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Introduction to Renderforest

What is Renderforest?

Renderforest is a comprehensive online platform for branding. We believe in making branding affordable to all businesses and startups.
  • Video Maker enables you to create professional videos with minimal effort. With hundreds of templates at your fingertips, it's never been easier to make business explainers, commercials, logo animations, and lots of other video projects.
  • Website Builder allows you to create a functional and responsive website with no programming or web design skills. Regardless of what type of business you run, you are sure to find the ideal website template in our ever-expanding catalog.
  • Graphic Maker allows you to browse our growing library and design social media flyers, posters, event promo materials, presentations, reports, and more.
  • Logo Maker will help you create a new logo for your business online. Provide a short description of your business, and our AI-based tool will generate numerous easy-to-customize designs for you to choose from. Our logo artists design new icons weekly to expand the existing collection.
  • Mockup Editor will save you all the hassle of product photography. Whether your goal is to market a clothing store, beverage brand, magazine, or artwork, high-quality visuals are no longer something to worry about.
  • Is Renderforest free?

    We provide free tools to create professional videos, logos, mockups, graphics, and websites. You don’t need any technical skills. All users can create their projects and download them for free. If you have a paid subscription, you can export files in HD, remove watermarks, and have access to our advanced features. Users can build their website and publish it for free on the Renderforest subdomain. If you want your own domain with advanced features, you need to sign up for our premium options.

    Is Renderforest a cloud-based platform or an app?

    Renderforest is a cloud-based platform. It has an IOS app and the Android version on its way!

    What is the recommended browser for Renderforest?

    Renderforest works fine with most browsers.The two we'd recommend are Google Chrome and Safari. But if you use Mozilla or Internet Explorer, don't worry -- Renderforest is fully compatible with these two.

    Who are our users?

    Thousands of individuals and businesses love our products. The ease of use and the quality we provide are widely appreciated by freelancers, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, students, and teachers all around the world. Our platform gives startups affordable access to branding solutions, helping them grow and establish themselves in the market. Even well-established businesses have made our tools an inseparable part of their marketing efforts.

    How do I get started?

    To get started on Renderforest you need to:
    • Sign up on our platform. You can do it through email, Facebook, or Google.
    • Decide which tool you need from your dashboard. The available tools are the logo maker, video creator, mockup editor, website builder, and graphic designer.
    • Click on one of the tools to begin creating your awesome projects.
    • You can use multiple tools simultaneously.

      How do I change the language?

      Renderforest is available in 9 languages. You'll find the button in the right-hand corner, next to your name. Select your preferred language from the drop-down menu. If your language is not listed, you can use your browser’s built-in translator.

      Where can I find tutorials on how to use Renderforest?

      Check out the video tutorials in our YouTube channel. You can also find several tutorials on how to use our services in the tutorials category on our blog.

      Do you have an affiliate program?

      Yes, we do! Our affiliate program pays you for sending customers our way. You will earn up to 25% commission on every single sale you refer ( monthly/annual plans and pay per product option). Once your affiliate makes a purchase, you will see their name, email address, and your earnings in the settings page of your account. This way you will be able to save on your exports.

      Can I earn money with Renderforest?

      Absolutely! Check out our affiliate program.

      Can I change my email address?

      Your email address can be changed given that you have a subscription plan. However, the projects you created won’t be transferred to your new account. To change your email address, send a request to our support team.

      My account is suspended. What should I do?

      Your payment may be marked as fraud. In such cases, the system automatically blocks your account and sends you a refund. Contact our support team to resolve the issue.

      Can multiple users use one account?

      Yes, you can subscribe to our Agency plan and add multiple users. All projects will be automatically saved.

      Subscription and Payments

      What is a Renderforest subscription?

      A Renderforest subscription is an unsigned agreement between Renderforest and the customer. The customer agrees to be billed monthly or annually for products or services they will be using.

      Where can I see my subscription plan?

      To view your subscription plan, click on your name in the right-hand corner. From the drop-down menu, choose “Subscription” to access your active and closed subscriptions.

      What payment methods do you accept?

      We've got the following options:

      Credit and Debit Cards

      - We accept both credit and debit cards. You'll be able to choose your preferred method of payment before processing it. We accept the following types of card payments directly: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover Card, JCB, Diners Club, Debit Card.


