and advice. 
  6. License-free music – Copyrighted music has become quite an issue for a lot of channels. Share some platforms that provide royalty-free music
  7. How to increase watch time – People might click on a video but not watch it through due to various reasons. Tips on increasing watch time can be incredibly helpful.
    1. How to add closed captions – YouTube can automatically generate captions for videos, but often they have mistakes in them. Show how to correct those errors or caption a video manually from scratch.
    2. Designing a merch – Having your own merch is exciting, but first, you have to learn how to design it. 
    3. Finding your niche – What makes your channel unique? How to discover your YouTube niche? Try answering these questions.
    4. Video editing – Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but we can all agree that it’s crucial to making a successful video. Teach how to edit videos like an expert. 
    5. Vlogging in public – Vlogging in public places takes some getting used to. Give your viewers valuable tips on how they can overcome the embarrassment of public vlogging.
    6. Vlogging equipment – If you’re an experienced vlogger, show your favorite vlogging equipment, such as cameras, tripods, mics, etc.
    7. Keeping your vlogs entertaining – Admittedly, our day-to-day lives are mostly boring. Share some insights on how to keep vlogs fun and exciting.


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Gaming Tutorials

48% of gamers spend more time watching gaming videos than they do playing games. This might make you consider shooting one or two video game tutorials or maybe even devoting your entire channel to it.

  1. Overcoming challenging levels – Pick a video game you’re good at and show how to overcome some of the most difficult challenges. Not only will this make for an entertaining video, but you’ll become a modern-day hero!
  2. How to win survival games – Nothing can keep you on edge like a good survival game. Make a tutorial about how to win your favorite one.  
  3. Game character design – Ever wonder how game characters are designed? A lot of people do. So if you know how characters are designed, share your knowledge. 
  4. How to develop a game – The same applies to game development. Shed some light on how video games are created.
  5. Starting a game channel – Give your advice on how to start and grow a gaming channel on YouTube.
  6. Gaming channel intro – Once you have your newly-created channel, the next step is to create an exciting gaming intro and logo
  7. Gameplay Livestream – Livestream your gaming sessions on Twitch or other platforms and make a video explaining how to do it.
  1. Adding voice-overs and sound effects – Discuss how to add voice-overs and other sound effects to accompany your gameplay.  
  2. Recording good-quality audio – If you’re doing a voice-over, share easy hacks for recording high-quality audio.
  3. Best eSports games – Share a list of your favorite eSports games and tournaments and talk about what makes them special.
  4. eSports logo – Show off your eSports logo and guide your viewers through the process of making one. Use our logo animation maker to take it to the next level!
  5. Gaming setup – Show how you set up your gaming gear and talk about must-have gaming accessories. 
  6. How to compromise the lack of gaming gear – Some gamers might be missing professional gaming gear. Help them out by offering creative alternatives.
  7. Useful game tricks – Got exceptional game tricks that you’re proud of? Share them!
  8. Tutorials for popular video games – Make a tutorial for the hottest game that everyone seems to be obsessed with. 
  9. Best cheats– Share the most helpful cheats for different games. Help your fellow gamers out.


Tech Tutorials

Technology channels are attracting more and more attention these days. Thousands of beginner programmers and IT enthusiasts are on the hunt for informative and educational tech tutorials. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to share your tech expertise.

  1. How to use high-tech gadgets – There are fascinating tech gadgets most people don’t know how to use. Show them!
  2. Unknown features of a device – Share less known features of everyday devices like phones, tablets, or laptops.
  3. Fixing a computer – Show how to fix common problems people face with their computers.
  4. Improving your computer’s performance – Share valuable information on how to get your computer to run faster. 
  5. Teach a coding language – Make beginner or advanced lessons on a coding language of your choice. 
  6. Familiarize your audience with tech terms – Server, OS, sitemaps? Explain the meanings of tech buzzwords. 
  7. Common coding mistakes – Talk about beginner coding mistakes and how to avoid them.
  1. Improving coding skills – If your audience is more advanced, share tips on how to improve programming skills.
  2. Google tools – Mention a few viable Google tools and how they can be used. 
  3. Taking proper care of your devices – What is the correct way of cleaning your devices? How often should you charge them? Answer these questions.
  4. Mobile apps – Talk about how mobile apps are created. 
  5. Software tutorials – Record a tutorial explaining how to deal with complicated software programs.
  6. Microsoft Office tutorials – Dive deeper into the less known features of MO products.
  7. Software reviews – Inform your audience about the pros and cons of different software programs. Show them how to choose the best software. 
  8. Software installation process – Create a detailed video installing a software program.
    1. SQL lessons – Educate your followers on SQL and database systems in general.
    2. Algorithms and data structures – Teach algorithms and data structures in an easily digestible way, as a lot of programmers find them too complicated. 
    3. Face detection – Want to take your channel up a notch? Talk about face and object detection, explaining how they work.
    4. Making chatbots – Speaking of machine learning, clarify how chatbots are made.
    5. Virtual Reality – Cover the stirring topic of virtual reality in an informative video. Dive into how to use VR in different industries.
    6. Artificial Intelligence – One of the most controversial and debated topics of our age! Expand on how to use Artificial Intelligence in various fields.


