Happy Birthday Video Greetings

Studies have shown that people who have birthdays live longer, which is just another reason to celebrate them in style. With Renderforest’s pre-designed templates, you have the option to spoil your loved ones with a surprise birthday slideshow dedicated to how awesome they are, as well as allowing you to record your own memories and send it to those who were unable to share this special day with you. Don’t allow distance to interfere with the celebration process – make sure your loved ones share the big day.

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So far, we have two different options available, depending on the type of mood you wish to set, and the individual being congratulated. For a more classic option, you may choose the basic Happy Birthday template, which arranges your photos in the shape of a pop-up card – an ideal template for congratulating relatives or co-workers. Likewise, if you want to embrace your creative side, try out the birthday party video template. Sometimes, there is nothing better than a funny slideshow to lighten up that person’s day.

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Happy Birthday Slideshow

60 second version

Whether it's for you or friends or family, you can celebrate birthdays in style with this whimsical photo slideshow. Add your best photos and text on each frame to experience this "pop-up-book" style photo presentation, free to make and share with your friends. Also you can make funny birthday videos for your best friends or animated birthday cards with our simple video maker app. Try it today!


Birthday Party Video Card

60 second version

How to make a free animation? Its easy now then ever ! :) With our online video editor you can use the Creative Burning Logo Animation to promote a company logo or just a text reveal with exciting fire and burning effects (even making animated birthday cards). It’s an ideal opener for websites, presentations, shows, video channels or any other video production project.


Dynamic Photo Slideshow

3 versions are available

Are you looking for a way to display all the photos you took on your vacation, wedding or family events? The Dynamic Photo Slideshow Template is a fast-paced montage that suits the video maker who has many photos. This template displays all of your photos with exciting transitions, customizable text, personalized music and variable time lengths. Try the Dynamic Photo Slideshow Template today - it's free.


Memories Photo Slideshow

2 versions are available

The Memories Photo Slideshow is a high quality and easily customized templatefor your photo presenatation.Create a retro video slideshow that displays your photos as if they were vintage photographs. Use for family and event photos to preserve your memories for a lifetime with our online movie maker.


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