      - Renderforest accepts PayPal payments. Once you are done editing, preview your video. Please, make sure no further changes are needed. Then choose your preferred quality and proceed to payment using the PayPal option. Please note that PayPal is available for payments in euros and US dollars.

      Can I change my billing information?

      If you are a subscriber and want to change your billing information, please email our support team at to get further assistance.

      If you would like to use the pay-per-product option, you just need to enter your new billing details at the checkout.

      Will my subscription automatically renew?

      Yes, all subscription plans renew automatically. If you don’t want to be billed, cancel your subscription before the expiration date.

      What are Renderforest paid options?

      To export or purchase your projects, you have two types of payment options:

      1. Pay per product: pay for each project exported in high resolution

      2. Subscription plans։ we have monthly and annual subscription plans

      What happens to my projects if I change my subscription plan or when the premium trial period ends?

      If you change or cancel your subscription plan, you can still download your existing projects. However, if you would like to make new changes, your tools will be limited to your current plan. Also note that all your created projects and media files will be automatically deleted if you don't log in to your account for more than 60 days!

      Is it a must to subscribe to a yearly plan?

      No, it’s not! We also offer monthly subscriptions plans.

      Can I pay month by month?

      Absolutely! Just pick one of our monthly plans. Turn the auto-renewal on and the system will charge you every month.

      Can I purchase multiple subscriptions for my company?

      Yes, you can! Either purchase several subscription plans for your company members or check our Agency/Enterprise subscription plans. These accommodate 3 and 5 managing sub-users respectively.

      I’ve tried purchasing twice and receive an error code. What should I do?

      Such issues may occur because of the browser you are using. Please, switch to another browser or PC to process the payment.

      Note: Make sure the information in your billing form is correct.

      To get further assistance, please contact our support team at

      How do I apply the coupon code?

      1. Go to the 'My Videos' page, choose the video you would like to export in HD, and click on the 'Export' button

      2. As soon as you are directed to the Payment page, scroll to the coupon section and click on the blue link that says 'I have a discount coupon?'.

      3. Enter your coupon code, provided by Renderforest Support Team.

      4. Select your desired quality and click Apply.

      I'm getting an error message while applying the coupon code. It says 'The coupon is not valid.' What should I do?

      If you’re getting the 'Code not found' message, you have likely been entering an incorrect number or the number of a fake coupon. Fake coupons found on other sites will not work on Renderforest. The only way to successfully redeem a coupon is to receive the coupon from Renderforest. All third-party providers of Renderforest coupons are invalid.

      How can I get a discount coupon code?

      We support our creators by providing discount coupon codes. To learn more about how to get and apply them, please check this article from our blog.

      How can I get a coupon code for a subscription plan?

      Discount coupon codes for the subscription plans are given for Lite, Amateur, Pro, and Agency subscribers.

      Share the Renderforest pages on your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed in a Public mode and get a 5% discount coupon code for the Lite monthly or annual subscription, and for the rest of the plans, 5% for the monthly and 8% for the yearly subscription.

      I am a student, how can I get a discount coupon code?

      Renderforest does support all students and has an educational discount. Contact from your educational email with .edu domain and get 20% discount coupon code for one video export.

      What is the Reseller License?

      Reseller License gives an opportunity to resell the HD videos you create to other companies or clients. Most of agencies resell our videos and we do not have any license limitations in the case of exports in HD 1080 (when you purchase the product in HD1080 quality by making a single export or subscribing to the Agency plan).

      How can I cancel the auto-renewal of my subscription?

      You can cancel auto-renewal from your subscription page and continue using the services until the expiration date of the plan.

      To cancel the auto-renewal:

      - Go to the 'Subscription' page.

      - Hover the mouse on the 'Recurring' section and click on the 'Active' button.

      - Then you need to confirm the cancelation process by clicking on the 'Yes, cancel' button.

      The recurring status will become 'Inactive', and the system will not try to charge you again.

      If you face difficulties in the cancelation process, please contact our support team at email address to get further assistance.

      Can I get a refund if I purchase the product by mistake?