Web Design and Development Tutorials

Interest in web design and development is steadily growing. Let’s discuss some topics you can cover in your tutorial videos. 

  1. Introduction to web development – Start with the very basics of web development, making an introductory video. 
  2. Creating a website – Whether you’re building a website from scratch or using ready-made templates, show your audience the step-by-step process. 
  3. HTML/CSS classes – Teach HTML/CSS and include hands-on examples to enhance the effectiveness of your tutorial.
  4. JavaScript basics – Cover the basics of JavaScript and how it’s used in web development. 
  5. GitHub for beginners – GitHub is a handy collaboration tool where developers share projects and draw inspiration from one another. Talk about it in your video and show how to use it.
  6. LinkedIn Learning – LinkedIn Learning provides hundreds of web design and development courses. Make a tutorial on how to access the courses and make the most of them.
  7. Sass introduction – Sass is a CSS extension language. Make a crash course to familiarize your audience with Sass.
  1. Building web applications – Create a beginner’s guide on how to build web-based apps. 
  2. Setting up an e-commerce website – Help people get started with their online stores. Share website-hosting platforms and useful e-commerce tools
  3. Best web design course – Recommend online course software on web design and development that doesn’t require much time or money.
  4. Web design software – What are your favorite web design tools and programs? Talk about them in your video showing how you use them.  
  5. Advanced web design tools – If your audience is more experienced in web design, share some advanced tools and software. 
  6. User-friendly interface – Talk about the importance and best practices of designing a user-friendly interface.
  7. Improving the user interface – What are some common mistakes to avoid in interface design? Share techniques on how to improve a website’s user interface. 
  8. Intuitive navigation menu – What about navigation menu mistakes? Give a few tips on how to build an intuitive navigation menu.
  1. Website color schemes – Make a video about website color schemes and how to pick the right one.
  2. Website styles – Talk about the different styles of web design and how to choose the one that matches your business type. 
  3. Responsive web typography – Typography is important not only for the aesthetics of a website but also for making it look clear and uncluttered. Talk about the best practices for web typography.
  4. Mobile web design – How to ensure your website is mobile-friendly? Share mobile design practices that have proven to be effective. 
  5. Search engine optimization – Share your expertise on optimizing a website for search engines. Show how to use technical SEO to improve your site’s organic ranking.


Music and Dance Tutorials

Music and dance videos are undoubtedly one of the most-watched video types. They’re fun, dynamic, and highly entertaining. If you’re talented in this field, tutorial videos are the perfect way to share your skills and knowledge with the world.

