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Attract and convert more customers globally with the help of Renderforest's multilingual website builder. Localize your website to reach a larger audience in just a few clicks, without any programming skills.

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Music streaming app

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Personal brand and portfolio

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Specialized learning center

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Online fitness training

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Advertising agency

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5 benefits of a multi-language website

A multilingual website designed to overcome potential cultural barriers will put users into a comfort zone, helping them navigate and interact with your content easily. You will get the following benefits once you create your own multilingual website with Renderforest:

  • Building trust among customers

  • Improving brand image

  • Reaching a larger audience through international SEO

  • Reducing bounce and improving conversion rates

  • Offering potential for increased sales

How to build a multilingual website using Renderforest

It takes a few steps to create a multilingual website that directly speaks to your audience! Follow the simple instructions mentioned below, and you will own a professional-looking site that helps you reach your business goals globally:

  • Select a relevant template from our extensive library and sign up to customize it.

  • Click on Settings from the left side menu and choose Languages to localize your website.

  • Set your current website language as primary.

  • Make your website multilingual by adding at least one secondary language from the available list. You can have a multilingual website with up to 6 different languages!

  • Saved the language list? A language switcher will appear on the website header. All the pages will initially have the content of the primary language, so it’s up to you to edit and translate each of them in the editor. You can also customize the page structure of secondary languages.

  • Easily hide any secondary language webpage from the live site if you're still working on its edits. Use the Hide button next to each secondary language anytime you want to hide it or make it visible again.

  • After localizing the website, publish it by using Renderforest's free subdomain or your own domain.

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People also ask

How can I make my website multilingual?

You can make your website multilingual using a website builder that offers the creation of multilingual websites, such as Renderforest. Once you subscribe to Renderforest, you can create a multilingual website that supports up to 6 languages.

Are all your templates adapted to the multilingual feature?

Yes, all our website templates are adapted to the multilingual feature. All you have to do is get access to our premium features and select the languages for your website from the suggested list. After, you can start customizing the web pages separately by changing the page structure and style, components, colors, and fonts.

Get free hosting for your multilingual website

If you do not have a custom domain, get a free subdomain with Renderforest to publish your multi-language website on the internet. Renderforest offers safe and cost-free site hosting, allowing you to register your domain and host it all under one roof.

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