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Increase your organic traffic acquisition with the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool. Improve your content research and generate data-driven content that ranks without leaving the Renderforest website builder!

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Renderforest x Semrush: Integration features

User-friendly websites with search-optimized content.

Create functional websites and landing pages with no programming skills right from your browser.

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Grow your organic traffic and sales with an easy-to-use SEO tool.

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Improve your website SEO with Keyword Magic Tool

The Semrush tool in Renderforest helps you to lead keyword research and get the SEO metrics that matter the most.

Search intent

Find keywords that match your content type and format. Check if they have informational, navigational, commercial, or transactional intent.

Search volume

Get to know the monthly search volume of your target keywords and estimate their value and benefits for your rankings.

Search query trend

Track how your target keywords are trending over the last year and predict results.

Competitive density

Discover how many advertisers compete for a particular keyword in paid search and set up a successful PPC campaign based on the demonstrated data.

Keyword difficulty

Analyze the traffic competition for your chosen keywords and pick wisely the low-hanging fruit opportunities.

SERP features

Check which rich results appear on the results page for each keyword and learn how you can potentialize the traffic acquisition of your content.

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How to use the Keyword Magic Tool from Semrush

The Semrush Keyword Magic Tool is extremely easy to use. Follow these 6 simple steps to refine your core topics that will give your website a better chance to rank on the search engine results page and target qualified traffic:.

Click on the “Settings” button

Go to Renderforest’s website builder settings and find the new Semrush magic tool option in the marketing integration tab.

Connect Semrush integration

Choose the Semrush Keyword Magic tool from the marketing integration tab and connect your Renderforest account to Semrush with a single click.

Once authorized, click on the “get keyword” button

After the successful authorization, you can dive deeper into your keyword research by clicking on the button Get keyword.

Choose your keyword and country database

Type the keyword into the search bar and filter the database by selecting the location you aim to target.

Sort your keyword preferences

Now you are free to sort the keywords based on their types: questions, broad matches, and related phrases. You can also copy them by clicking on the Copy icon next to each keyword.

Pin the editor for easy access

Access the Semrush SEO tool in seconds by pinning the editor from the results pop-up or the settings.

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People also ask

Who can use the Semrush tool?

All users can implement the Semrush SEO tool once they start creating a website with the help of Renderforest’s website builder. Keep in mind that you will still need a Semrush account to connect it to Renderforest if you want to carry out keyword research with the Keyword Magic Tool.

Can I use the Integration without a Semrush subscription?

If you want to use the Semrush integration, you should have at least a free Semrush account. It takes a few minutes to create one using your Gmail or any other email service provider. Head over to Semrush, fill in your email and password, then click on the button Create an account to sign up for it.

Do I have to create a Renderforest website to access the Semrush tool?

The Semrush Keyword Magic Tool is integrated with the Renderforest website builder. Accordingly, you should use the website builder to access this tool. Choose any website template from our library and connect the Semrush Magic Tool from the marketing integration tab. Once you log into your Semrush account, you can start your keyword research.

Which Renderforest plans will have access to the new Semrush SEO tool?

All plans, even free users will be able to access this new feature. Just remember, you’ll need a Semrush account too.

Is the Renderforest website builder free?

You can create a stunning website for free using Renderforest’s website builder. However, some advanced features, like creating multilingual websites, are available for paid subscribers.

Get a free website with Renderforest

If you do not have a custom domain, get a free subdomain with Renderforest to publish your website and integrate the Semrush SEO tool.

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