Powerful Video Landing Page Tips And Examples

Powerful Video Landing Page Tips And Examples

What if you took your best explainer, demo, or some other relevant video and turned it into a landing page video? The chances are your landing page will succeed. 

Why? Well, if we played a round of “Would You Rather?” and we asked you “Would you rather watch a video about what you’re interested in, or read about it online?”, what would your answer be?

In fact, 54% of consumers say they want to see video content, rather than any other type of content from a brand.

While no one can guarantee the exact number of your conversions, we can all agree that people love watching videos: they are more informative, fun, easy, and engaging.

But besides being a means to grab the attention of your page visitors and keep them there longer, a landing page with a video brings in more conversions than a landing page with regular text does.

So how can you create the best video landing pages for people to stick around and convert? This article will cover the following topics to find the answer to this question, so pull on your PJs and get comfortable:

  • Why Use Video Landing Pages
  • 7 Things to Know About Converting Video Landing Pages
  • Types of Landing Page Videos 

Why Use Video Landing Pages

These days the average human attention span is lower than that of a fish, at 8 and 9 seconds respectively. So when you direct people to your landing page, you have less than 8 seconds to grab their attention, make them stay, introduce your offer, and have them convert. After all, landing pages are all about people clicking on that CTA button.

Video landing pages - attention span

Source: Focusingfuture


So, why do you need to use videos to do this, instead of writing about your offer? Read away:

  • Videos on landing pages increase conversions by up to 86%
  • Videos help businesses to increase 31% conversions, 34% sales, and 54% traffic
  • 72% of people prefer to watch videos to learn more about a product or service
  • Users spend up to 88% more time on websites with videos
  • 43% of users watch up to 30 minutes, 34% from 30 minutes to an hour, and 23% more than an hour of video every day
  • A website with a video is 53 times more likely to appear on the front page of Google

Basically, videos have the power to keep your visitors longer on your landing page, show your product or service, instead of telling about it, and, of course, improve your CTA engagement. Makes sense, right?


7 Things to Know About Converting Video Landing Pages

Once you are sure you want to have a landing page with video, it’s time to come up with the possibly best video for your page. But how do you do that?

  • Is the message of my video clear?
  • Is the video relevant to my landing page?
  • Will the viewers connect with it?

Once the answer to all these questions is “YES!”, you are going in the right direction. Here are some other relevant questions that you might need to be answered before creating a landing page video. 

  1. Do You Really Need a Script?


Planning your landing page video is the best way to understand what message you want it to convey and what kind of questions you want to address and answer in it. A good script is going to help you every step of the way when creating a video, and be a reminder for you not to leave any important points out.

Video landing pages - video script tips

  1. How Long Should a Landing Page Video Be?


Based on recent statistics, the best performing videos on the Internet are 1-2 minutes long, which means this should be your clue for the length of your video. Try to include the essential features of your product or service in 90 seconds, so it’s both informative and fun. It won’t make your visitors skip the rest and just quit the page.

  1. Should Landing Page Videos Autoplay?


Let’s be honest here, it’s annoying when we arrive on a page and there is a video playing automatically. It makes us confused and irritated, especially when we have to find the stop button because we’re in a public place. 

Our advice is, no, it shouldn’t. Don’t force your visitors into it, especially when having a landing page video play automatically takes your page longer to load and sooner for people to get bored. Instead, let the users have the upper hand and play the video whenever they are ready. It might slow your CTA engagement a bit because not everyone is going to play the video, but the opposite will cause you more damage. People just won’t be willing to follow any of your landing pages.

Video landing pages - autoplay video

This said, make sure the “Play” button is really visible and enticing, like the Renderforest example above. So once people decide to watch the video, it’s right there, visible as clear as day. 

However, if you’ve decided to have your video autoplay on your landing page, consider muting the sound for your audience, until they decide to really watch the video and unmute it.

  1. Does its Thumbnail Really Matter?


Just like a YouTube video thumbnail, your landing page video thumbnail is what’s going to keep your visitors on your page, so it’s quite necessary to have a fantastic and tempting cover for your video. It will keep your visitors interested and eager to see the content of your video, and before you know it, they will click the CTA button to “Get a Demo”, “Download the app”, etc. 