      Renderforest has no obligation to provide a refund or credit for reasons including but not limited to, if you:

      - have changed your mind about a purchased product,

      - bought a product by mistake,

      - do not have sufficient expertise to use the product,

      - do not have any need to use the product.

      - For any questions or concerns regarding a payment made to Renderforest, please contact our Support team at email address.

      Creating Videos


      How do I create a video with Renderforest?

      1. Choose any template from our five categories: Animation Videos, Intros and Logos, Slideshow, Presentations, and Music Visualizations.

      2. Edit your template online.

      3. Once you are done with editing, click the 'Preview' button.

      4. Go to the 'My Videos' page to find your rendered video.

      Check out our video tutorial for more information.

      What sort of videos can I make with Renderforest?

      Renderforest Video Maker allows you to create videos both for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Here, you will find templates for business explainers, logo animations, promotional videos, YouTube intros, kinetic typography, music visualizations, wedding or travel slideshows, product videos, event invitations, corporate presentations, infographics, and more.

      How long does it take to create a video?

      Creating online videos on Renderforest is quick and straightforward. It takes no more than a few minutes to finalize a project, export, and download it.

      Can I edit the text in videos?

      Yes, you can edit any text and remove it if needed.

      Note: All text holders have a word count. Be mindful of the limits to avoid losing characters and words. If you exceed a word count, the text field will turn red. Make sure no text holder is red before you begin rendering.

      Can I change the fonts in videos?

      Yes, font changing is available for most templates. Please subscribe to a plan to be able to use this feature.

      Can I upload my font(s) to video templates?

      Yes, you can upload your font if you are a subscriber to one of our plans.

      Can I upload my own videos?

      You can upload any video in MP4 format by choosing a template that features a video holder.

      Can I edit the colors in videos?

      Depending on the template you choose, you can find the 'Color' tab where you can alter the colors of the template or select a color palette suggested by Renderforest.

      Can I change the music in videos?

      Yes, you can change the music from the 'Music' tab. You can either choose a track from our music library or upload your own by pressing the 'Upload' button.

      Can I upload my own music/voice-over?

      Yes, you can upload your own music or voice-over by pressing the 'Upload' button in the 'Music' section of our editor.

      Required formats: MP3 or WAV

      Required size: 30MB

      Can I have both music and voice-over in a video?

      Yes, you can upload both voice-over and background music.

      Follow these 3 steps:

      1. Open the 'Music' tab.

      2. Click the 'Upload' button and choose your music file.

      3. Click the 'Add voiceover' button to upload your voice-over.

      Make sure you are uploading the right file to the right section.

      How long does my song have to be for music visualizers?

      All music visualization templates support files up to 10 minutes long if you use the Pay-per-Product option (the free previewed version will be up to 1 minute). For subscription plans, the music duration is the same as the maximum video duration of each plan.

      Note: Make sure the file you are uploading is in MP3 or WAV format and doesn’t exceed 30MB.

      Can I delete music from my account?

      Yes, go to the 'Music' tab where you'll be able to access the 'Uploaded Music' library. Choose any track you wish to delete and click the delete icon.

      Note:You'll be required to remove the track from all the projects where it has been used to be able to delete the file from your library.

      Can I create and export my videos in different video formats?

      Projects created with Renderforest are exported in .mp4 format which is compatible with most of the players and browsers. However, after exporting the video in HD1080, you can change its dimensions and format using a third-party video editor.

      What is the recommended size for uploaded images and logos?

      The recommended size depends on the type of image you are using. For logos, we recommend PNG files on transparent background with the dimensions of 1000x1000 px. For other images, use JPG files with the dimensions of 1920x1080 px.

      Do you have templates longer than 3 minutes?

      Yes, we have templates up to 1 hour in length. The maximum duration of a project is determined by the limitation of your plan. With the Pay-per-Product option, you can create videos up to 3 minutes long. For longer videos, please check out our subscription plans.

      Is it possible to adjust the timings of the scenes?

      Yes, most of our templates support scene duration adjustment that you can easily alter.

      Can I create a video with the IOS app?

      Yes, you can create and download your videos with our IOS app. You can use the same account on the web and in the IOS app. The projects will be synced automatically and you can continue making edits from different devices.

      Can I find templates that support the 'Script to Video' option?