  1. Songwriting process – Inspire music lovers by sharing your songwriting process. Talk about where you find inspiration for writing a song. 
  2. Recording a song – What equipment do you use to record a song? Explain the recording process to your audience. 
  3. Editing a song – Guide your viewers through the song-editing process and how you prepare your songs for mixing.  
  4. Writing lyrics – Writing good words to a song is no easy task. Share your secrets and experience of writing lyrics that are in perfect harmony with your melody. 
  5. Making a remix – Remixes are often more popular than the original songs. Make a tutorial on how to remix a song.
  1. Singing lessons – Not everyone can afford expensive singing classes. Help aspiring musicians by giving them singing lessons.
  2. Teaching an instrument – If you’re skilled at playing an instrument, teach your followers how to play it. 
  3. Repairing and tuning instruments – Share your handy skills on how to repair or tune different musical instruments. 
  4. Improving your singing voice – Inspire and motivate beginner singers with tips on how to develop their singing voice. 
  5. Making a cover of your favorite song – Covers can help you practice creativity and develop your style. Tell your audience how you come up with your own unique take on a song.
  6. How to sound like your favorite singer – Are you a talented impersonator? Show off your skills and teach your viewers how to sound like famous artists.
  1. Music videos – Have you ever made a music video? If so, share your story with your audience.  
  2. Music visualizersVisualizers are a great alternative to music videos. Talk about how to choose the right visuals to accompany your music. 
  3. Promoting your music – How can artists promote their music online? Share some platforms that allow your songs to reach a broader audience. 
  4. Copyrighting your musicCopyright protects your works against unauthorized use. Familiarize your viewers with the process of copyrighting music.
  5. Dance classes – Make all-level dance classes allowing people to learn how to dance from the comfort of their homes. 
  6. Teaching famous movie dances – We’ve all wanted to learn a High School Musical dance! Choose a famous movie dance and help your audience learn it.
  7. Teaching popular music video dances – Teach a dance from a viral music video. 
  8. How to do the splits – A lot of people are struggling with their splits. Help them out with some stretches and encouragement.
    1. Ballet turns – Teach ballet lovers how to master different types of ballet turns. 
    2. How to shuffle – Shuffling might seem easy, but it requires some practice. Teach how to shuffle by breaking it down into simple steps.
    3. How to twerk – In case there are still people who don’t know how to twerk, show them how it’s done!
    4. Belly dancing – Show some mesmerizing belly dance moves.
    5. Latin dances – Reflect the passion and elegance of Latin dances in a salsa or cha-cha-cha tutorial.  
    6. Breakdance – If you’ve tried yourself in breakdancing, show off your coolest dance moves and teach how to do them.
    7. Waltz – Make a waltz tutorial teaching how to perform the beautiful dance.
    8. Easiest dance moves – Prove that everyone can be a dancer with a tutorial of the easiest dance moves.
  1. Choreographing a dance – Show your viewers how you choreograph a dance and all the hard work that goes into it. 
  2. Dancewear and shoes – What are your trusty dance shoes? Talk about choosing the right dancewear.  
  3. Increasing flexibility – Share some stretches that help to increase flexibility and mobility. 
  4. Famous TikTok dances – Last but definitely not least, teach a few famous TikTok dances. Your audience will greatly appreciate it.


Cooking Tutorials

With an overabundance of “What I eat in a day” videos, cooking and food have become one of the most trending topics. Become a part of the huge online food community with your cooking tutorials.

  1. Recipes – Share your best recipes with clear instructions so your viewers can follow along while you cook. 
  2. Famous internet recipes – Recreate the most popular internet recipes like the world-famous TikTok coffee (Seriously, it’s delicious!).
  3. Share your secret dishes – As a true cook, you’ll surely have a secret dish or two that no one has even tried before. Reveal your secrets.
  4. Recipes from movies – Recreate delicious recipes from movies or cooking shows and add your own twist to them if you’re feeling adventurous. 
  5. National cuisine – The world is full of rich flavors and incredible food. Try dishes from different nations to see what’s really out there. 
  6. Food photography – Delicious meals should look just as delicious on the web. Tell your audience how to take mouth-watering images of food.
  7. How to meal prep – Share meal prepping hacks that can save a lot of time and effort during busy weekdays.
  1. How to properly chop vegetables – Everyone can look like a chef with the right chopping methods and techniques. If you happen to know them, share them with your viewers.
  2. Types of kitchen knives – Talk about different types of kitchen knives and how to choose the right one for different purposes. 
  3. Kitchen utensils and appliances – What are some kitchen essentials? Share your tried-and-true kitchen tools and appliances and show how to use them.
  4. Cooking at home – How to stop eating out and cook at home more often? Make a video about the benefits of cooking at home.
  5. Healthy cookies – Cookies don’t always have to be harmful. Make healthy cookies and share the recipe.
  6. Grocery shopping tips – Take your followers grocery shopping with you and show them how to pick good groceries. 
  7. Latte art – If you have impressive barista skills up your sleeve, show how to do latte art. 
  8. Coffee and drink recipes – Speaking of coffee, share your favorite coffee and drink recipes.
  1. Reusable cup decoration – Decorate and personalize your favorite reusable cup. It’s fun and helps the environment. What more could anyone ask for?
  2. Herbal tea recipes – Herbal tea is not only soothing, but it also helps digestion. Share your go-to homemade tea recipes.  
  3. Food decoration – Impress your audience with incredible food art and meal presentation. 
  4. Where to find new recipes – Make a video mentioning your favorite cooking apps and blogs that provide tons of exciting recipes.
  5. How to keep fruits fresh – Help your audience with tips on where to store fruits to keep them fresh.
  6. Seasonings – Nothing can enrich the flavor of food like the right seasonings. This makes them a worthwhile topic for a cooking video. 
  7. Salad dressings – Share recipes for quick and delicious salad dressings everyone can make at home.
  8. Growing your own food – If you have a garden and grow your own food, show your viewers how it’s done. 
  9. Reducing food waste – Give some practical tips for reducing food waste and show how to implement them in our daily lives.


