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Our marketing video maker offers you a large selection of tools to craft engaging marketing videos online in a few clicks. Use professionally-designed video templates to create social media videos, video advertisements, company promos, and many more. Promote your brand in digital space and achieve your business goals!

Trending Video Marketing Templates on Renderforest

Digital Marketing Company

Elevate your brand with Renderforest! Create marketing videos infused with your unique text and visuals. Our marketing video maker allows you to customize each element of your video content and create a custom animation that will resonate with your audience.

Music Video Maker

Digital Marketing Course

Promote the digital marketing courses offered by your company with an interactive and memorable video. Infuse your personal touch into this pre-designed narrative using our cutting-edge marketing video maker tools, sculpting it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. In just minutes, you can add your unique flair, create a video that stands out from the crowd, and download it in your preferred format.

Music Video Maker

Marketing Services Promotion

This template may be the perfect option if you are looking for an effective yet simple way to promote your marketing services. Customize the ready-made scenes to match your company image and goal, and your dynamic marketing video is ready!

Music Video Maker

Marketing Agency Promotion

Showcase the prowess of your digital agency or business through polished marketing videos that exude professionalism. Explore our marketing video maker while you edit the information, add your visuals, play around with the design, and export your eye-catchy video in minutes.

Music Video Maker

Digital Marketing Agency Promotion

Create marketing videos showcasing the high-end benefits of your marketing agency with this ready-made template. Dive into a world of diverse scenes and captivating designs that empower you to produce attention-grabbing promos for your business.

Music Video Maker

Digital Marketing Course Opener

Get the word out about digital marketing and other online courses your company offers with Digital Marketing Course Opener. Use this pre-made story template to create marketing videos that effectively propel your business into the online sphere, drawing in a larger audience of eager participants.

Music Video Maker

Effective Marketing Company Promo

Create winning marketing videos in a blink with this professionally-designed animated template. Customize it with a simple blink - add, remove, or rearrange scenes to suit your vision. Tune the style to harmonize with your brand, infuse your unique message, and with a swift click, export a video that promises to make waves in the digital realm.

Music Video Maker

Broadcast Video Editing Toolkit

Here’s your go-to template for crafting mesmerizing marketing videos, all while conserving your precious time and resources. With over 400+ scenes spanning various categories, this toolkit is your creative playground to effortlessly fashion striking marketing videos that resonate with any business genre.

Music Video Maker

Color Craze Typography

Combine modern style, vibrant hues, and bold typography to create marketing videos that stand out. Choose from 100+ scenes, add your message and visuals, alter the colors, and pick transitions to create a lively promo.

Music Video Maker

How to Make Marketing Videos Online?

Pick a Marketing Video Template

Browse through the growing library of editable video templates ranging from marketing course promos to agency presentations. Choose the one that seamlessly aligns with your professional requirements. Take charge by hand-picking scenes that most vividly showcase the advantages of your business. Alternatively, harness the power of our marketing video maker's editing tools to personalize the pre-designed presets.

Personalize the Template

Personalize the template by adding your information and editing the colors, styles, fonts, and transitions to get a marketing video highlighting your product's benefits. Watch your marketing video come to life as you use the 'Snapshot' feature, gaining a preview of each scene's appearance. Upload your visuals, pick a catchy tune, or include a voiceover for a more persuasive result. Adjust the video duration, and your stunning marketing video is ready!

Export Your Animated Video

Once your video is ready, go to the 'Preview' section for a firsthand look. If there's any tweak you wish to make, you can quickly go back to the editor and do it. Once you are happy with the final result, select your preferred quality and give our marketing video maker several minutes to render it. Download the video to your device or share it on social media platforms right from the editor.

Why Create Marketing Videos for Your Business?

Videos Build Credibility and Trust

Marketing videos are incredibly effective in communicating the key messages and building credibility. They enable you to show your brand's personality, connect with your viewers, and earn their trust, all while educating your audience about what you have to offer.

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Videos Engage Your Audiennce

Because of their dynamic and vibrant nature, videos are shared more than texts and images combined. They also encourage more comments and tags, bringing your brand to the spotlight. Creating exciting and memorable marketing videos for your brand will attract and entertain your audience and make them stick around to learn more about your product or business.

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Videos Increase Covnnversions

A marketing video that conveys the right emotions can significantly impact your sales and conversions. Well-thought-out marketing videos highlighting all the benefits of your product have the power to fire up interest towards your product, thus driving sales and capturing leads.

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Shiv Shankar

Digital marketing manager

From day 1 I started creating professional marketing videos. Renderforest’s super easy user interface provides tons of services in one place. If you are looking to promote your brand just go for it. It's just incredible!

Taylor C..

Marketing Analytics + Social Strategy

Finding Renderforest was a true gift! You can pay to export even one video at any quality level, or use a subscription that's reasonably priced and valued for a marketing team with a small budget. The templates and videos are beautiful when exported - true professional quality.

John L.

Career & Life Coach

Renderforest social media marketing tools are a great fit for my small business. The platform and tools are highly relevant and easy to navigate and result in targeted, visually appealing videos. I highly recommend it!