20+ Editable YouTube Video Templates

20+ Editable YouTube Video Templates

Say, you’ve already come up with a channel idea you want to dive into and created the channel. You have also thought of your first YouTube video; moreover, you’ve already recorded your video too. 

The only thing left for you to do is to edit your video, upload it to YouTube, and promote it to get more views. Easy, right? 

But wait, what if you have no editing skills whatsoever or are simply in a rush to upload your video to YouTube? 

No need to panic, because this is why YouTube video templates exist. 

Here are 20+ editable YouTube templates that can help you create and edit videos in a blink of an eye. All you need to do is to upload your media files to the editor, make the adjustments you might need, and share your videos with the world! Simple as that! Why spend money on online courses just to learn how to make a YouTube intro or video when you can use a template?

So, without any further delay, let’s get to the list of our YouTube templates for every purpose! 

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  1. Creative YouTube Intro

Creative YouTube Intro

Add a touch of creativity to your YouTube videos with the help of this original intro template. Add your media files, text and complete the whole project with a catchy music track. Your video will be ready for you to download shortly after. Perfect for YouTube outros and intros, video openers, and much more. Check it out now!

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  1. YouTube Video Editing Toolkit

YouTube Video Editing Toolkit

Free up some space on your device by using online editors. With YouTube Video Editing Toolkit, you can edit your video clips easily and quickly. Choose the scenes you need, add your video clips or image files, and don’t forget to insert your text and a music track to make your video more professional. Give your YouTube videos a polished look with this vibrant editing pack. Try it out today!

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  1. Quick YouTube Intro

Quick YouTube Intro

Impress your viewers within seconds with this quick but outstanding intro template. Type in your channel name, paste your link, add your icon, a music track, and voila, your video intro will be ready to go. Another great feature is that you can choose light or dark versions of the template. Create your quick YouTube intro now! 

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  1. Album Promo Visualizer

Album Promo Visualizer

Announce your new album or music track and encourage the world to remember it with this trendy template. Type in the name of the new release, the name of the artist, and upload a visual perfect for the track. You can also choose the style and the look of the visualizer to set the perfect mood for the track. The template is available in landscape, square, and portrait versions, making it easy for your to share on all platforms. Go after your success right now!

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  1. YouTube Outro Pack

Youtube Outro Template

Create a powerful call-to-action for your YouTube video to show professionalism and attract more engagement. Choose any of the 30 scenes and edit them with your text, music track, and media files to get the outro and intro you need. The outro maker also comes in handy here. Become a YouTuber with pro videos right now! 

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  1. YouTube Channel Promotion

YouTube Channel Promotion

If you’re looking for a way to boost the number of your subscribers, then we’re happy to tell you you’re at the right place. This trendy YouTube video template will do the job amazingly once you add your media files, text and choose a music track to make it more professional. Create your promo video now!

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  1. YouTube Channel Music Visualizer

YouTube Channel Music Visualizer

Creating a high-quality music visualizer within minutes is not a hassle anymore. Use this Youtube music visualizer to turn your music track into a piece of visual art. 

Upload your track, choose a background image from your device, or select one from our stock. Don’t forget to add the name of the artist and the title of the track. 

Perfect for YouTube channels, album presentations, single releases, social media promotions, and a lot more. Try it out today!

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  1. YouTube End Screen Pack

YouTube End Screen Template

Making an irresistible and attractive call-to-action for your YouTube videos is now a reality. Encourage your followers to subscribe to your channel or watch your next best video with this captivating end screen pack. Give it a try now!

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  1. Bass Drops Music Visualizer

Bass Drops Music Visualizer Template

Blow up your YouTube account and social media with this aesthetic music visualizer template. This is the perfect chance for you to amaze your audience with a high-quality video that can transfer the power of music. Upload your track, add your logo and a background image, and enjoy the visualization of your track in a few minutes. The template has three different styles you can choose from to make every video unique! Give it a try now!

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  1. YouTube Music Channel Promo 

Your music channel is worth discovering, that’s for sure. Create a promo video to help people find your content and gain new subscribers. Add some scenes from your old footage, impressive short texts, and choose a memorable music track to enchant your audience. You can also record a voice-over right in the editor and make your video more impressive. Check it out now!

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  1. YouTube Gaming Channel 

Kill the vlogging game (see what we did there?) with a video promoting your YouTube channel. Edit this gaming video template with your media files, text, and music track of choice to attract new subscribers and get more views. Are you ready to start? Ready, set, go! And that YouTube has introduced its Shorts feature, you can also take advantage of our YouTube Shorts template designs for this purpose and others. 