Video landing pages - thumbnail

Another way to leave a great impression and raise interest is turning a gif from your video into a thumbnail. Here is a genius example by iMPACT. Their “Get in touch” landing page has a video on the side, with a gif thumbnail, and it just makes you want to see what’s the whole video about. 

  1. Where Should a Landing Page Video Be?


Right where it’s most visible. However, don’t just throw it on people’s faces once they open the page. Make its position natural, under your subheadline, or next to it. People should be able to easily navigate on your page, without scrolling or clicking too much to get to your video. It will drive them off the road, because hello? Attention span, anyone?

Another thing you should pay extra attention to is the “relation” between the video and the CTA button of your page. They should be close by, to motivate people to click it after watching the video. This won’t make your text, CTA button, or video stand aloof on their own either, instead, your landing page will be more convenient.

Video landing pages - placement

Setting a video as your background is also another killer tactic. Take HRdownloads, for instance, there is a huge video in their background, however, the sound is completely off, making it look like a collection of impressive scenes. You can play the video with sound by clicking on the zoom-in button on the right.   

  1. How Big Should Landing Page Videos Be?


When it comes to the size of the embedded video on a landing page, it’s helpful to remember that people are watching your video on a number of devices – laptops, PCs, mobiles, tablets, etc. You have to make it of a practical and noticeable size, so your visitors are not confused or lost.

  1. How Fast a Landing Page Video Should Load?


52.8% of people are ready to give up the video they are watching if it takes longer to load. So the speed of your video and landing page loading makes a great difference. It affects your conversion and engagement numbers, as well as drives your potential customers away. To not face these issues, it’s necessary to make the video and landing page load in 5 seconds at least, before the users get irritated and refresh or quit the page.

Video landing pages - page load time

Source: Spocket


Types of Landing Page Videos

Explainer Videos

These are the types of videos you most probably see on the majority of landing pages. As the name suggests, explainer videos do the explaining. They break down the complicated concepts into easier, more digestible pieces, so people can grab the information faster.

Embedding this type of videos is convenient when your product or service is relatively new or foreign to most of your target audience. They give a clear picture to your visitors about the functions of your product or service, and what solutions they offer for certain problems.

Video landing pages - explainer video

Source: Dynadmic


Explainer videos have a couple of variations you can choose from to embed on your landing page. The most used types for a landing page are character animation, whiteboard animation, and live-action explainer videos.

Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos on your landing page give more detailed information about it and “tempt” people to try it themselves. 64% of consumers are more likely to get the product after watching a video about it, so make sure the most important questions about your product are answered in it. 

Video landing pages - product video

Source: Apple


Creating an informative demo video for your product will leave no room for the visitors to contemplate further about clicking on that call to action button.

Promotional Videos

If your landing page is supposed to promote your business then a promotional video on your landing page is the right way to go. It’s kind of a teaser-trailer with your best shots collected in one video and showcased with the best, most engaging solutions. You can add a dynamic track to it, or quick transitions, to make it short and impressive.

It’s also a great idea to embed an introduction promo video like Swagbucks did. They are using their homepage as a landing page with a video, to give an idea about their brand and what you can do on their platform.  

Video landing pages - promotional video

Testimonial Videos

For people, it’s not easy to trust others, even more so, when it comes to the matters of the Internet. So the best way to lead your visitors to convert is to share a testimonial video on your landing page and let it work its magic. Testimonial videos are where your users share their experience with your brand, as a kind of an interview video, ensuring your new users that your business is legit.

Video landing pages - testimonial

Source: Sharpspring


These videos help you create a better connection with your landing page visitors and convince them to convert. They are a great option if you want to increase your credibility and value among your potential customers.

To Sum Up

What do you think? Does your landing page need a video to boost your conversion and engagement rate? We hope this article will become handy when you start working on your next video landing page. Don’t wait any longer, let’s start creating your video right now, and if you need assistance in creating it online, Renderforest and its many templates are here to help you.


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