How to Make Animated Educational Videos and Presentations

How to Make Animated Educational Videos and Presentations

If you are a pupil, a student, or a teacher you might have faced the fear of an upcoming presentation. It takes time to prepare for a good presentation, and sometimes your presentation is doomed to failure because it’s boring.

But, if you want to turn your audience into active listeners, you need to do your best.

For a successful presentation, you need to make it engaging enough to keep your audience’s attention during the whole process. What can be more engaging than animated characters? Renderforest offers you a great opportunity to tell a compelling story with an animated video presentation.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to make animated educational videos with the help of our “Educational Video Toolkit”. Pick any topic you want and start creating.

The educational toolkit is a modern and unique template designed for schools, colleges, universities, and for those who are interested in creating educational videos. With more than 300 different educational scenes, icons, and character animations, you can use our free animation video maker or cartoon video maker to create something impressive and fun. It can be an educational video for online courses, tutorials, a video presentation, a difficult lesson explanation, or a simple message to your classmates.  

So, let’s get started!

First, you need to sign up or sign in to the platform, if you already have an account. Then, go to the “Video Templates” library, choose the “Presentations” category and click on “Educational”.

Educational Video Templates

Choose the “Educational Video Toolkit” and click on “Create Now”.

Educational Video Toolkit

You have 3 options here, to create your video with. 

Educational Video Toolkit - Editor

Click on “Load a Preset” to use our ready-made presets, and edit them. This will help you save your time. 

Educational Video Toolkit - Presets

The “Type Your Script” option will generate a video for you with the help of our machine learning and AI algorithms. Just type in your video script and your video will be ready within minutes. 

Educational Video Toolkit - Add My Script

And with the “Add Scene” option, you can choose and insert the scenes you like. There are over 200 scenes of animated characters, icons, and background animations that you can use to create your project.

Educational Video Toolkit - Scenes

If you want to add images choose one of the image holders and click on “Upload” to add them from your computer, “Media Library” if you’ve already uploaded them before, or “Image URL” if your photo is from the web. However, if you don’t have a suitable media file for your project, the “Stock Image” option will offer you a variety of images, from where you can choose the ones you need. 

Educational Video Toolkit - Media Library

You can also include videos in your presentation. Choose one of the following options to add a video, or go to the “Stock Footage” to use some cool videos from Renderforest’s collection. 

 Educational Video Toolkit - Videos

In “Stock Footage” or “Stock Image”, type your topic in the search section, or choose one of the most searched topics, select the media file you like and click “Insert”.

 Educational Video Toolkit - Stock Videos

Once you add the video files you need, you can trim them to select your desired part, or mute and change the sound of your video.

Educational Video Toolkit - Trim the Video

After typing your text and arranging the scenes, go to the “Style” section to choose the look of your presentation. 

Educational Video Toolkit - Style

Choose the colors of your project next and click “Generate” to apply the changes. You can either choose a  color scheme from the ready-made color pallets or create your own color combination.

Educational Video Toolkit - Color

Next, it’s time to choose the music. Select a track from our “Music Library” or click “Upload” to add it from your device. You can also add your voice over or mute your project completely.

Educational Video Toolkit - Music

Now that you’ve finished editing your video, it’s time to preview it. Choose the “Free Preview” option, to see your final result before downloading it. 

Educational Video Toolkit - Free Preview

That’s it! Your video will be ready within minutes.

Video Export

Your masterpiece will be saved in your Renderforest account. You can edit and download it any time by clicking on your name and choosing “My Videos” from the drop-down list. 

There are several options for you to export your creation with. The first one is the free option. We recommend you to export the free version first, before processing to the paid rendering. Free videos have SD360 quality and a watermark.

The other option is to download your video with high-quality by choosing one of our paid subscription plans. You can find all the details of our pricing here.

Animated characters will surely help you engage your audience, but if you want something different, you can use other Renderforest templates for your presentations. 


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