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9 Best Music Video Maker Software and Tools

9 Best Music Video Maker Software and Tools

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24 Dec 2019

As a musician, providing your audience with an engaging visual experience might seem impossible. Especially under a constrained budget.

Producing a high-quality music video is costly. Losing your existing audience because of a poorly produced one is even costlier. And yet, giving up videos altogether might not be the best solution, as videos can help you a lot with marketing your music. This is where music video maker software and tools come to your rescue.

Some of these programs help you edit your footage and sync it with your music track. You can either shoot your video material or find suitable stock videos. There are also platforms included in this list that will help you create a lyrics video or visualize your music track.

Whether you’re a lover of online tools or you feel more at home with software, we hope you find your next obsession among this carefully curated list.


Software for Creating Music Videos

Magix: Movie Edit Pro

Magix offers three categories of products: video editing, music creation, photo and design. Movie Edit Pro, for example, is an editing software you can use for creating music videos. It is suitable for users at any level of experience — from beginner to pro. With this software, you can edit your videos even if you lack any prior experience in editing. Magix also offers an entry-level program for creating music, called Music Maker.

Magix music maker




Movie Edit Pro allows you to handle the editing process manually or turn to automatic features. You can pick a template, add your material, select a scene, and have your video almost ready. 

There are around 1500 effects to choose from, 15 title animations, high-quality intros and outros, transitions and more. If you have experience in editing, you can do it all manually.

While editing, you can freely rearrange, duplicate, cut, copy and paste your tracks, delete the ones you’re not happy with. Choose suitable transitions, add titles and text, apply effects and make your video even more impressive. The final result can be exported in full 4K/UHD quality.


With the wide variety of templates and scenes, it is possible to make a music video even with no knowledge of editing. There are several other useful features as well. For instance, to keep your tracks organized and structured, you can colorize them. Markers will help you better control such effects as movement, speed, and color. 

The latest feature allows you to find gaps in your video and close them automatically. Also, there are support “wizards” to guide you through the entire process.

Magix Music Maker 

A couple of words on the Music Maker as well. Beginners in the music industry might find it particularly useful, as this program is easy to use, and has an entire library of sound effects and loops. The simple interface allows you to drag and drop the musical elements of your choice and assemble them however you wish. 

You can also virtually play a variety of musical instruments, layer them, add your music files and vocals. The features of this software can be significantly expanded via plug-ins.

Magix edit scenes

Screenshot: Tony Savage | YouTube



A free trial of Movie Edit Pro is available and gives you 30-day access to the program. The paid version costs $69.99. It includes 900 effects, templates and transitions, professional video stabilization, and Fast INFUSION Engine. More features are available in advanced versions (Plus and Premium, which cost $99.99 and $297.98 respectively).

Music Maker has 3 plans: Free, Plus and Premium. The free version gives you access to 425 free sounds and loops, 4 Soundpools, 3 instruments, Multicolor support, 8 tracks and effects. Paid versions have a wider variety of tools and features. The Plus Edition costs $59, and the Premium one — $129.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro the industry-leader among video editing software. It allows users to create perfectly polished films and videos for any purpose. It’s also very customizable and gives its users a lot of freedom in their creative process. Premiere Pro is the perfect choice if you’d like to create your music video from scratch, without using any ready-made templates.

Adobe music maker




The program allows you to edit the footage itself, increase or decrease exposition, contrast, highlights and shadows, alter the color balance and much more. Both automatic and manual color correction is available. The same goes for contrast correction. The program can automatically fix light and dark areas, or enable you to do it yourself. 

This software is also great for working with audio. While editing your music video, you can make further adjustments to your music track as well if you find it necessary. You can even add additional sound effects directly in the program, as it supports multiple layers of both video and audio.


The interface is clean and, after a bit of experience, user-friendly. It’s possible to edit with high precision as you can navigate the footage frame by frame. There are keyboard shortcuts to help you speed up the whole process.

If you'd like to edit together video clips that were recorded simultaneously on different cameras, you can do it automatically by synchronizing them via audio. This feature is useful when your scene has been shot from different angles or distances, and you need to intercut between them.

With this program, it’s easy to match your video rhythmically to the music. Add markers wherever the beats are in the audio and place your cuts or special effects right on those markers. In Premiere Pro, you can also increase or decrease the speed of footage. This can be particularly useful when creating a dynamic and fast-paced music video.


A 7-day free trial is available, after which a paid plan starts. The monthly plan costs 20.99$/mo.



Filmora is an editing software for beginners who want to create videos without having to learn all the complex functionalities of editing programs. Users describe it as affordable software, suitable both for video and audio editing. 

Filmora music maker

Screenshot: Filmora Video Editor | YouTube



Filmora allows its users to add overlays, animations, images, gifs, text, music and other elements to their videos. It’s possible to crop and resize footage or fit it into a certain playtime. Clips can also be rotated and flipped if necessary.

A lot of special effects can be added to make the video more engaging, such as the animated split-screen effect. 


