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Renderforest helps you create and publish music visualization videos online. We support one click publishing of your videos to youtube and facebook. Renderforest has a wide range of music visualization templates you can choose and edit online. Make the most out of your track by providing the ultimate listening and visual experience with our online music visualizer. Whether it be a cover, audio visualization, a remix of a song or an original piece, don’t hesitate to create a video using our online video maker.

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Renderforest understands that producing a track is already hard work, and creating a visual component is even harder. Simply choose your prefered video template by browsing template catalog, edit online by uploading your music track and we’ll create a nice visualization video for you. Simply pick the visualizer that best suits the genre of the track, upload the audio and allow our online audio visualizer to create a simple and free music video.

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Audio React Visualizer

Looking For something different? Take a look at this sound project! Audio React Visualizer is a template for making an awesome music videos. You can use it to promote your music on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video service. Simply upload your images and music and get an amazing and unique video today.

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Circle Audio Spectrum

The Circle Audio Spectrum template features a dynamic visualizer in the form of waves throughout the video. Music equalizer visualization can provide an attractive asset to your website, increase your traffic and engage your audience. It's an easy way to promote your video channels and provide an extra spark to your other activities or events as well. Select your music, and Renderforest does the rest. Try it today.

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Alternative Music Visualizer

Alternative Music Visualizer is simple solution to promote your cool audio tracks on YouTube or Vimeo, or even TV show. You can choose from 6 audio spectrum options we offer and customize with your own color. We included default Sci-Fi background, which can be changed by your own image or video.

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Abstract Music Visualizer

Welcome to the Abstract Music Visualizer, an evolved equalizer visualization. Abstract lines become visualizations unique to your music or audio track. Bring your listeners further into your vision with mood boosting custom color palettes. It's the perfect way to show off your new music, send a message, or introduce a video. Try it out today, and see your music brought to life.

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Rainbow Music Visualizer

The Rainbow Dust Visualizer template comes packed with a colorful equalizer animation and particle effects; all perfect for a more psychedelic or diverse music visualizer. The equalizer is dynamic, and changes depending on what music you upload. This Rainbow Dust Visualizer is perfect for representing your new electronic track or just to introduce your channel with a creative spark.

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Flat Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

Flat Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer template features a dynamic visualizer in the form of waves throughout the video. Music equalizer visualization can provide an attractive asset to your website, increase your traffic and engage your audience It's an easy way to promote your video channels. Upload your music, and Renderforest will take care of the rest.

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Luminance Music Visualizer

The Luminance Music Visualizer is a modern audio visualizer used to meter music and voice pitches. This visualizer provides an eye-catching audio spectrum with a shallow depth of field to show a smooth luminance effect in an animated equalizer. This template can be used for video DJ’s, audio recordings, night clubs, tape recordings, and more

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Cassette Music Visualizer

The Retro Cassette Visualizer Template is a the perfect way to present that new Indi song you wrote. It features a rolling tape equalizer visualization that changes depending on the music you upload. It's well suited for music videos, band websites, and more. Try a free sample today, and see what your music looks like.

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You can use our music visualizer to create all kinds of music visualization videos.

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How to make a Music Visualisation videos ?

Check our blog for great tips and tutorials on how to create impressing high quality music visualisation videos by using our free online music visualisation creator.

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