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10 Dos and Don'ts for an Effective Presentation

10 Dos and Don'ts for an Effective Presentation

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11 Feb 2019

What are the key factors of a killer presentation? A well-structured text, quality images, and great public speaking skills, to name a few. According to some studies, using humor, standing close to the audience, or speaking off script may increase the attention level of the audience.

However, there are more tricks and details in the presentation making process which can make it or break it.

Have you heard about video presentations? They can be pretty engaging. You can try making a presentation with animated characters and scenes to add some action to it and keep the attention of your audience. This is one of the tricks for an effective presentation. But, of course, the style of your presentation depends on the topic you choose.

So, how to make an effective presentation? Below is our cheat sheet of 10 dos and don’ts for making your presentations persuasive and attention-grabbing:

  1. Do think about your key message first, outline its supporting points and examples, rehearse it loudly, and time it. Start working on your slides only after finishing the mentioned steps. Remember that the presentation needs to stand by itself while the slides are for spicing it up to provide some visual experience.
  2. Do a 15-word summary. Can you sum up your idea in only 15 words? If not, reformulate it and try again until you manage to encapsulate the whole presentation in 15 words. This is a helpful technique used by outstanding public speakers.
  3. Do browse a user-friendly presentation platform. The choice of presentation platforms is quite large nowadays. You can simply pick one of these templates and create your presentation slides in minutes at a low price or even free.
  4. Do put yourself in the listeners' shoes.  When crafting your speech for the presentation, try to listen to it as if you are the audience. What piece of information is important to them? What may be boring for the listeners? Apply WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) technique before finalizing your speech, allowing your audience to absorb all the important info.
  5. Do choose photos wisely. Utilize quality images that communicate the concept of your presentation and aren’t compositionally complex. Ideally, photos should help convey your message to the audience without diverting their focus from your speech.

effective presentation tips

  1. Don’t stuff the slides with text. Otherwise, your audience’s attention will be split between what you’re speaking, and what they are reading. As a result, the effectiveness of both your speech and the slide text will only be weakened. List the specifics and any other info that supports your speech.
  2. Don’t read! This is a golden rule for every public speaker. Public speaking is a skill worth developing. If you’re unable to reproduce your speech without the cues, it shows you don’t fully understand the message you’re conveying, which in its turn is a huge minus for your presentation. So, don’t slack off and do your homework diligently preparing your speech.
  3. Don’tplan body language. Be natural and relaxed with gestures. Their main function is to extend your message and reveal the emotions behind the topic of your presentation. The audience intuitively feels deliberate gestures as they don’t match your other bodily signals.
  4. Don’t apologize. Don’t use apologies if you don’t know an answer to a question raised by the audience. It’s totally okay to not know answers to all the questions. Also, don’t say “I’m sorry” for your nervousness. Remember, listeners often can’t find out your anxiety until you declare it loudly.
  5. Don't overuse effects and transitions. No matter how enticing effects the most presentation platforms offer, resist the temptation to use them for every other slide of your presentation. The practice shows that effects and transitions don't really enhance the listeners' experience. However, if you're inclined to use them, choose the most unobtrusive ones and keep it consistent.
effective presentation techniques

Creating a compelling presentation and delivering your ideas in a persuasive way is an art which needs practice and dedication. Using our tips and recommendations will enhance your presentation skills over time and help to win the hearts of your audience.

Good luck with your next presentation!

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