Filmora has great editing effects specifically for music videos. Screen Pump Effect, for example, makes the screen bump to the beats of your music track. The Flicker Effect is created by inserting very short clips (typically black backgrounds) right where the beats are. Thus, the video is rhythmically synced with the music.

Every subsequent version of Filmora has additional options and possibilities. Filmora 9 allows its users to have up to 100 layers of audio and video. This feature is great for achieving a rich sound design. Video stabilization, also available in this version, allows you to smooth out the shakiness in the footage. The Lens Correction tool can automatically remove distortions such as fisheye. 

With Filmora 9.2, you can make a time-lapse video by importing a sequence of images and letting the program put them together. The shared media library makes it possible to use footage, music or sound effects from other projects, without importing them all over again.


Filmora plans start at $49.99. A free trial is available, but the exported videos have watermarks.



There are two options for creating a music visualizer: using templates and making one from scratch. If you would like to save time and still get a professional-looking video, you can use the templates at the end of this article. If you’d rather make a customized music visualizer from scratch, then Blender is the perfect solution. It is open-source software for creating 3D animations, which can be used for visualizing music as well. 

Blender music maker

Image: BlenderArtists



Creating a music visualization with Blender is a fairly simple process, and it leaves you a lot of space to experiment.

First, you open your music track in this program, then you select the modifier of your choice. You can change the resolution, the scale, and the choppiness of your visualizer, as well as its material. You’re also free to create a customized background for the animation by uploading an image and setting up lighting.

Blender music visualizer


Blender is a highly customizable tool that can help you achieve the exact animation you have in mind. If you’d like to add realistic lighting to your scene, its Cycles path-tracer engine will help you with this task. Blender also allows you to create an unlimited number of layers and organize them into hierarchies. 

Another advantage of this program is its GPU rendering, which speeds up the whole video rendering process. The functionalities of this software can be expanded further with extensions. You can even come up with your tools and add-ons. 


Blender is open-source software and is free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. There are additional training courses and tutorials available with a Blender Cloud Membership, which costs $9.90/mo.



VideoStudio is a user-friendly and intuitive editing program, perfect for beginners, amateurs, and experienced editors. Its Multi-Camera tool is an ideal solution for you if you’d like the scenes in your music video to combine footage shot on several cameras simultaneously. The convenient interface of this tool will allow you to find and use the best parts of each footage and edit them together. 


To customize this platform to your music video needs, you can make several simultaneous video recordings of the lead singer or musician. You can freely experiment with angles and shot sizes, placing cameras high and low, close and far, or using lenses with varying focal lengths. Having different versions of the same scene will give you a lot of space to get creative while editing. 

VideoStudio music maker

Screenshot: Corel VideoStudio | YouTube


After you upload your video clips to the Multi-Camera editor, the tool will analyze your footage and sync it together. The synchronization can be done based on the audio, markers, shooting time, and manually. Additional audio can be added as well, including a direct audio import from a microphone. 

Once the synchronization is done, you can easily switch between angles, shot sizes, and various elements of a scene. This way, you can find the best footage to use at each moment of your music video. 


Multi-Camera Editor has 2000 customizable filters and premium effects. It allows you to create text masks and save them in the library for later use.  

Its video stabilization tool removes the shakiness from videos shot with a handheld camera. Color grading tools allow you to change the mood of your video and give it a more coherent and stylized look. 

The Dynamic Split Screen feature makes it possible to show multiple videos at the same time. The final result is exportable in HD and 4K quality. 


VideoStudio’s plans start at $100, with a 30-day free trial available.



KineMaster is a full-featured video editing app for iOS and Android devices. There is no separate version available for PC. However, it’s possible to work around this limitation and use the program on Windows or Mac. It has both video and audio editing tools, which makes it suitable for music video creation as well. 

Kinemaster music maker

Screenshot: JC Navarro | YouTube



In KineMaster, it is possible to create multiple layers of videos, audios, images, and text. You can place 8 or more audio files on top of each other. Everything can be adjusted, trimmed and split with perfect precision. Transitions can be placed exactly where the user finds appropriate, not a frame away. 

Adjustment tools enable users to change the brightness or saturation of a video. It’s also possible to come up with your own custom filters.


The app allows you to create double-exposures. Voice-over and audio can be recorded directly in the program and be instantly integrated with the video material. Your edits are available for preview as soon as you make them, without the need to wait for the final result. 

As KineMaster is a mobile app, it can be used easily on the go. This means your inspiration should not wait for you to get to the computer. It can be instantly brought to life.


The free version of KineMaster has some tool restrictions, and videos can be exported only with a watermark. Its monthly subscription costs $4.99, and the annual subscription is $39.99.


Online Tools for Creating Music Videos


Motionden is an online tool for making videos. It is template-based, which makes it perfect for those who don’t have experience in video editing. It is particularly suitable for creating customized lyrics videos. 

Motionden music maker

Screenshot: MotionDen | YouTube



The wide variety of templates allows you to find and choose the one that best suits your needs. Users simply upload their images and text, and the program generates an animated video for them. There are many options to customize the chosen template by changing the audio, the video clips, the text and images, and even altering the color scheme.


