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Social media is a part of our lives, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Having a presence on social sites like Facebook and Twitter is critical to exposure and promotion, and that’s why Renderforest has promotion templates that put an emphasis on social media contacts.

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Templates like Social Promotion Video are prefect for guiding your customers or audience to your Social Media branches, which in turn helps you maintain an online presence and promote your brand. Simply type in your information, select a couple images, pick your music and you can have a professional grade video to post on your website or social media page. Experimenting with different kinds of templates is free, so keep trying until you find the template that matches your vision. Try it out today, and see what Renderforest can do for you.

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Social Promotion Video

Flexible Duration (up to 1.5 min.)

The Social Promotion Video project features social media and communication icons to promote your company or brand your social channels. It is available in 3, 5 and 7 slide placeholder versions. All image and text placeholders can be easily changed to your needs.


Skyrise Promotion

Flexible Duration (up to 2 min.)

This social promotion video project features social media and communication icons to promote your company or brand your channels. Available in 3, 5 and 7 placeholder versions, you can customize this template to fit your needs. Upload your images, write your text, select your music and leave with an impressive slideshow today.


Simple Promo

2 versions are available

Simple Promo is an easy and short way to introduce your company logo while also sharing information about your social networking site. Upload your text, choose your color and select your company image to get your video in minutes.Try it out today for free.


YouTube Promotion

Flexible Duration (up to 2 min.)

The YouTube Promotion template is a project designed specifically with YouTube in mind. This template is perfect for attracting attention to your company or streaming channel. It has a modern look that is suited for presentations, blogs, or video messages and introductions. Try it out today for free, and see what Renderforest can do for your channel.


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