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15 Video marketing tips to be successful

15 Video marketing tips to be successful

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23 Aug 2017


Facebook claimed that its total video views had hit 8 billion per day. The same trend is noticed on other social media platforms, which shows that video content has a great domination nowadays.

An effective video marketing strategy can multiply the number of your social shares, boost the traffic to your website and increase the conversion rates. Marketers claim that by 2017 videos will get the 69% of all consumer traffic, mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster compared with desktop ads, and landing pages with videos will get 800% more conversion.


Why are videos great?

Simply because videos are multisensory, they engage more than one sense at a time and are great to be used in product and service demonstrations.

Video uses color, motion, and sound effects to build a strong connection between your content and the viewers' emotions. That’s why they are so memorable and are the winner media for those, who want their messages to get across to potential buyers.

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No doubt, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but an engaging 60-second video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Forrester. If you are looking to win the users’ attention, use video as a useful marketing tool. To help you give it a start, here are 15 tips for successful video marketing campaigns in 2018.


  1. Set a Budget

The first step is setting your video marketing budget. Don’t start unless you know how much you’re able to invest in video marketing.

If you’re tight on budget, know that you don’t need to hire a studio with professional equipment to create a great video. Hire a freelancer or simply make the video yourself – using online video maker platforms.


  1. Animated Video Makers

If you are on a tight budget and there’s no option to hire an A-class animation studio for video production, then the online video making platforms are just what you need. One of the best ways to develop your company and increase your brand awareness is through animated videos. Animation gives your company a chance to engage customers in an emotional and informative way. Creativity is crucial here. You need to break through the noise. At Renderforest, you can find hundreds of video templates which will exceed your expectations of how an ideal animated video should look like.

I need a video


  1. Who is Your Audience?

Understanding your target audience is essential. The content and the style of your video, the choice of the platform for advertisement, everything depends on your target group. No doubt, you have seen some engaging videos on Facebook or other social platforms, that caught your attention.

Facebook Audience Insights can be used if you are looking for a way to understand your Facebook target audience. You can choose which viewers you want to get more information about. Do some homework to find some information about the people who have liked your page, which will help you to better understand your target audience.

Based on the gathered data, you will get a clear image of what type of video you should create.


  1. Why the Story Matters?

Nowadays, a simple video which presents your product isn’t impressive anymore. You need something more. People love to watch videos with interesting stories. In fact, the most engaging videos are often based on an inspiring story which hooks the audience emotionally. Trust us, if you want to create a fun and engaging video that goes viral, you need an outstanding story first.

Here’s an example of an interesting and entertaining video that tells an amusing story.

Create a Promo


  1. Don’t Try to Sell, Tell a Story

An active buzz with the sales is annoying and it always drives away your customers. Make your brand different from the others. Concentrate on the story of your video and its purpose. Remember that this applies to both written and video content. Emphasize the message you want to share, not on the sale. Concentrate on the values of your company.


  1. Is Your Video Long Enough?

Pay attention to the length of your videos. Today, most customers have a lower attention span, so you need to make your videos short and engaging.

Even when the length of the video mainly depends on what you’re trying to tell, be sure to be as brief as you can. The perfect length is under 1 minute. If your video is longer than 1 minute, most likely it will make people close the video before it ends. Short and fun videos are particularly important for companies in forming their viewer base. Once you have constantly engaged viewers, you’ll have a chance to experiment with the video length.


  1. Stop Creating Boring Videos

"The worst thing to do is to have a boring video. Videos that are purely marketing stuff don’t spread”, Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO of HubSpot said. So, how to engage your audience? The answer is clear. People want to laugh, they want to be empowered and inspired, they want to leave their routine and learn something useful. HubSpot is operating according to this rule - they don't take themselves too seriously. According to Dharmesh, humor works well for their video marketing campaigns, and HubSpot tries not to be too conservative. Instead, they encourage video creators to be creative and take risks. The conclusion? Stop creating boring videos. Take the chance to be witty and amusing.


  1. Make it or Break it With the First Seconds

Did you know that the 1/5 of your audience are likely to close the video within the first 10 seconds or less? So, this period is too important, don't overlook it. Play with your audience’s curiosity, ask questions and use teasers to grab their attention. Express your company's values with your video and show your audience that it’s worth watching it. Whether it is fun or for inspiration, maybe it teaches something new, show how valuable your video is.

Do you need a video?


  1. SEO for Videos

SEO is important as well, if you want to increase your organic traffic. When you upload a video to your YouTube channel, there are several actions to be taken for video and channel optimization:

  • Build SEO using the right keywords for your videos.
  • Focus keywords must appear at least once in the title and video description.
  • Add relevant tags.

Always provide additional links in video description box. Contact info, special offers, promos are great ways to engage your audience.


  1. Knowledge is Power

One of the most effective methods you should use in video marketing is to teach your audience. Education and knowledge come in many forms. Show your viewers how to use your product or service, make video tutorials which are extremely popular. You can also organize a webinar to communicate with your audience and speak about the most common questions.


  1. Make Interactive Videos

Customers’ behavior and preferences differ in many aspects. This is why the companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with their target audience. One of the innovative and trendy solutions is an interactive video. These videos allow the customer to participate and affect its outcome.


You create a changeable storyline that enables the viewers to make different decisions and have control over your video outcome.

Pick a video template


  1. Add a Call-to-Action 

So, you have kept your video short and engaging. However, you need to make the ending as effective, as the beginning is. Use the few seconds in the end to add your contact info along with links to other videos. Lead your audience from one video to the next, or to your website. Use this technique which greatly improves your chances of gaining views on your other content.


  1. Video Distribution on Multiple Platforms

After creating an amazing video utilizing all the tips we’ve talked about. Now, it’s time for the distribution. Post it on as many relevant places as you can. Most video platforms offer both free uploads and paid subscriptions, choose the ones that will bring more high-quality traffic.


  1. Share on Social Media Channels

Just between Facebook and Snapchat, there are around 18 billion video views each day. Every day, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on Youtube. These numbers speak for themselves. Just imagine the reach your video can have. Another positive side the social media adds is that it shows the demographics of people who watched your video. And, if you bring relevant traffic, it will, in fact, increase your conversion rates.

Create a video for social


  1. Analyze and Test

Analyzing the results is the final step in understanding the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign. The data that you’ve collected from the campaign will lead you to even more successful campaigns in the future. Besides, after analyzing the results, you can make changes in your campaigns and test new ideas.

Making engaging videos is not very hard if you know what you should pay the most attention to. Take these 15 tips and use them to improve your video marketing campaigns. Create better videos and improve the reach to build an active follower base.

Sources: Salesforce, Digital marketing institute, MyCustomerblog.

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