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Whether you're planning a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or corporate event, Renderforest makes it easy to design and send electronic invitations. With our eco-friendly option, you can reduce waste and simplify the invitation process. Start designing your perfect virtual invitation website today and make a lasting impression on your guests!

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Choose from an array of free and user-friendly invitation maker templates

Our invitations maker comes packed with a wide range of free electronic invitation templates. Simply select your preferred template, add your event details, and voila! You'll have a stunning virtual invitation ready to send out.

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Vanilla Wedding Invitation

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Floral Baby Shower

Kid's Birthday Party Invitation

Housewarming Party Invitation

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How to make your ideas come to life

Choose a website template

Start by selecting one of the free electronic invitation templates that best match the theme of your event. Our virtual invitation maker comes with a variety of templates to choose from, including options for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

Customize your invitation

Once you've selected your website template, it's time to customize your invitation. You can easily change the wording, font, style, and color scheme to match your preferences. Add photos, graphics, or other design elements to make your invitation truly unique.

Add event details

Now it's time to add the event details. Include the date, time, location, dress code, and any other important information that your guests need to know. Double-check for accuracy to ensure your guests have all the necessary details to attend your event.

Send and track your invitations

Once you’re happy with the results, you can send your electronic invitations directly through the platform. With our electronic invitations with RSVP, managing your guest list and invitations has never been easier!

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3 great reasons to create electronic invitations with Renderforest

Convenient and time-saving

Electronic invitations are easy to create and send, saving time and effort compared to traditional paper invitations. They also eliminate the need for physical delivery, which can be particularly useful for long-distance or international guests.

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Easy to track RSVPs and manage guest lists

Our free virtual invitations often come with built-in RSVP tools that allow guests to respond quickly and easily. These tools also make it easier for hosts to manage guest lists and keep track of who is attending, making it easier to plan for the event.

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Electronic invitations are generally more affordable than paper invitations, as there are no printing or postage costs involved. This makes them an attractive option for those on a budget or who want to save money for other aspects of the event.

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People also ask

How to make electronic birthday invitations?

To make electronic birthday invitations, start by selecting a template or design that matches the theme of the party. Then, customize the invitation with important details, such as the date, time, and location of the party, as well as any additional information, like a dress code or RSVP options. It’s easy and doesn’t take much time!

What are the benefits of electronic graduation invitations?

Electronic graduation invitations are a convenient and cost-effective option for announcing and inviting guests to a graduation ceremony or celebration. They can be customized with the graduate's name, school, and degree information, and can be easily shared with friends and family members in just a few clicks.

Can electronic invitations be personalized?

Yes, electronic invitations can be personalized with various information, including event details, guest names, and customized messages. Renderforest offers customizable templates and designs, which can be easily edited to include personalized information.

What is the etiquette for sending electronic invitations?

The etiquette for sending electronic invitations is generally the same as traditional paper invitations. Electronic invitations should be sent with enough advance notice to allow guests to plan and respond appropriately.

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