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Renderforest helps you to promote your brand with professional magazine covers and newspaper mockups. With our free online mockup generator, you can easily customize and download personalized mockups with no design skills.

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Magazine mockup templates in various design styles

It does not matter what kind of business you got, we have them covered. Renderforest offers you a range of print assets for your personal brand or customers’ projects. These creative, customizable, and beautiful magazine mockup templates will save you time and money!

How to easily create free magazine mockups

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Browse the library of magazine mockups

First, have a look at the variety of options provided by Renderforest and choose the magazine mockup template for your client or your own design project. Start editing it right in the browser.

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Upload your design

Once you click on the template you liked, you will be redirected to the Renderforest mockup editor page. Here you can upload your design. The latter will automatically be added to the template with the right adjustments.

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Customize the template you chose

After adding your design to the magazine mockup, you can customize it by changing its background or colors to align its style with your brand identity.

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Download the final version

Congrats! Now you are a click away from getting your stunning magazine mockup. Find the Download button below the mockup and download it in seconds!

Benefits of using magazine mockup templates

Reaches a wider audience

You can promote the launch of your magazine on various social media platforms even before sending it to print. Customize the magazine mockup and post it on social media to inform your audience about the launch. As a result, more people will be looking forward to buying your new magazine.

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Saves on costs

Magazine mockup templates will allow you to present your final magazine design to your team or clients for further discussion. During this stage, you will find out which parts need to be changed and improve them accordingly before printing the magazine.

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Makes interaction with your readers possible

If you aren’t sure about the design of your magazine, you can create 2 versions using our free magazine mockup templates and ask your audience which one they prefer on social media. That will not only increase the engagement on your social media profiles but will also help you find out the preferences of your potential clients.

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What is a magazine mockup?

What is a magazine mockup?

A magazine mockup is a type of mockup that will help you create your magazine layout in seconds. The main advantage of magazine mockups is that they allow you to see what your design will look like in reality. So, you can make adjustments before printing it in your magazine.

How to make a mockup for a magazine?

If you want to create a mockup for your magazine you should browse Renderforest's library of free magazine mockups and choose the one that best suits your needs. You can create the mockup in seconds by uploading your files to it!

How can I get high-quality mockups?

To get a high-quality magazine mockup you can subscribe to Renderforest's monthly or yearly plans. Another advantage of getting a subscription is that you will be able to remove the watermarks whenever you want.

Where can I download mockups for free?

Download magazine or newspaper mockup designs for free using Renderforest's mockup editor. First, customize the template, then download it with one click.

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