      Yes, when you open the video templates page, on the left side of the screen, you'll have an option to filter templates that support the 'Script to Video' feature. Click the checkbox, and the system will instantly find the templates.

      Can I filter the templates and presets?

      Sure, to do so, please open the video templates page where you can use the filters on the left to select either templates, presets, or both.

      Can I filter the template based on the 'frames per second' property?

      Yes, you can filter by opening the video templates page and finding the 'Frames per second' property on the left side of the screen. Here, you can pick your desired option from the drop-down menu.

      Can I create videos in vertical or square formats?

      Yes, you can. We have templates in landscape, vertical, and square formats. You can pick the format you need from the left sidebar of the video templates page. Here, choose your desired video aspect ratio: 16:9, 1:1, or 9:16.

      Can I move or delete scenes?

      Yes, you can move and delete scenes with all our templates. Select a scene, drag and drop it to move its position. Use the delete icon to remove a scene.

      Watch and Share

      Can I pay to export a single video?

      Yes, Renderforest has a Pay-per-Export option that allows you to pay for one high-quality video and download it with no watermark and audio claim.

      What is the best size and format for uploaded videos?

      We recommend uploading videos in the following formats: mp4, .qt, .3gp, .flv, .avi, .mov. Make sure the files don’t exceed 30 MB.

      How do I save my video?

      All projects are being saved automatically on your 'My Videos' page, and you can download them from there.

      Note: Payment on Renderforest is made per each export. We recommend previewing your video before you export it in high resolution to avoid paying twice.

      How do I preview my video?

      After you finish editing your project, move to the 'Preview' tab and press the 'Preview' button. Once the rendering process is complete, you can find and preview your video on the 'My Videos' page.

      Can I edit the video after I’ve made it?

      Payment on Renderforest is made per each export. You can re-edit and re-export your video, but you'll be charged twice in this case. We recommend previewing your video before exporting in high resolution to avoid paying twice.

      My rendering is in queue for a long time. How to solve the issue?

      Due to server overload, rendering videos may take a bit longer than expected. Please be patient and be sure that your video will be rendered soon. HD exports have a higher priority in the queue.

      Can I leave the site while my video is rendering?

      Yes, you can. Your video will be available for download on the 'My Videos' page once the rendering is complete. You can also enable email/push notifications.

      Will Renderforest delete my rendered videos?

      All your video projects will be saved on Renderforest and only you can delete them. You can come back and re-edit your projects.

      However, please note that all your created projects and media files will be automatically deleted if you don't log into your account for more than 60 days!

      How do I remove watermarks?

      Renderforest video and audio watermarks will be removed once you export your video in SD360, HD720, or HD1080.

      Will my HD videos have watermarks if I subscribe?

      All HD videos will have neither video nor audio watermarks.

      I have already paid for the video, but it still has watermarks. What should I do?

      Payment on Renderforest is made per each export. Therefore, we recommend previewing your video before you export it in high resolution to avoid paying twice. If you edit your video after having exported it in high resolution, you will face such an issue. Contact our support team at to resolve the issue.

      Can I monetize videos created with Renderforest on YouTube?

      Yes, both the videos and music available on Renderforest are licensed and can be used on YouTube. You will get a copyright claim if the music used in your video is from the Licensed Collection of RenderForest. In order to remove the copyright claim, please kindly visit Adrev, add your URL and this note: 'Music used under license from Lester W. (Your Transaction ID here).' If your Purchase transaction ID is correct, the claim will be removed in a few hours.

      Building a Website

      How do I make a website with Renderforest?

      1. Go to the “Build Website” page and choose a template from your preferred category.

      2. Make sure you are logged in, so you can access the editor and start customizing the template.

      You can also start building your website from scratch without using any of the templates.

      How to add elements to my website?

      You can use one of the website templates or build your website from scratch. In both cases, you have the opportunity to add various elements and sections to your site. Click on the '+' sign to add a new component to your project.

      How to publish my website?

      You can publish your website either under a Renderforest free subdomain (ending with '') or you can pay to publish it with your own domain. The fee doesn't include the domain cost, but you can buy one or attach your current domain.

      Can I get a free domain for my website?