Motionden has a simple and very user-friendly interface. Its ready-made templates allow you to create videos quickly and efficiently. There are more than 25 categories of templates available for every need. The videos you create can be automatically uploaded to Youtube without the need of downloading them to your device. 

Motionden is also the most affordable intro maker and has a 99% customer satisfaction rate. It is a certified YouTube partner.


Motionden has a free version, which allows you to create up to 5 videos, with their watermark included. However, the watermarked videos cannot be downloaded to your device or shared anywhere except for YouTube.

You can remove the watermarks on your videos for $9 each, and then you are free to download them. Alternatively, you can subscribe to their paid plan. It costs $39/mo, billed monthly. 



Kapwing is an online platform for creating videos, images and gifs. It’s available on iOS and Android devices, and PCs as well. It’s easy to use and is suitable for beginners. There are many customizable templates available for creating videos, including lyric videos.

Kapwing music maker




Once you choose a template, you are free to upload your files into it. With Kapwing, you can customize the background colors, layers, the size of the elements and more. The program also facilitates the process of creating subtitles or adding the text you want to the video. 

There are several tools that allow you to trim, loop, reverse or rotate your video, as well as convert it to another format.


Kapwing is suitable for creating lyrics videos. There are several ways you can customize your lyrics, like choosing their placement on the screen, adjusting their tempo, setting font size, etc. You can select the background for your lyrics video and upload images that will appear beside the text. 

The videos can be made in both vertical and horizontal formats. The former ones are perfect for IGTV, and the latter for Youtube. This platform can also turn images into videos and watermark them, generate slideshows and montages. On a funny note, this tool can also be used for creating memes.

Kapwing music maker



Another cool feature of this tool is that it allows its users to collaborate on projects and get things done together.


The free version has a 500MB upload limit, and it allows you to edit and store your projects for up to 7 days. There are no watermarks on videos exported for free, and you can access all the tools. 

The paid version costs $20/mo. It allows you to upload files as large as 1GB, and store your content without time restriction. The paid version lets you make your content private and gives you access to premium features.



Renderforest is a comprehensive online platform that allows you to create videos, logos, product mockups, and even websites. Renderforest video maker has lots of templates for music visualizations, explainer animations, kinetic typography, corporate presentation, and much more. This platform helps you to create professional-looking videos in no time.


The video templates available at Renderforest are so diverse in both style and context that it’s very easy to find something that suits your needs. Once you choose a template, you have all the freedom to choose the scenes you prefer (there are usually hundreds). The colors, the text, the audio of the templates are all customizable as well. After you choose your scenes, you can adjust their order, duplicate or delete them.

The interface is very straightforward. No video editing skills are required for using the program. 

Renderforest music maker


Renderforest video maker gives you access to 195,000 high-definition royalty-free stock footage. This way, you can make professional videos at an incomparably lower price. 

A perfect option for musicians is the Music Visualizer tool. By visualizing the beats of your music, these templates allow you to create a multisensory experience for your audience. Add the author’s name, the title of the track, and the visualizer will do the rest for you.

There are also Typography packs that allow you to make dynamic lyrics videos. All you need to do is choose a template that communicates the spirit of your music track and add the lyrics to the text field. 

The platform allows you to store your videos online so that you never worry about losing them. 


The free option includes unlimited 360p video exports, up to 3-minute video length, a limited number of music tracks, and 500 MB of storage. Free videos can only be exported with a watermark.

Paid plans start from $9.99/mo. This particular one offers 7 HD720 videos per month, up to 5-minute video length, 30+ music tracks, and no watermarks.


 Bass Drops Music Visualizer

Energize your music track with the Bass Drops Music Visualizer. Immerse your audience into the world of beats and vibrant colors. Add your logo, set up a background, and get your customized video in a few minutes.

Create Now


 Neon Beat Visualizer

Ready to turn up the mood with neon lights and responsive geometry? Neon Beat Visualizer is here to do that! Upload your music, choose the style you want, and the upbeat video clip is yours for the taking.

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 Alternative Music Visualizer

Let your music track vibe with the cosmos with this Alternative Music Visualizer. Have cooler ideas for the background? Go ahead and try them out!

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 Modern Music Visualizer

White, clean, and simple — this visualizer is the newly found gem of minimalists. With no visual distraction, your audience is guaranteed to be fully immersed in your musical masterpiece.

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 Reflexive Music Visualizer

Set up a calming ambience for your music track with the Reflexive Music Visualizer. Personalize it to your liking by changing the background and uploading your audio. Ideal for soothing and introspective music.

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Heartbeat Monitor Music Visualizer

Emphasize the different sound layers of your track with this Heartbeat Monitor Music Visualizer. Upload your music, adjust the colors, and let the graphic effects captivate your audience.

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To Sum Up

Whether you use templates or make your music videos from scratch, this process requires time, effort, and creativity. These resources, however, do pay off. When properly integrated with your marketing strategy, videos can bring incredible results. Most importantly, they give you more visibility and expand your audience. So, what? Are you ready to go ahead and make your first music video?

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