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  1. Lifestyle Vlogger Self-Promotion 

Are you a lifestyle vlogger ready to be discovered and share your aesthetics with the world? Fasten the process by creating a vibrant and telling promo video about your YouTube channel. Add your visuals, a music track, a voice-over, or a text, and get your promo video just as quickly! Try it now!

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  1. Exclusive YouTube Channel Promo 

It’s time to attract more viewers and loyal subscribers through a new, advanced tool — a promo video. Use this colorful template and make this promo a part of your YouTube strategy. With a few clicks, you can upload your media files, add a music track, record a voice-over, insert your text, and download your final promo video. Check it out now!

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  1. Point-by-Point Product Comparison 

Compare two or more products using this irresistible product comparison template. This trendy template will help you compare any products point-by-point and not make it exhausting and confusing for your audience. Upload your image and video files to the scenes, type in your text, choose a music track, and download your project. Or, you can easily upload it directly to YouTube right from the editor. Give it a shot today!

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  1. Healthy Morning Routine

Share your productive morning routine with your subscribers and followers through a professional-looking video. Add your image and video files to the template, insert your text, choose a background music track or record a voice-over to connect with your viewers better. Share your healthy morning “rituals” with the world today!

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  1. Live Q&A Session Teaser 

Share a teaser video about your upcoming live Q&A to intrigue and encourage people to join the broadcast. Tell them the details of the live and ask them to prepare their best questions to chat with you. 

This teaser video template is a perfect way to engage your audience and make sure they don’t miss the event. Add some behind-the-scenes footage or scenes from your previous videos and complete your teaser video with a music track or a voice-over. Check it out today!

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  1. Time to Change Fitness Channel Promo 

It’s time to motivate a change and introduce yourself to potential subscribers with an inspiring promo video for your fitness channel. Upload your media files to the template, add your text, a music track, and view your project before downloading it in high quality. Make a promo video as powerful as your fitness journey! Start creating a video today!

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  1. All Things Marketing Vlog Promo 

As a marketer, you most probably know how important video content is for marketing. So, promote your marketing vlog on YouTube by making an eye-catching video about it with your content and details. Upload some scenes from your old videos to this template, add your text, choose a music track, and wait for the result. Create your promo video today!

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  1. Learn and Discover with Us Channel Promo 

Educational channels are among the top YouTube channels with millions of subscribers, but is your channel one of them? 

It’s the right time to join the list of the most subscribed educational channels on YouTube with the help of a promo video. Tell your potential subscribers about the things they can learn with you and don’t forget to add your CTA. Upload your image and video files, type in your text, choose a music track, and share the final result with the world. Try it today!

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  1. Welcome to My Tech World Vlog Promo 

Boost the number of your subscribers by promoting your YouTube channel with an impressive video. Add your image and video files to the template, type in your text, choose a music track and the style of your project, and get your promo video just as easily. Give it a try now!

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  1. Let’s Do Yoga YouTube Promo

Direct yoga enthusiasts to your YouTube channel with a short and effective promo video. Upload your image and video files to the template, add your text, and complete your promo video with a relaxing music track. Also, don’t forget to ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel for more updates. Namaste!

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  1. Vlogger Self-Promotion

Use this effortlessly attractive and engaging promo video to boost your vlog views and the number of your subscribers. Edit the template by adding your media files, text, and music to drive the highest traffic to your YouTube videos. Try now!

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  1. Fashion Channel Promo 

Promote your fashion channel with a terrific video, full of lively scenes and short texts. This promo video will help you introduce your YouTube channel to a new audience and grab their attention almost instantly. Add your media files to the template, insert your text, choose a suitable music track, and your video will be ready within minutes. Give this template a shot now!

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  1. Cooking Channel Promo 

Create a mouthwatering promo video for your cooking channel to reach a wider audience. It’s an easy way to gather foodies on your YouTube channel and turn them into fans. Simply add your video and image files to the scenes, type your text, choose a music track, and download your promo video shortly after. Give it a try today!

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  1. YouTube Promotion

Youtube Promotion

Promote your YouTube channel by making a video about it and sharing it on different platforms. With the creative and easy features of this template, you can create an engaging promo video for your YouTube channel or blog, as well as presentations and intros. Give it a try today!

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So, these are some of the best YouTube video templates that can help you create all kinds of YouTube videos with just a few clicks. Browse more video templates.


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