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Sharing your story with viewers in a simple and memorable way is one of the first steps towards building a trusting relationship. And what better way to do this than a compelling and light-hearted animated video? With our easy-to-use explainer video maker, creating a striking animated video that will spread the word about your project is easier than ever. Have a look at our extensive catalog of explainer video templates, pick the perfect one, and customize it to get a broadcast-quality video animation in no time.

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Popular Explainer Video Templates

3D Explainer Video Toolkit

Use this unique template featuring 1000+ animated scenes to craft a memorable animated explainer video for your product or service. Mix and match the scene to design a video explainer that will convey the essence of your brand.
Create 3D Explainer Create

Whiteboard Animation Toolkit

Jazz up your story with this multi-functional explainer video template. Choose from the growing library of 1000+ interactive scenes with animated characters and backgrounds and create an animation that fits your brand voice.
Create Whiteboard ExplainerCreate

Explainer Video Toolkit

Combine characters, your own images and videos, kinetic typography, and other animated elements to come up with a persuasive and colorful explainer video for your brand. Turn your idea into an animated masterpiece with the 500+ scenes of this exclusive template.
Create 2D ExplainerCreate

Explainer World Toolkit

Give your brand story a touch of color with this exciting explainer video template. 600+ scenes, combined with 2 styles and 5 transitions, allow you to create an explainer animation that makes for a memorable visual experience for your viewers.
Create Animated ExplainerCreate

Business Character Promotion

Present your business and share its achievements with a professional animated explainer video. Create your next company presentation by choosing and editing the scenes of this template to come up with a dynamic explainer video.
Create Business ExplainerCreate

Healthcare Explainer Toolkit

Promoting your healthcare business doesn’t have to be hard. Create a high-quality explainer video highlighting the benefits of your company using more than 300 scenes of our Healthcare Explainer Toolkit, and stand out from the crowd.
Create Healthcare ExplainerCreate

Ultimate Icon Animation Pack

Looking to create an explainer video that will convey your message fully? With Ultimate Icon Animation Pack, this is easier than ever. Coming with 1400+ scenes and 2000+ icons in different categories, this template is perfect for social media promos, commercials, presentations, and many other projects.
Create Icon ExplainerCreate

Educational Video Toolkit

Provide more information about an educational program, or craft a compelling presentation for your latest research with this specialized educational video template. Add catchy visuals and information about your project and get an explainer video your audience will love.
Create Educational ExplainerCreate

Character Adventures Toolkit

Invite your audience to a fun journey to learn more about your project with a compelling explainer video animation. With 200+ travel and holiday-themed scenes, this template is ideal for travel videos and other related projects.
Character Adventures ToolkitCreate

How to make an animated explainer video online

Step 1

Choose a template

Start by picking the best explainer template for your project. Go through our large catalog of explainer video templates and select a specialized template that matches your project needs. Add your preferred scenes manually, or simplify the creation process even further by choosing a ready-made story.

Examples of templates
customizable templates set
Step 2

Customize the project

Type the text, add images or videos, alter the style and colors, then add a catchy tune or a voiceover. Make all the adjustments that you need to match the animation with your project. The flexible tools of our explainer video maker allow you to get a personalized video that complements your brand image.

Step 3

Export the animation

Once you are happy with your explainer video, it’s time to move to the last step: exporting the video! Give the animation some time to render, then download it to your device, or share your masterpiece with your audience on different social platforms with a click.

exported products set

How can an animated explainer video benefit your business?

Explain and clarify

As the name suggests, explainer videos do a great job of explaining what your company or project is all about. You can use them to make even the hardest concepts more accessible for your audience in a short time by presenting them in a fun and visually appealing way.

Engage your audience

Engage your audience by giving them a memorable video watching experience. You can use animated videos to show your brand personality in a fun and catchy way, making the viewers stick around and see what you have to say. This makes them an effective marketing tool for boosting brand engagement.

Build trust

Explainer videos effectively demonstrate the ins and outs of your company or product to a customer. This sends a message that you care about them and want to make the interaction with your brand comfortable, becoming a basis for trust towards your brand.

Increase conversions

Engaging and easy-to-grab animated explainer videos make for a great selling tool without making you sound too salesy. They can serve as a walkthrough to your product or service, showing all the benefits the viewer will get.

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Professional Video Logo Reveals make for really Engaging Videography

Renderforest has really helped me to overcome some major hurdles with regard to the professional presentation of our business to stakeholders. The features that it has allowed me to use has made it possible for me to present designs to stakeholders that are more than just impressive, they actually look like they were designed by a qualified designer (which they were) but I made it my own through Renderforest. I absolutely loved how easy it was to get right what I wanted out of Renderforest. The sheer amount of template available to do anything from a logo reveal to an explainer video is mind-boggling. One of my favorite features of the software is the ability to keep tweaking the end result online before having to commit to using a credit to download the rendered final result. This goes a long way to making sure you are happy with your purchase!

Rick B.

Senior Engineer

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Can I upload my own media to the animations?

Yes, you can upload your media to the explainer videos. For this, you need to navigate to “Image Holders” or “Video Holders” scene categories and select the scenes that fit your project. Then, upload your visuals or choose from your media library, then edit and adjust them using the tools of our explainer video maker.

What is the recommended size for my media?

The recommended image size will depend on the template and scene you are using to make the explainer video. However, for the images, we recommend using JPG files with a 1920x1080 size for a more appealing visual experience. For logo animations, go with 1000x1000 transparent PNG files. In case you need to alter the images, you can crop them and add filters in the editor of our explainer video maker. What comes to videos, the recommended resolution is again 1920x1080. Our platform currently supports only MP4 files, so if your footage is in another format, you may need to convert it. The maximum allowed file size is 30 MB for free users, and 50 MB for the subscribers.

How long can explainer videos created with Renderforest be?

The allowed duration of explainer videos you can create with Renderforest will vary from 3 to 60 minutes, depending on your subscription plan. For more detailed information about the maximum length of videos available for each plan, check out our pricing page.

In what resolution can I export my animated explainer video?

Here again, the resolution of your project will depend on your subscription plan. Currently, Renderforest offers video exports in three qualities: 360p, HD720, and HD1080. For detailed information on the allowed export quality for each plan, visit our pricing page. In case you need to create only one video, we also offer a pay-per-product option. Once your explainer video is final, you can select the desired resolution and pay only for the export of your video.

Will I have any copyright issues?

If you are subscribed to any of our packages or purchased the video, you will be exempt from any copyright claims. For free users, if you need the video for personal use, you won't have any copyright issues. However, if you plan to use them for commercial purposes, we recommend you abstain from using the tracks available on Renderforest. To avoid any copyright claims, make sure to upload your own music that doesn't come with a 'rights reserved' tag.