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Create a stunning restaurant website design in no time using our website builder! Renderforest will help you build a highly-effective website without having any technical skills.

All you have to do is search for the restaurant website template that reflects your ideas best and follow the simple instructions to create an SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly website.

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Choose from our unique restaurant website templates

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Cafe central

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Cozy atmosphere restaurant

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Food delivery

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Gourmet pastry shop

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The benefits of building a restaurant website

Full control over your brand

Your restaurant website will let you present your brand and your delicious food to your potential visitors in the best possible way. You will be responsible for controlling and promoting your brand online!

A clear call-to-action

With clearly visible and well-placed CTAs like “book a table” and “make a reservation”, you will no longer have a potential customer who leaves your restaurant website without contacting you.

Menu with prices

When entering your website, customers should get a clear idea of what to expect from you. Your menu with up-to-date prices is one of the main things they are looking for on your restaurant website.

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How to create a restaurant website with Renderforest

It is quite easy to create a restaurant website with Renderforest:

  • Choose a template from a variety of restaurant design templates
  • Sign up to customize your chosen template
  • Add blocks for content, and fill them with relevant information
  • Set up a domain (you can get a free Renderforest subdomain)
  • Launch your website with one click
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How to customize a restaurant template?

Fill in your website with information about reservations, menus, reviews, and working hours. Add your location, contact, privacy policy, and other relevant information to the footer.

Renderforest’s restaurant website builder allows you to present your restaurant and services online the way you want them to present, helping your customers get a general idea of the ambiance and offer you have onboard. To make your restaurant website more engaging, we suggest including the following sections:

  • Recipes
  • Bar
  • Events
  • Awards
  • Food delivery options
  • Gallery
  • Menu
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People also ask

More questions? Reach out to our support team.

Which website builder is best for a restaurant?

Website builders like Renderforest offer stunning templates for restaurant websites. A great advantage of these website builders is that they include all the necessary content blocks to incentivize your visitors to book a reservation at your restaurant online.

How can I design a restaurant website?

With the help of a restaurant website builder, you can create a restaurant website in minutes. All you need to do is select a template and customize it to your liking. You don’t need to have any technical or design skills to build a professional-looking restaurant website!

What is a restaurant landing page for?

A restaurant landing page is a digital marketing strategy to catch and refer potential clients to your website after clicking over from an email, advertisement, or any other social media source of your food business.

Get free hosting for your restaurant website

If you do not have a custom domain, get a free domain with Renderforest to publish your website on the internet. Renderforest offers safe and cost-free site hosting, allowing you to register your domain and host it all under one roof.

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