      Building a website on Renderforest is free of charge, but the service doesn’t include free domains. However, you can use a Renderforest free subdomain (ending with ''). You can choose to buy a new domain or attach your current domain to your website.

      Is it a one-time or recurring fee for the website maker?

      After your layout is ready, you'll need to pay for hosting to get your website published. The fee will be either monthly or yearly, depending on your plan. You'll need to renew your subscription monthly or annually to keep your website functioning.

      What can I do if I don't have a domain?

      If you don't have a domain, you can buy one from our platform. To do so, please click on your dashboard, go to 'My Domains,' and search for a domain to purchase.

      Can I create a one-page website?

      Yes, you can. To create a new page, go to the “Pages” section from the left sidebar and click on “Add New.” Then, type in your page name, which will also be used as the page URL, and click “Create.”

      Can I add a live chat to my website?

      Yes! In the “Widgets” section, you can add a live chat to your website for better customer support.

      Can I connect analytics tools to my website?

      Yes, you can. In the 'General' settings, you can manage the cookie settings, add your favicon, select the social image, website email, Google Analytics ID, and Facebook pixel ID.

      Will my website be mobile friendly?

      Yes, our website templates are optimized for mobile and tablet. You can preview your website on different devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile) before publishing.

      Designing Graphics

      How do I design graphics with Renderforest?

      To design graphics, follow these simple steps:

      - Choose your favorite pack from our ever-growing library.

      - Choose your desired dimensions and click 'Create Now.'

      - Edit the template by changing the text, images, and other details.

      - Download your graphic once ready.

      Is the graphic maker free?

      Creating graphics on Renderforest is always free of charge. You can download free graphics as low-quality JPEG files. We only charge for premium designs and advanced features.

      How can I download my graphic files?

      All the graphics you create are being saved on the 'My Graphics' page where you can find and download your projects.

      Can I share my graphic file with other people?

      Yes, you can share your project. To do so, please subscribe to any of our plans to enable public link-sharing.

      What formats are availabe for graphic files?

      You can download your graphic files in JPEG or PDF formats.

      Can I upload my own files to the graphic maker?

      Yes you can. Go to the graphic editor and click on the 'Images' tool. It will allow you to upload your desired photos.

      What kind of designs can I create with Renderforest?

      You can browse our expanding graphic library to find designs for social media, flyers, posters, event promo materials, presentations, reports, and more.

      Can I create a custom-sized graphic file?

      Currently, this feature is not available, since our graphics are designed in specific sizes to fit different requirements. You can download graphics sized for various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, posters, flyers, presentations, and more.

      Can I have the same design in different sizes?

      Yes, you can. Check out the available sizes in the top section of the editor and change the dimensions as per requirement.

      Editing Mockups

      How do I edit mockups with Renderforest?

      Editing mockups with Renderforest is easier than you think.

      Follow these simple steps:

      - Choose your favorite pack and start editing.

      - Upload your image or pick one from your media library.

      - Change the background color if needed.


      For more, check out our video tutorial.

      Is the mockup maker free?

      Creating mockups on Renderforest is always free of charge. You can download free mockups with watermarks. We only charge for high-resolution JPEG mockups without watermarks.

      Can I make changes to the image after purchasing it?

      After purchasing the image made with Renderforest Mockup Editor, you are free to use it as you wish. However, Renderforest design team strongly recommends not altering the designs outside Renderforest editor to preserve the overall look of the project.

      Can I sell the images I make with Renderforest Mockup Editor?

      Yes, you can sell the final product or use it in advertisements to sell other products.

      Can I use my mockups in commercial projects?

      Yes, you can use the images you create with Renderofrst Mockup Editor for commercial and personal purposes.

      Can I get mockups without being subscribed to any of the plans?

      Yes, you always have a Pay-per-Export option. You can pay for only one mockup and download it without having to subscribe to a plan. But if you need more than one mockup, it would be more beneficial for you to subscribe.

      How can I download my mockup?

      All your mockups are saved on the 'My Mockups' page. Open that page and click the 'Download' button to save your project on your device.

      Can I re-edit and download a mockup after I’ve paid for it?

      No, once you export the mockup, you cannot re-edit it. You can use the same mockup scene for your next project, but you'll be required to pay for a download.

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