Fitness and Health Tutorials

Want to share your fitness journey and advocate healthy living? Then, fitness and health tutorial videos are the way to go! Here are some video ideas we have gathered.

  1. How to stick to a diet – According to the 80/20 formula, weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Encourage your subscribers to stick to a healthy diet by giving them practical tips.
  2. At-home workouts – Some people prefer working out from home. Help them with at-home workout videos.
  3. Gym equipment – Shoot a video at your gym showing gym equipment and how to use it.
  4. Best equipment for at-home workouts – Share a few props and tools for at-home workouts like resistance bands, ankle weights, and so on. 
  5. Equipment-free workouts – Perform various exercises that don’t require any equipment and are still effective. 
  6. Outdoor workouts – Use hills, stairs, benches, rocks, and get creative with your outdoor workouts. 
  7. Staying fit while traveling – One of the biggest fitness challenges is staying fit while traveling. Come up with simple and powerful tips and share them.
  8. Staying active with a full-time job – Another big fitness challenge! Talk about how to find motivation even when you’re worn out by the end of the day.
  1. Common workout mistakes – What are some workout mistakes people often make? Give your advice on how to avoid them.
  2. Finding the right training for you – Different people prefer different physical activities. How to find the right one for your specific goals and needs?
  3. Dealing with muscle strain – Ouch! Straining a muscle is painful and dangerous. Talk about how to deal with it.
  4. Stretching videos – Shoot a video of your favorite stretching routine.
  5. Warm-up/cool-down exercises – Show what exercises people should do to start and end their workouts. 
  6. Pre/post-workout routine – Make a video explaining your pre and post-workout routines and why it’s good to have them.
  7. Supplements and vitamins – If you incorporate any workout supplements or vitamins, share them with your audience. 
  8. Strength training – What are the benefits of traditional strength training? Is it right for everyone? Give your opinion on these topics.
  9. Cardio – What are the benefits of cardio workouts? How is it different from strength training?
  10. Breathing and posture – Dive into the correct breathing patterns and posture and how they can affect your workouts.
  1. Handstand tutorial – If only handstands were as simple as they seem! Teach how to do a handstand by breaking it down into easy steps. 
  2. Cartwheel tutorial – Can you do a cartwheel? If so, show how it’s done.
  3. Yoga classes – Yoga is the perfect combination of physical exercise and relaxation. Share a beautiful yoga flow with your audience. 
  4. Setting fitness goals – Setting achievable goals helps to stay on track. Explore the topic of fitness goals, whether short or long-term.
  5. Staying motivated – Share what keeps you motivated to push through challenges and achieve results. 
  6. Stop sugar cravings – Sugar cravings are a common obstacle most people face. Give your advice on how to overcome it. 
  7. Reduce bloating – Bloating is another popular topic in the fitness community. Talk about its causes and prevention.
  8. De-stressing – It’s a well-known fact that stress causes health problems and reduces the effectiveness of workouts. Share what helps you de-stress. 
  9. Marathon running – Have you ever run a marathon? Inspire and prepare first-timers with your useful tips and tricks.
  1. Best fitness apps/channels – List your favorite apps, channels, or blogs where you find good workouts and fitness advice.
  2. Losing weight – Weight loss is the most common fitness goal. What are your thoughts and experiences regarding this important topic? 
  3. Building muscle – Talk about the science and basic principles behind muscle gain.
  4. Boosting endurance – What’s the importance of increasing stamina and endurance? Your viewers would greatly benefit from this topic as well!


Beauty and Fashion Tutorials

If you’re a fashion enthusiast in need of an outlet, try beauty and fashion videos. Your viewers will definitely benefit from insightful tutorials and valuable tips.

  1. Nail art tutorial – Got interesting DIY nail design ideas? Bring them to life in a step-by-step nail art tutorial.
  2. Different nail shapes – Get your nail file and show how to create various nail shapes. If you feel extra creative, come up with a new nail shape.
  3. Strengthening nails – Give some nail care tips and hacks that help to keep your fingernails strong and healthy. 
  4. How to achieve heatless curls – Show how to achieve perfect curls without having the heat damage your hair.  
  5. Getting shiny hair – What is the secret to healthy and glossy hair? Your viewers will be interested in hearing the answer.
  1. Hair masks – Share quick and easy DIY hair masks that have been working wonders for your hair. 
  2. 5-minute hair tutorials – Those of us who like to sleep in in the mornings would love to see your 5-minute hair tutorials!
  3. Fancy hairstyles for special occasions – Use your hairdresser skills to create tutorials for more sophisticated and fancy hairstyles.
  4. Cutting your own hair – Recently, YouTube has been flooded with “Cutting my own hair” videos. If you’re a professional, share the proper way of cutting hair.
  5. Cutting bangs – This is another type of video that has been widely circulating on the web. Make a tutorial explaining how to do it correctly. 
  6. Dying your hair at home – How can people dye their own hair at home and still achieve salon-like results?
  7. Growing your hair faster – Show your followers how they can naturally grow their hair faster. 
  8. Dealing with damaged hair – What are some ways to fix damaged hair? Show the process in a tutorial video.
  1. Face masks – Make nourishing face masks using simple ingredients. Show your viewers how to apply and wash off the masks.
  2. Skincare routine – Share some tips on how to develop and stick to a consistent skincare routine. Proper skincare can be life-transforming.
  3. Dealing with problematic skin – You’d be surprised how many people need help with their skin issues. If you’ve got some tips on how to deal with skin irritation, redness, or acne, definitely share your knowledge.
  4. Making your own skincare products – Adding a few simple ingredients together can work magic in treating various skin problems. 
  5. Makeup tutorials – James Charles should brace himself; a new makeup guru might be on his/her way! If you’re experienced in makeup, put your skills to work. Makeup tutorials tend to perform quite well.
  6. Special occasion makeups – Take your tutorials to the next level and teach your audience how to do makeup for special occasions, such as prom, wedding, graduation, etc.
  1. Removing makeup – This step is nearly as important as putting makeup on, yet it’s rarely talked about. Show the right way of removing makeup to avoid skin irritation.
  2. Makeup brushes – With so many different shapes and sizes, makeup brushes can be confusing. Guide your viewers through them, showing what specific brushes are intended for. 
  3. Thrifting – A lot of people are choosing to stay away from fast fashion. This is why thrifting has gained massive popularity in recent years. Visit your local thrift shop and show fashion lovers how to find great deals. 
  4. Altering clothes – Everyone has a neglected piece of clothing that can be turned into something fabulous with a little alteration. Grab your sewing machine and scissors, and work your magic.
  5. Sewing for beginners – Even though it might seem simple, a lot of people don’t know how to sew. A guide on how to use a sewing machine, along with some sewing tips, will undoubtedly help beginner designers.
  6. Designing your own clothes –  If you have creative styling ideas and a lot of fabric, try making your own clothes. This is a great way to give your audience not only styling tips and tricks but also inspiration.
  7. Embroidery – Share various embroidery techniques for beginners or more advanced practitioners. 
  8. Picking an outfit – Those looking to upgrade their style will love your tutorial on how to put together a trendy outfit.
  1. Accessories –  Nothing can pull an outfit together like the right accessory. Talk about how to choose accessories wisely and maybe demonstrate a few examples.
  2. Decluttering your closet– Closet cleanout videos from influencers have been trending for quite some time. Help your followers with closet decluttering tips and make room in your closet while you’re at it! 
  3. Fashion mistakes – Let’s admit it, we’ve all made them. Share the most common fashion mistakes and talk about how to avoid them.


There you have it! Hopefully, we inspired you with some interesting tutorial video ideas. No matter which industry you’re in, there are a ton of fresh video ideas worth exploring. Don’t hesitate to show your unique skills and talents to the world. 

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